I turned 33 this year and aside from a few lost connections, I'm really enjoying my thirties! I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina and raised in what I call my hometown- Houston, Texas!! I am married to Elliott (we eloped to Vegas) and together we have 5 four-legged kids. 🐶  Yes, 5. The recent kid inspired me to make a dog Instagram account. Yup, I'm one of those people. BUT. This account is from a human perspective. I can't bring myself to act like my dogs are actually using Instagram, haha! If you want to follow the adventures of the #ReedtasticPups on Instagram, give SawyerMoo a follow!

I love reppin' for small businesses, mostly local shops because they're the ones who matter. I do this fun thing on Instagram with the different t-shirts I wear called #fridayshirtsteez. It's mostly small Texas brands that adore the Lonestar state the same way I do. 

I'm an Apple everything person and a new bullet-journaling junkie. I live for Whataburger, al pastor tacos, and don't you forget the pizza! I have a full-time job and I talk to Mama Carrizo (my mama) every day. I'm the youngest of three girls and a boy with parents who split up years ago. My closest friends are three ladies I've never met in person but have known online since the nineties. The internet was such a different place back then sigh Yeah okay, so friendship means a lot to me! 🤷  

I'm fluent in English and Spanish (read, write, & speak) which means I also curse in English and Spanish. 😄  I curse. I curse a lot. And it makes me happy. I do watch myself around children so at least I'm a polite person who swears, haha!

I've been a fan of stationery and photographs since I was a kid. Now that I'm older, I can buy all the papers I want and not only does no one give me any shit about it. I get to have my very own room for all of it. This means I can buy all the books I want. All the journals in blue or black or shiny yellow! All the beautiful scrapbooking paper there is. Oh, all of the stamps and markers! And some dog pee stains on the carpet. Mhm. Yep. My "Paper Room" has been blessed by my kids. 😆  Yeah, good times..

Shoot me an email & say shellos --> ariana@3twentysix.com

updated August 8, 2017