Friday, July 28, 2017

Little Craft Place, a sweet paper store!

Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post. I'm sharing it
because I'm all about showing love to small businesses and because PAPER!!!

Today's post is brought to you by my Saturday visit to the Little Craft Place on the northwest side of Houston. I first heard about this store in the Houston Planner Peeps group on Facebook. I added the store and the address to my Wunderlist for future reference. In case you were wondering, I have lists for paper stores, TV shows I want to watch, and more importantly.. restaurants I must visit! 😁

So the lovely folks at HPP mentioned the Little Craft Place a few times and the pictures of the goodies always had me in awe. I mean, their famous washi tape wall is beautiful in the picture and so breathtaking in person. Okay, so I might be exaggerating but I really was mesmerized by it when I first saw it. It's not the only washi in the building either. I've never seen so much washi tape in one place so definitely prepare yourself and maybe call your bank and tell them to set you up with a limit cause you might go overboard, haha!

Before we get into the pictures and more about the goodies they sell, let me tell you a bit about the owners. From their About Us section on their website- 

We started our business as making cards and custom stamps 7 years ago in a small room. As our home business grew, we expanded by adding other scrapbooking products as well. After a few years selling on Etsy, we launched our own online store to better serve our customers as well as our brick & mortar store Little Craft Place. I (Eunice) graduated in Australia with a Degree in Graphic Design and Ian has a Degree in IT from The University of Arizona. I worked for a few advertising agencies before we started our little online store. We are constantly thinking of what's next. It’s all about ideas, creating new designs, improvements, daydreams, surprises & creativity.

I had the chance of meeting Ian and had a few good laughs with him. I arrived a little after 1:30 and the icebreaker for us was the weather. I got out of my car and walked in the store and had to wipe my forehead from the sweat when I walked. It wasn't a very far walk, y'all, it was just that hot. I told Ian it was my first visit and that the HPP folks had told me about his store. He told me a little about himself and his wife, the dream, and we talked about the washi tape wall. He was extremely knowledgeable on all the goodies and even had tips on how to pair things. I told him I did some scrapbooking, even though I'm majorly slacking, and that all the rave these days was planners and such. He showed me the planner section and told me about the huge sale.

I won't tell you how much I spent because my husband might kill me BUT I got some sweet goodies. I took lots of pictures but I was too excitamated and some pictures came out bad so I didn't add them, haha! Some are from my Instagram stories, too. My pictures really do this cute store no justice. I'll share the goodies I bought on another post so this one isn't too long... I mean, it's pretty long already, haha!

True paper lovers will travel the distance so if you're in the area,
stop by and say hello to Ian and Eunice!

The Little Craft Place is located on
11911 Jones Rd. Houston, TX 77070.
They sell tons of goodies at their store and also online.

Stay tuned for my post on the goodies I purchased and
definitely go visit the Little Craft Place for your very own goodies!

The Little Craft Place is located on
11911 Jones Rd. Houston, TX 77070.
They sell tons of goodies at their store and also online.


  1. I went. Now I *need* a travelers notebook.

    1. LOL! I think it would be sweet to try bujo on one of those skinny Moleskines and put it in there. I just don't want to start a new bujo journal w/out finishing the one I'm on now.


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