About Ariana

Ariana Shankasaurus selfie

Hey there! 👋🏼
My name is Ariana
and I'm a Latina 🇦🇷 from Houston, TX 🤘🏼

I have four dogs, a husband, & a day job.
This is a hustle I put together to
spread some extra happies 😁 

Things I absolutely adore:
Mama Carrizo (my mami), my husband, all dogs but mostly mine 😜, tacos, Whataburger, road trips w/ the husband, the MCU, the color blue, Apple, Houston, sleep, laughing, horchatas, the mountains, clean sheets, reading, memes, & paper goods!

For planner & journaling stickers. visit my other small business at paperfilesco.com.

Wanna chat?
Shoot me an email at
ariana @ 3twentysix.com