Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Weekend Snapshots | 22

Today's #WeekendSnapshots is brought to you by HALLOWEEN! Okay, not really, but how funny are these Halloween goodies? Mama Carrizo and I visited Kirkland's this weekend where we saw a ton of Fall and Halloween stuff. We didn't buy any Halloween goodies but I have a strong feeling we'll be back for them 😄

I've seen the left one before but the top one about the elephants... mind blown.
Love these Snapple Real Facts!

I started it Saturday night and fell asleep.
Not because it wasn't good but because I'm old LOL!

The Moo is growing rapidly and the husband and I are starting to get a little worried.
It looks like the kid is going to be huge. He's almost Finn's size and I'm pretty sure he weighs almost as much as Finn, haha!

If you're like me and follow a ton of dog accounts on Instagram,
make sure you follow Sawyer Moo!

More Kirkland's goodies. I see the Home Sweet Home pillow hanging out nicely on my couch.
And then on my floor with the guts all over the place.
Yeah, my dogs don't allow us to have nice things. 😫

I don't just have a dog named Moo. Casa de Reed has a ton of cow artwork.
I liked this one from Kirkland's but the Moo's we have at home are colorful so I passed.

I didn't pass on this one, though. It's huge but I like that it has stones in its horns AND it's colorful!

Fancy has been to the tire shop two weekends in a row. Not happy with the customer service I received on both of those visits, but what can ya do?

Sawyer, Finn, and Leana Little say hi!



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