Sunday, July 30, 2017

Flat Creek - July Visit

The plan was to camp out Saturday night at Flat Creek Crossing Ranch and head home Sunday evening. If you don't remember, we visited Flat Creek back in January and really froze our butts off. It was so freaking cold that we wanted to hike and be active just to keep warm and sweat a little. Click here for more on January's adventure to Flat Creek.

We woke up at 4:30AM Saturday to get on the road early. It was somewhat of an exhausting trip there, after all, it's about 3 1/2 hours. The boys slept most of the trip with Sawyer escaping to the back of the truck to cuddle with his dad's bike. Weird kid. We stopped to get groceries and while the husband went inside HEB, I hung out with the kids. There's a b&w shot below of the two boys that warms the hizzie out of my heart. 

See my concern since Sawyer arrived is that he wouldn't get along with Finn. Mostly because Finn has been the spoiled baby for the last three years. There was a moment on the way to Flat Creek that Sawyer touched Finn and Finn freaked out. You know, the whole "MA, HE'S TOUCHING ME!" bit. It was pretty amusing to us but we had to check Finn and let him know he had to be nice.

We arrived early and waited for the rest of our squad to show up. While the boys rode off on their bikes, Ana and I drove down to the swimming area where we had been in January. I haven't had to deal with two dogs on separate leashes in forever so it was a bit of a pain for me. Ana suggested I let Finn off the leash because I needed to trust him. I can't tell you how fast my heart was beating when I did it but she was right. Finn and I needed to trust each other. Plus, she promised she'd run after him if he burned off, haha! After a few trips up and down to the car with Sawyer on the leash.. I thought I should trust him, too, so I let him off the leash, too.

By the time the guys met up with us a few hours later, both of my boys were having fun off the leash and still obeying commands. Probably one of my proudest mama moments! Husband was excited and proud, too! 

We frolicked in the water and went exploring to find cooler water. It's been so, so dry in the area that the water levels are super low with nowhere to go. We found a small spring and soaked up the cool water but it wasn't enough to hang out in as a group so we headed back. We pulled out the BBQ pit and cooked some fajitas up and warmed some tortillas. Lunch was served and it was tasty!

I can't stress how hot it was. We were all sweating and smelling funky but we were having a great time in great company! After talking about the heat and how we were all so exhausted, husband and I decided we wouldn't put ourselves through a hot night and drove home.

The drive home was tough for all of us. It was my turn to drive so the boys all slept. Sawyer moved from the back of the car to the front many times. He'd never been on a road trip let alone an exhausting one like this, haha!

The last two shots are of the boys sleeping it up on Sunday at home. That was basically all we did Sunday. Recovering was our major priority, haha!

Nap time during the trip there.

Little brother sleeps the same way!

Reminds me of Beetlejuice!

I love them SO SO MUCH!!

Having the time of his life!

Puppies need a lot of sleep!

Husband dirty boy!

He did this to himself. He was trying to climb into the chair and lost his footing LOL 

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