Monday, September 11, 2017

Weekend Snapshots | 24

Today's #WeekendSnapshots is brought to you by a book I picked up this weekend and Sawyer Moo's nose. Believe it or not, the kid was snoring. He does that a lot! My husband was working on some things in his office and we were sitting on the couch accompanying him!

Now, you know I love Amazon and I rarely buy elsewhere. I mean, I'm the one who always says, "I bet you can find that cheaper on Amazon." Or "Check out the reviews on Amazon!" It's my go-to online shopping place and I support their take over of our planet! But sometimes you don't want to wait. Especially with a book. And yes, I know I could have purchased the Kindle version but it's not the same! I tell you more about this book below.

We made a PetSmart run because the ungrateful dogs needed food, LOL!
After their food, we stopped at Freddy's for our food! 😍

The book I needed to have right away was
The Universe has your back (affiliate) by Gabrielle Bernstein. 
So I've had this book on my to read list for about a month or so.. 
something brought it to the top of my mind Saturday and I needed to have it.
It's sooooo good so far.

My husband gave me my first Labbit for our first dating anniversary, 9 years ago.
It's a Smorkin Labbit with my birth year on it and I love it!
Speaking of.. that's coming up this month. 9 years, y'all, 9!

Got these two for $12.50 each on clearance at Barnes and Noble.
Get yourself the black one here and the white one here (both affiliates).

Saw these two in the clearance section and got them for $1.50 each!
Get Rocksteady here and Bebop here (both affiliates)!

We didn't buy these two but they sure did bring back great childhood memories!

Sawyer Moo, my sweet butthead!! 😂



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