Thursday, June 15, 2017

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Did you know we welcomed a new pack member this month? His name is Sawyer Moo and you can read more about him here. We haven't had a new kid in the familia in a little over three years and it's been rough especially since he's been a bit sick. So when Paperless Post, a company focused on design-driven online and printed stationery, contacted me for a partnership, I knew a welcome party was very much needed!

On the Paperless Post website's About Me section, you'll find info on their vision, their product, and their company. They have found a way to redefine the way we connect with people both online and off by providing you with beautiful designs. And it very easy way to design these cards with a simple and straight to the point website.

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The website is very easy to navigate and pretty to look at if that makes any sense. Haha!

This is what my dashboard looks like. I found two cards I liked so I favored them for future events.

I picked this card to announce our little shindig. To be honest with y'all though, I wish it said Eat & See but that doesn't make sense, haha! Y'all know I'm all about the food!!

Here I can change the text, add contact number, design my card, and pick the backdrop that matches.

Here you can choose the liner, what color envelope and the backdrop.

I had trouble picking a good liner.
I almost picked bigger gray circles since the Moo has them but this blue was adorable.

This is where you pick the stamp and postmark of the front of your envelope. It's a digital invitation but that doesn't mean you can't have a great presentation that includes and envelope, right?

I was surprised when I saw a Houston, TX postmark. It made me smile and I knew I had to add it!

You also get a RSVP card in the digital invitation.
You can customize the reply, card design, and once again the backdrop.

After designing my digital invitation, it's time to add some details for my guests. This includes basics like my name, date, and the event name. What it also includes, that I thought was cute, is a comment wall for my guests. This is where my guests can share details of what they'll bring or if they can't make it they can send their well wishes! The guest list can also be viewed and if I have a registry, they can use the link provided.

Paperless Post works on a Coin basis, not necessarily cash money. Not that there aren't free designs. They have 800+ designs that are free as long as you don't use premium options like the envelope or backdrop. The number of Coins you need really depends on the card design, premium options, and the number of recipients. The top right corner, while designing, shows you exactly how many Coins you'll need for said project. This is a breakdown of the invitation I went with.

I live in the same city as my father so it didn't cross my mind to get
him a digital card for Father's day until I visited Paperless Post

I'll be seeing him on Sunday but it doesn't hurt to send him a sweet card, too!

Don't say anything but I plan on sending my husband this digital card.
I'll put Moo on it since he's the baby & they're still in bonding mode. I mean, I don't have the patience to try to get all five kids in the same picture. It's just not happening, y'all! 😂

Check out the digital card I made for my pops! Paperless Post allows you to schedule the card for a future date, too! This is especially good for folks like me that are a bit forgetful, haha!

Send your pops a fun Father's Day digital card this year by visiting Paperless Post today.

Check out the invitations and the birthday cards, too!
And don't forget that even though digital cards are fun to make and
send, snail mail still puts a smile on people's faces so make some real ones and send them out!

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