Monday, July 3, 2017

Weekend Snapshots | 18

Today's #WeekendSnapshots is brought to you by Remidog and Sawyer Moo. The weather was nice in Houston so we spent a lot of time playing outside. Sawyer hasn't quite figured out the backyard and why it's so big but he does play a lot. Mostly with the humans as his pack members aren't fully comfortable with him yet. Finn is a bit jealous as you can imagine since he's no longer the baby of the family.

We were supposed to go camping to our favorite place, Flat Creek Crossing, but husband got hurt Friday evening so our trip was canceled. I was looking forward to the trip but not the heat. We were going to try actual camping instead of glamping with our pop-up.

Most of these shots are from my Instagram Stories. Yeah, I've been sharing quite a lot there. I've noticed that a lot more people are doing the same. I guess there's less pressure on there since you don't have to get likes or comments. Plus, it's quicker than actually posting a picture.

Before you move on to the pictures- July 4th is upon us and if you live outside of the Houston city limits like I do (or anywhere that fireworks are allowed) then you've seen the firework trailers up and even heard them for about a week now. Remidog has made it a point to let us know that they are out there and they freak him out. We make sure that he doesn't go outside without one of his humans. We keep him away from the windows. We make sure he has a toy, preferably his KONG. We give him lots of cuddles and attention. And we make sure our TV is on loud enough to help drown out the noise. There are a number of other things that you can do to keep your pack calm but the number one thing is to keep them away from the fireworks. 

Too bad we didn't go but the food was still tasty at home!

Started this and didn't finish it cause I had an errand to run. Husband finished it and told me he didn't recommend me finishing it. He told me a bit about it and just listening to
him made me bawl my eyes out.

Remidog seemed okay with his littlest brother taking the KONG from him.
Speaking of KONG (affiliate), it's time to buy a new one for the pack!

Sawyer Moo can take a nap anywhere!

Sunday breakfast made by the husband!

Sunday Fun in the Sun for Sawyer and Remi!



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