Friday, May 22, 2015

Ari Stumbles | 6

Here are a few of my favorite things this week. :)

Deep in the heart of Texas Instagram accounts you should be following

Grizzler is the first-ever canine photographer outfitted with a special harness that can read his heartbeat and send data via Bluetooth to the camera which then snaps a photo when his heartbeat passes a certain threshold. Too freaking awesome!!

David Letterman vs. Jay Leno. Why did Dave get the finale love denied Jay?
Because Jay is a hater LOL!

I am madly in love with these Senna buckle sandals but
they are sold out & I can't find similar sandals. :(

to make it work. I'm a firm believer in this. 

Hula paints murals while balancing on his surfboard. Follow his Instagram here.

I've been looking at Master Bedroom ideas on Pinterest & I'm really digging this one.

Hello Kitty Vans shoes on Vinted.

Can't wait to start this book after my WMC series.

E & I recently started watching The IT Crowd on Netflix and
it's hilarious. Definitely recommend it.

Have a fantastical weekend!
See you Monday with a recap of my weekend

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Project Life | Week 15

Today I'm sharing Week 15 of my Project Life. Black & White theme with a pinch of Yellow. I forgot to add the week number on this spread before I took the pictures. Oops! I used scrap paper again like last week & I'm really liking the feel. I printed all the pictures & then looked for a bright color I could use to fill up with scrap paper. In this case it was Yellow from Kimmy's taxi. I think I'll continue the scrap paper trick until I'm inspired to do something else Haha!

This week I put my first sale on @Toyboxlife's Instagram & 5 years ago this week, I bought my first Diana F+ . I can't believe it's been so long & though I adore the damn thing, I haven't used it in at least two years. sadface But I am determined this year to take more pictures in film crossing my fingers I have more toys to add to my Instagram just not enough time to make it happen. sigh This week includes a picture of my Moocow, Jayla. It always makes me laugh when she lays like this because when she was a puppy with a super full belly, she reminded me of a cow so I call her Moocow haha! Watched an entertaining Netflix Original show called Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, my post on it is here. Saturday was quite entertaining with E's BFF celebrating his birthday with a Pedal Party. The bottom right picture is E & Vince, the BFF looking like straight up G's with those props haha!! We haven't had that much fun in a while so it was great! Also made us realize that we are definitely not as young as we used to be. Drinking & partying with friends totally takes a toll on you in your 30's. WHY!!!

I would like to point out that I did not include any pictures of Finnashit, major shocker haha!

Stamps: Heidi Swapp roller stamp & Studio Calico's number clear stamps for the week number (that's missing from the picture)

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Currently Reading.. | 12th of Never

The Women's Murder Club Series - Lindsay Boxer, Cindy Thomas, Claire Washburn and Jill Bernhardt, the stars of 1st to Die and 2nd Chance, are the founding members of the Women's Murder Club. Later, in 4th of July, Yuki Castellano joins the Club. Together, they solve crimes in their home city of San Francisco, and often meet up to talk about clues and life over Mexican food and drinks at Susie's.
I've been a fan of James Patterson books for some time now. They are fast readers & pretty entertaining. I started the Women's Murder Club series a couple of years ago and fell off after the 11th book. Actually, I forgot all about them & didn't realize more books had been written. Thanks to Amazon and it's recommendations, I found out that not only did the series continue but I was 3 books behind. I bought the Kindle version and now I'm almost done with the 12th book (affiliate). I also found out that there was a TV show called Women's Murder Club based on the books with the lead role given to Angie Harmon, a chick I am not a fan of whatsoever so it's a good thing I didn't know haha!

I'm doing the Goodreads Reading Challenge of 10 books this year.. I'm not doing so well right now & need to step up my game! What are you reading these days? I'm always down for recommendations!

Monday, May 18, 2015

Weekend Snapshots | 20

Please forgive me for today's post, it contains mostly pictures of my kids. It was a rainy weekend in Houston and I went out once on Sunday for lunch and that was it. The picture above is of my big boy, Remidog, wanting some of my strawberry popsicle. I swear these kids have no manners when it comes to food.. then again, neither do I. Hmm...

The first picture after the jump is of my backyard from the Master at Casa de Reed. The weather was nice for about two hours and then BAM! it rained cats and dogs again.. all the way through Sunday. I love the rain, but not when a pond is made in our backyard. Finnashit thinks it fun to run through it and splish splash everyone in sight. If you're far and he didn't get you, he'll make sure to come running towards you & then shake like a Polaroid picture so you won't feel left out. facepalm

Finnashit has interesting sleeping habits. He can sleep just about anywhere at any time and doesn't give two shits if you are in his way. Exhibit A, B, & C below prove that. A) He has enough room on the couch next to me but he rather roll into a ball and push against me B) He has a crate of his own. A massive one that he normally loves but occasionally we'll find him in Chula the Chi's crate to which we search the house looking for her to make sure he's not sitting on her haha! C) He recently started sleeping under our bed. He'll either stick his head out from underneath or his butt. Such a weird kid..

One of my bestest homies ever had a birthday Sunday. It was super duper important we celebrated with delicious food and each others company. We met at Cafe Express and chatted the afternoon away. Genuinely good friends are hard to find so when I find them.. I don't let them out of my death grip. It's a flaw, I guess ;)

After lunch w Dante, I headed to Petsmart for some puppy grub & ran into a rescue group with their cats & dogs. I played with a couple of the kids through their crates and really loved this little girl named Piper (below). Her puppy breath was something serious. Made me sad to read that one of the kids there was actually left overnight at that same Petsmart tied to a pole. Who does that shit? Or better yet, why do people do this shit? Breaks my effing heart every single time. You know what makes it better though? Seeing people with hearts as big as mine making a difference in these kids lives. <3

Lastly, I took a picture of Casa de Reed's front door. I can't remember exactly what I was going for but my phone died right after this picture and I must have abandoned my idea. shrugs

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Project Life | Week 14

Today I'm sharing Week 14 of my Project Life. Black & White theme which I love with a bit of blue/turquoise from scrap paper I had. I'm so used to using PL cards that I don't even think of using scrap paper. Don't overlook your paper hoarding, people!!

This week I went to lunch with a fantastical friend to celebrate my birthday. Finnashit received his first Barkbox & loved it! I facetimed for the first time with E while he was out of town. I don't think I've ever facetimed someone other than to try if it worked LOL! Facetiming with E was entertaining, he wouldn't stop making weird faces & eating really close to the camera haha! I did some gardening with Mama Carrizo and followed Finnashit to our room so he could should me why we can't have nice things. Everytime he kills a toy, he has me follow him to see it and he sits so proudly in front of it, haha! He is such a freaking character!!

The cards used this week are from the Midnight Edition Project Life Core Kit (affiliate) which is my favorite kit. I should reup my stash pretty soon too. I used me & my BIG ideas (affiliate) stickers on the bottom left card and the currently above my selfie. I used Elise Blaha's Today is stamp for Finnashit's dead plush toy picture & wrote messy in the box. Elise isn't selling stamps anymore but you can get this stamp and 36 other designs in a digital format here. I just bought mine & can't wait to add it to my future PL's! Can't forget the Heidi Swapp roller stamp that I can't get enough of. Studio Calico's number clear stamps for the week number. Really like how classy these numbers look, will probably continue using them.