Things you should probably know about me & since writing an "About me" page is difficult as it is.. don't judge me for being all over the place. I'm a wannabe novelist, haha!

I turned 31 earlier this year and other than liking certain foods that I wouldn't give two shits about before.. everything seems the same shrugs I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina and raised in what I call my home town- Houston, Texas!! I am married (Eeloped to Vegas) to a mellow yet crazy man that I call cakes but you'll see me call him E (Elliott). E & I have five dogs & no 2-legged kids As if I could survive with 5 dogs & a little human My kids are a huge part of my life & will be all over my Instagram #sorrynotsorry 

I've had the pleasure of meeting some awesome folks on my interwebs adventure. It happens when you're part of the interwebs community for almost two decades. The internet has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember & I am incredibly grateful to being a part of this generation.

I collect blue M&M's and shot glasses. It's a thing. #dontjudgeme  My friends online & offline call me many things (bastards!) but my main nickname is Shankasaurus. It's a nickname a friend gave me years ago and it just stuck! I like cameras.. but not in the OMG-I-want-to-be-a-famous-photographer kind of way. In the way that I love to have pictures of good times. I'm a scrapbooker and these photos are important. Yeah, I'm doing Project Life again in hopes that I'll finally do a full year sigh Back to the cameras.. I have 3 digital cameras, 6 film and two Polaroid cameras. I know, it's glorious. Even more if I were to use them like before smh I've been #TeamiPhone since 2012 & I'm never going back don't hold me to it though, haha I finally converted to #TeamApple for my 31st birthday when my husband bought me a Mac Mini. I'm totally in love too!

I curse. I curse a lot. Cursing makes me happy. I curse in English & Spanish. I curse a lot. Totally understand if you can't hang with it. My cursing is pretty minimal on my blog and social media. I don't want folks to be offended but at the same time we are all our own people & this is who I am. Hope that makes sense.

K, so that's all I've got for ya now. This page will change as do I. Hope you stick around for the changes & hope ya hit me up. I'm good peoples just trying to get to know more good peoples. :)

Have questions? Shoot me an email --> ariana@3twentysix.com