Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Iliza Shlesinger | Freezing Hot!

Like many of you, I have a Netflix love affair that grows more & more every day. My husband knows this and since he has the same love affair, it's all good. We cancelled cable some time last year and Netflix has been our go to guy. I don't need to go into detail because you probably have a similar love affair with Netflix.. so you know the deal.

Did you get an email from Netflix letting you know about this new stand up? Iliza Shlesinger's stand up, Freezing Hot? Thanks to that email, we watched it Sunday night. We laughed our asses off like nobody's business.

She was the winner of the sixth season of Last Comic Standing and now she has her own stand up. She tells great stories. She makes weird noises. She's in her 30's. She curses at the right time. She makes funny faces. She has a dog, Blanche. She has the funniest hashtags. And she's cute. What are you waiting for? Go watch!

Go show her love <3

Monday, January 26, 2015

Weekend Snapshots | 4

Yeah, that toy on the left is Jax Teller from Sons of Anarchy #don'tjudgeme

This weekend in Houston was glorious! I wanted to take the kids to the dog park but I was worried about all the mud from Thursday and Friday's horrible rain. Maybe next week! So yes, the weather was glorious but I spent most of my time inside shopping or organizing shizzle at home. :)

My mom, sister and I are addicted to Marshalls/Homegoods. We've been visiting various stores around Houston for the last few weekends. -facepalm- I know, we're bad. We just can't help it. The things are at decent prices and especially the shit we know we don't need. That's the best kind of shit to buy. I'm joking. You know that, right?! Lol!

So I spent some time with the familia on Saturday which is always super entertaining. On Sunday I didn't do shit, which was awesome! Casa de Reed got a much needed clean and my desks needed it too. And I did Project Life, Week 4. Super happy to be caught up on that. Post on that sometime this week.

E & I love toys. We both have our separate collection but his is larger thanks to Lootcrate's goodies. Lootcrate is a monthly subscription box with geek and gamer gear! I promise you'll love more than one item in the box. It always has a shirt in it too. The last shirt was a Transformer!!! Use code SAVE3 for $3 off! 

Surprisingly, there were no food pictures this weekend. I know, I'm so disappointed..

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Project Life '15 | Wk 1.2.3

What is Project Life? Project Life is a memory-keeping system created by Becky Higgins. This is my first year doing Project Life. I don't have any of my journaling cards organized in any way, they're all kinda mixed up so telling you the products I use will always be a little crazy.
This is my reintroduction to the Project Life world. I started PL at the end of '13 on a 6x8 turquoise binder from Simple Stories . A fellow Instagrammer mentioned that starting small might be easier and not so overwhelming. I did about three weeks and knew I was ready for a big binder. I bought a 12x12 turquoise Binder from We R Memory Keepers and got to work.

I went through my pictures from last year and got all giddy and mushy inside. It really is nice to go back and have those memories printed and recorded in a binder. I didn't make it very far last year.. about the 12th week I think but this year I am determined to go all the way. I reallllly want a 9x12 binder from Studio Calico but not for $30 #sorrynotsorry So I'll stick to my big 12x12 and maybe do a little on my 6x8, we'll see. :)

After the jump or below for some.. you'll find my Title Page thru Week 3. I chose to do one week on each page rather than a week on two pages like I did last year. It was too time consuming and takes too much space. I'm not so interested in writing this year but more interested in my pictures. I haven't figured out how to date my pictures yet. I wrote on them or stamped it last year but not sure I like either.

My plan is to do one page per week and share that here. Cross your fingers :)

Monday, January 19, 2015

Weekend Snapshots | 3

I'm on a mission to find a nomtastic Vietnamese joint by Casa de Reed. It's getting a bit ridiculous but I'm enjoying the differences. In the last 7 days I've eaten Vietnamese food 5 times and I am damn proud of it.

Let me tell you how this mission began..

We found a fantastical Viet joint near Casa de Reed within two weeks of moving in. It was called Pho Miss Saigon. It was right down the street. No, really down the street. 5 minute drive for pick up, man. The eggrolls were to die for. Everything was always warm and cooked all the way. The employees were polite and smiley. My favorite type of people!

About a month after we learned of this beautiful place, it shut down. Out of freaking no where. I'm sure you can imagine our crazy sadness. It was like a piece of our stomach was taken from us and there was nothing we could do to put it all back together.

My mission since then has been to find a replacement. It's been hard but totally worth the sacrifice :)

Above is what E ordered.. vermicelli something or another. He's satisfied no matter what but my eggrolls have to be perfect. With no mushrooms dammit!! 

Side note: The link for Pho Miss Saigon is for Yelp.com and my review is the latest (it will make you giggle). Also, I mention the food being warm and cooked all the way because the place I tried on Saturday gave me uncooked pork and that was not cool.