Tuesday, May 24, 2016

The Paper Files | May Giveaway W/ Jessica

This month's #ThePaperFiles guest is Jessica from The Reinvention of Jessica. If you're a fan of the #WeekendSnapshots, you know Jessica. For everyone else.. Jessica and I met at a blogger conference named Blog Elevated. It was the very first one of it's kind and Jessica and I were both in the building. Through mutual friends, we connected and mingled in the blogger world. We've seen each other less than probably ten times, but we're working on making it a regular thing. Jessica is an outside-of-the-box mommy & lifestyle blogger. She has colorful hair and fantastic taste in paper! She's a Wife to Dennis, Mommy to Jack, Massage therapist to clients, and my paper loving homie! Check out her blog, Facebook, Twitter & Instagram for more.

Jessica and I met at Paper Source last week. Can you believe she had never been there? Yeah, and she freaking loved it! We chatted up the employee's as I usually do and learned about the DIY classes they have there. Did you know you can host your own by bringing four friends, drinks and snacks? Yeah! You pick the class you want, pay, and bring the homies! Jessica and I are totally planning on doing this soon!

On this month's #ThePaperFiles giveaway, Jessica and I are giving away five 
goodies relating to cupcakes and ice cream! Enjoy!

Number Uno: The set of three mini journals by Paper Source. 4"x5-3/4" lined white pages. Eat More Ice cream. Treat yourself. 10 pages of ice cream 😍

Number Dos: Tutti Fruitti scented gel pens. Set of 6. Always be yourself, fruit chewing gum. 20 cute Summer Stickers by Paper Source.

Number Tres: Sticky note multi-pad set by Paper Source. Eight colors. 60 sheets.

Number Cuatro: 2016 Foil desk calendar by Paper Source.

Number Cinco: You are so incredibly awesome, journal. 5"x7-1/4", 184 lined pages & gold edges by Paper Source!!

This month's card is a birthday card for that special someone in your life by Calypso 😂

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Monday, May 23, 2016

Weekend Snapshots | 21

Today's Weekend Snapshots is brought to you by this amazing pizza from Luigi's Pizzeria, a super refreshing Saint Arnold's Boiler Room Raspberry, and JENGA (affiliate). I recommend all three of these things if you're ever at Axelrad!

FRIDAY | Including Friday evening because of the Elotes & Raspas ride we did. If you've never been on a social ride that consists of tasty food like elotes, raspas, pizza, or tacos.. it's important you know that unless you're riding close to the front.. you'll have no time to eat all of your food. I mean, you can have all the time in the world but when the leader starts calling out twenty minutes and then ten minutes and then five minutes.. you better inhale that shit or you'll be left behind. Being left behind is not something folks like to do in social rides so definitely be prepared. 

The meet up was in downtown's historic Market Square Park that I like to call Houston's version of Central Park in NY. Okay, so you can't compare because Central Park is awesome and MSP is itty bitty but it's still a fun place to hang out at. Niko Niko's and a dog park is there so there's always folks hanging out. The ride started at 7 and E and I barely made it with work and getting our gear together. E and I represented FYHA as we usually do with our sweet shirts!

SATURDAY |  It rained off and on so riding was definitely not on the schedule enter sad face here so I went grocery shopping and E did some work on the bikes and lawn. Once the house chores were done we showered and headed to Warehouse Live & Chill for a friends birthday. We'd never been there and I'd never even been down that road so I was a bit nervous about the place. It started at 9 but we didn't make it till 10ish. We were super bummed when we were told the kitchen closed at 10 and the place closed at midnight. Super shocked that a place closed the kitchen and their place so early on a Saturday BUT after checking the place out and the location of it.. if they stayed open any later, they'd lose tons of cash. Don't get me wrong, though. I liked the place and the atmosphere (they played amazing ol' school R&B & Hip-Hop) but the kitchen is crucial for us, haha! Either way, it goes, we had a good time celebrating our friends birthday! Oh, and yes that's the birthday man in the cop car. No, he wasn't arrested but he sure is silly! It was nice to see some of the homies that I haven't seen in a while. <3

SUNDAY |  The Rain Squad met up for Sunday Streets. If you don't already know from my previous posts, Sunday Streets is an event hosted by Cigna in Houston on the last Sunday of the month. Every month a new street is closed off for walking, riding, skating and fun! It's a great way to help people stay active and enjoy themselves. We've been going for a while and I have tons of fun.

The Rain Squad is a group of four of us. E, John, Julian and me. We came up with that name from the crazy flash flood we had last month that had the four of us stuck in Lost Pines. Ever since then when we meet it rains but this time it didn't. It was actually a gorgeous day! So we took lots of pictures, saw some fantastical Houston art, ate some tacos, hung out with some of the riders from Friday and just overall had a blast!

I'd like to take a moment and tell you how freaking proud I am of myself. My record since I started riding with the guys has been 15 miles and I think it's only happened once or twice. All the other rides have been cut because of the weather so I've never made it to 20. Not Sunday though. I was determined to make it to at least 20 miles.

On Sunday, I made it to not just 20 but twenty-freaking-six miles! YES! Shankasaurus is a G! Ok, let me calm down cause that was too much. Not to mention the crazy sore muscles I'm walking around with today, haha! Yeah, I'm far from a G!! Still though, I'm pretty proud of myself and hope to keep it going!

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Monday, May 16, 2016

Weekend Snapshots | 20

Today's Weekend Snapshots is brought to you by the colorful wall at Biscuit Home located at 1435 Westheimer Rd in between Yupon and Mulberry. It's the closest colorful wall we had to the side of town we were in. It would have been nice to check out the Sugar and Cloth wall on Canal St but that was a ways out there and it actually started raining ten minutes after we finished taking pictures. Talk about good timing, huh? 😀

SATURDAY | Mama Carrizo worked for Mama's Day so she made us promise we would spend all day with her on Saturday. No problem for me since all we do is shop and eat.. mostly eat 😂 I started my Saturday by stopping at Small Cakes- A Cupcakery on Grand Parkway on my way to Mama Carrizo's. I bought four, took some pics, chit chatted with the lady on how they bake twice a day! It smelled SO glorious in there. There are a few storefronts around Houston so definitely check them out!

I picked up Mama Carrizo and my sister and off we went to explore the Market at Sawyer Yards. I found out about this event on Facebook like I usually find events and I figured it would be fun to change it up and shop local. Not to mention the artists would be present and mingling with them is always interesting to me. This event will return on the 2nd Saturday of August and beginning September, the market will take place every Saturday! It's a great place to shop local, meet artists and have a fantastical day! 

At the Market at Sawyer Yards I purchased a unique art print by Marsha Glickman. It should be of no surprise that it was a Texas art print, this one to be exact. I fell in love with the words on the right and although I'm not a big gun person, I thought the guns on the left were very unique. After chatting with her I learned that she made the guns out of paper mache and took the words on the right from headlines of a newspaper (that I can't remember the name of). The original work was sold for who knows how much and she made art prints to continue sharing it with folks. We walked around a bit and I had a chance to take a picture of the cowboy lighting his ciggerette again. I swear it's one of my favorite pieces and it's probably because it's so Texas (or at least to me it is 😀)

We left there to go visit the Beer Can House. It was something my sister thought of and since none of us had been there, it was an adventure we were willing to check out. More on that in a separate post. Our next stop was the Biscuit wall, one that I've been wanting to visit. We pulled out the selfie stick and went in on the pictures... as you can see below. I didn't add all of them because they are mostly funny to us and I don't want to bore you. Last stop of the day was Space Montrose. My second visit and their first. I bought some more pins and Mama Carrizo bought some stuff, too. We rushed home after that because of the flash flood warning and because we were pretty hungry. On my ride home, I chose to take HWY 6 which is one of the roads that have been closed since last month due to the flood. I took a few pics of the water to show you exactly how high it actually is. The new says it's been closed down again thanks to the rain we've been getting since Saturday evening. 😭

When I got home, E told me about his bike adventure and how sandy everything was. His bike was covered in sand.. and his phone case had sand in the weirdest crevices, haha! The plan was to go to sleep early because we had an early bike ride to do so we hung out in bed for a while. Below you'll see Finnashit hugging my leg as he naps on our bed. He's such a little shit, but he's such a sweetheart! 😍

SUNDAY |  E and our friend John had an early bike ride with some folks and decided to cut it short by meeting me in downtown for the Sunday Spinn bike ride. We did our usual bike ride selfie with the usual thumbs up that cracks me up every time and off we went. I loved this ride a lot and would have loved it even more if the damn rain didn't cut it short. Safety first, yanno. I did beat my record, though. Not that it was a big record but it was meaningful to me! We stopped at Axelrad for pizza and beer again. Yes, we bought the Mexicana pizza because pizza! We ended our day with a visit to Chuy's for their fantastical strawberry margaritas and creamy jalapeno sauce! We were in bed by 9 because that's what old people do and apparently we're old 😂


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