Monday, July 24, 2017

Weekend Snapshots | 20

Today's #WeekendSnapshots is brought to you by Sawyer's cute little nose on me. Husband and I have been playing this game called Killing Floor 2. It's zombie killin' at a fast pace. It was free for PS Plus users last month, I think. One of the husband's friends told him about it so we both downloaded it. It's consumed our evenings and it is the reason why I'm going to bed so late. Anyways, yes there's a Moo face on me and it's adorable!!

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Isn't he adorable? I wish I could tell you that he's all
cuddles but he's teething and the nibbles are nonstop. 😒

Friday fun!

It was so hot Saturday that my phone flipped out while on my way to the Little Craft Place. Thank goodness I figured it out before my phone blacked out, haha!

5 washi tapes for $15 at the Little Craft Place, y'all!!

The bananas are my fave!
I'll be sharing my goodies this week + a ton of pics that I took!

Weekend sushi noms!

Mama's little boy! He's forever my number one!

Not much playing with these two as Moo gets scared easily
but sometimes we get cute shots like this!

Target finds for the win!!



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