Monday, May 2, 2016

Weekend Snapshots | 18

Today's Weekend Snapshots is brought to you by this handsome kiddo we met at Axelrad in Midtown called Jax. You know I say hello to dogs before humans so becoming homies with this kid wasn't anything out of the ordinary for me. Note: Always ask the owner before you say hello to a strange dog. It's the polite thing to do.

SATURDAY | We started the weekend with E's birthday celebration. We invited quite a few folks, but a lot were busy so we weren't sure there would be a good turn out. Thankfully, it was a great turn out with some homies we haven't seen in a bit, some new ones and then the regular ol' gang of bike riders! Oh yes, I'm totally part of a bike squad now. I mean, they might not admit to it but I know it's true. 😁 So the plan was to meet at 8th Wonder Brewery and do some riding if the weather permitted. According to our meteorologists, it was going to rain all day. I truly believe our rain radars have been drunk because ever since our terrible flood mid last month, the weather has been super strange. 

I tried the oh, so famous Haterade beer from 8th Wonder and really need you to understand that it is one of the worst beers I've ever tried in my LIFE! Ask for a sample, but don't waste a beer token on it (I actually had someone swap my Haterate for a different one). I stuck to Dome Faux'M and tried Alternate Universe which wasn't too bad either. The food truck there was the Intergalactic Food Truck by the Eastie Boys. Definitely inhaled the tasty fries there. Not just ANY kind of fries but WAFFLE freaking fries!! And more than the 5 that ChickfilA gives 😂

Okay, so if you've never been, 8th Wonder is $15 for a glass and three tokens or $10 with your own 8th Wonder glass & three tokens. Lots of indoor seating, tons of outdoor seating, adult seesaw thang and some games. Not too much shade outside, though, thankfully one of our friends found an umbrella and then everyone and their mama followed our lead haha! Speaking of mama's, Mama Carrizo joined us for some beer, fries, and laughs! She also took the group picture below of all of us. Pretty impressive, huh? Haha!

After 8th Wonder, six of us jumped on our bikes and went for a ride. We didn't have a plan other than we needed to end at 8th Wonder cause that's where our cars were and we weren't done with our tokens! Around 3:30 we left and hit up Cecil's PubSaint Dane's, Axelrad's and back to 8th Wonder around 9ish or so. We ate an amazing pizza at Luigi's Pizzeria located next to Axelrad's. I never would have thought of putting pico de gallo on my favorite dish but it was ah-mazing! We played some Cards against Humanity (affiliate) and I've gotta say that taking your shirt off is definitely not a guarantee that you'll get laid. Being a motherfucking sorcerer definitely does it, though!

SUNDAY | We woke up late and enjoyed the usual cuddle session with the boys. They're getting a little too comfortable with Sunday morning cuddles and it might be time for them to forget all about it or get a bigger bed. 😔 One of our bike squad members went to IHOP with his family and sent us a picture. That made me crave crepes so off we went the two of us!

Sunday consisted of E doing some yard work while I worked on fixing my website. Looks nice, right? I bought this template from Carrie Loves a while back and haven't had the chance to play with it. Definitely hit Carrie up for fantastical blog work! She's my favorite & she's super nice!


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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

The Paper Files | April Giveaway w/ YoYo

As you may or may not know, I have tons of online friends that I've known for years. I've never met these folks in real life, but the bond is so legit that you'd think we've met in person. One of those people is Yoyo from Top Stitch. She can also be found on Instagram here. We've had mutual friends for a pretty long time and since she's not a Facebooker, we're totally friends on IG! Yoyo also does some serious stitching work and I'm even commissioning her for a taco fabric fanny pack for my bike rides! Yes, she's that freaking legit!! Yoyo lives in sunny California with her familia and her 4-legged kiddo, Tyson. Not only does Yoyo love dogs as much as I do, but she's into paper crafting as well! She's my numbero uno snailmail buddy with "postcards" of a picture she's taken from her adventures. Cool, right? I've considered sending actual pictures as snailmail but then worry that it won't make it in pristine shape. Luckily, her pictures are never damaged so I might start doing it myself.

So when I started asking folks if they wanted to host a paper giveaway with me, she was one of the first to hit me up! I knew it would be a perfect match so we worked on a theme for April and came up with Spring because duh! She went out and bought some paper goodies and I did the same. She mailed them to me, I took the pics and bam! we have a new #ThePaperFiles giveaway. Procrastinating got the best of me (as you may know I am pretty close to leveling up to Queen Procrastinator) and this post is late which means I could do a short giveaway or say screw it and extend it to early May. Yup, that's what I'm going with. Thursday, April 28th to Thursday, May 5th.

Monday, April 25, 2016

Weekend Snapshots | 17

Today's Weekend Snapshots is brought to you by this sweet coffee mug with great advice. Trust your dopeness! This handcrafted mug can be found at Space Montrose. The store I've been meaning to visit since I started stalking them on Instagram. More pictures after my novel, as usual.

SATURDAY |  I worked about 11 hours Friday so I made it a point to sleep 11 hours 😂 Sleep is super important, people! Did you know that man is the only mammal that willingly delays sleep? Yeah, the National Sleep foundation says so and I've witnessed it with myself many times. I had errands to run, more like money to spend, so after slapping the hell out of my alarm and wiping wet nose slobber from my face I jumped in the shower.

E's been helping a friend who's house was flooded recently. They removed tons of drywall and so much furniture. So freaking sad. Driving through my area of town is pretty depressing because of all the damaged homes and cars. What's even more depressing is the traffic trying to come in and out of my area of town. It took me almost an hour from my house to the closest freeway and that drive typically takes me 25 minutes, if that. Not a big deal on the weekend when I'm not really in a rush to go anywhere, but a huge pain in the ass for the commute to and from work.

I really enjoyed Space Montrose. Especially since they have their own parking area. Finding parking in the Montrose area is never an easy task. Most of the time you have to find parking in the residential streets and sometimes it's blocks and blocks of no space 🙁 Even though they have their own parking, it was packed so I had to go down the residential streets. Lucky for me, I found a spot pretty fast! From the moment I walked into until the moment I left the store, I felt welcomed and excitamated to be there. The service is amazing. The constant chat and "thank you's" made my visit a great one. Everything is handcrafted in Houston or around the country. You know how much I love to support small business so this place was heaven for me. Lots of artwork, jewelry, shirts, bags, prayer candles and PINS! The pins are the reason I really wanted to visit this place. They recently released a sweet Houston pin that I needed in my life. Check out the snapshots below to get an idea of how awesome this store is and the goodies I bought for myself. They plan on opening an online store this summer so be on the look out for that!

So I checked off a place I've been meaning to visit from my must see list. No, I don't actually have a list for you to see. Maybe someday I'll put it on here. For now, I use Wunderlist for list making of places I want to visit. My list is mostly of places that serve or sell food. No surprise there, right?

I hit up Lush and Target in Memorial Mall after my Montrose trip. Never doing Target in the mall again. My anxiety was so high I forgot to buy the shit I was there for. Plus, I totally felt my age while surrounded by teeny boppers that were obviously super young (think 12-14) dressed like 18-25 year olds. I remember Mama Carrizo taking me to the mall with my homies when I was a teen but I definitely don't remember dressing like little hookers. Maybe it was a different time? Or maybe it was that Mama Carrizo made sure to raise me in a respectful manner. Ah, I don't know how you Mama's do it these days. 

SUNDAY |  One Sunday every month is dedicated to Sunday Streetz. It's not a street festival (they mention this multiple times), it's just an event where families can go out and be active. You can ride a bike, skate, walk or run. There are many vendors and food trucks! Last month we met up with Jessica and her family and we did it again this month. This time we told John and Julian to join us, too. Seems like when the four of us are together, it rains. Or so it has the last two weekends 😔 Yes, we were soaked again. This time we were better prepared, though. We had our own beer and hung out under some big trees while we ate our koagie's from Koagie Hots. Amaze balls, btw. Someone broke into E's truck on Saturday so Tom Ford had no driver window. Meaning, Fancy Pants had to carry the bikes. No big deal but squeezing Tom into the garage was nerve wrecking, haha!

Kind of bummed that Jessica and I forgot a selfie. I mean, there were so many great photo op moments but we didn't want to pull our phones out and risk getting them wet. Bloggers without phones? Yeah, not happening!

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