Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Photo Fun On-The-Go!

Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post. I'm sharing it
because I love this little gadget!

Photo printers on-the-go are all the rave these days. There are a few brands out there that have their own photo printer with decent prices that you can buy to take with you on your fun adventures. After researching some of the different brands that have photo printers, I chose the HP Sprocket Photo Printer (affiliate). I liked how small and compact it was compared to the others (2.95"x4.53"). Plus, HP has always been good to me so I figured why not.

I'd love to tell you I bought mine through Amazon because I love Amazon but I'm also impatient and needed it right then and there. What did I do? I went to my closest electronic store during lunch one day and scooped it up. It comes with 10 sheets of the amazing HP ZINK photo paper (affiliate) but I went ahead and bought two more packs. I mean, I rather not use them right away than not have them when I need them, right? With HP ZINK zero ink technology, you don't need to buy ink cartridges and the paper. It's a one package type of deal. The 2x3 photo paper is glossy from the start, water resistant (although I haven't tested it), tear proof and smudge proof. AND, it has a sticky back so you can peel the backing off and stick it on pretty much anything. A pack of 20 sheets is under $10 so although it's not that pricey... I'm sure your wallet will mind if you start printing like crazy.

Download the FREE app in your app store (available for both iPhone & Android). Take a picture, use your Facebook, Instagram, Flickr or your smart phones photo album to pick the picture you want to print. The app lets you add colorful borders, filters, emojis, text, stickers, and lets you brighten the image. Which btw, I recommend you don't print any dark pictures as they won't look so great. So definitely stay about from pictures with bad resolution.

If you're a scrapper like I am then you'll love this little printer. No need to put glue on the back since it comes with it's own sticky backing. It also can be used while charging which is great if you have a ton of gadgets to keep up with. 

I have a ton of zippered bags but I wanted something that would protect my gadget a bit more so, of course, I looked on Amazon first. I bought the Khanka hard storage case in Blue (affiliate) which holds my Sprocket safely and has a pocket for my HP ZINK photo paper. Oh, and the micro USB charging cable. While the description of the case says it's a hardcase, I wouldn't squeeze it too much. It's also semi-waterproof. I haven't tried that out yet and doubt I will but hey you never know.

If you've been considering buying one, don't think about it anymore. I'm telling you it's a sweet gadget that you should definitely add to your collection.  Get yours in Black, Red, or White (affiliate) on Amazon now and take all the pictures ya want!

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