Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Sawyer Moo Reed - New Pack Member!

No #WeekendSnapshots this week because I have something better to share. The Reed pack has a new family member and we've named him Sawyer Moo Reed! Sawyer Moo was bailed out of the Harris County Animal Shelter* 06/05/17 after being there since the 23rd of May. He is a Pit Bull although they called him a "Mastiff". Apparently, they call Pit's that in the shelter 🤷 He is about 14 weeks young and weighs a total of 13 lbs!

Let me tell you the story of how this kid ended up joining our family by accident.
Okay, not really by accident but follow along for more pictures, too!

I sent husband a message on Thursday the 1st because I saw a video of a female Pit who would be losing her life the next day unless someone adopted or fostered. Mind you, we've never fostered. When I sent him the video I told him I needed her.. as in, I need to save her. Without hesitation, he replied and told me to go get her. I was shocked and asked him if he was sure. He said yes and to hurry and get her. I left work half an hour early and rushed to get her before they closed. I arrived three minutes to closing and found out she had two holds on her, one of which I met. This means she was safe for the time being and that she didn't need me to save her. Or so I thought.

Love at first sight!
I couldn't just leave so I asked to see the rest of the kids on the euthanasia list (kill list) and that's when I found Sawyer Moo. He was the only pup on the euth list and well if you know anything about breeds, you know that Pit Bull's are discriminated on a daily basis so there was no way I would let this kid lose his life. I picked him up and we played for a little, just the two of us. At first glance, I was worried about how skinny he was. I couldn't imagine what he had went through in the first 3 months of his life.

Our first selfie!
I left the shelter knowing that I had saved a life. The rules there are that the pup has to stay at the shelter for three business days and then get spayed/neutered before they can go home with their new adopter. Those three business days took forrrreeevvveerrrrrr!! But the following Monday, June 5th, I picked up my kid and due to some health issues, we've kept him away from the rest of the pack.

For the record, an animal from the shelter doesn't mean you'll have a sick animal. I heard a lot of my friends/family mention that of course, he has health issues because he's a shelter/stray dog but that's not always the case. Sawyer Moo had Parvo but was treated immediately after he was picked up. I took him to our vet, Sugar Land Pet Hospital**, right after I picked him up.  No fleas, thankfully, but he did have hookworms. We got some meds and were told to keep him away from the rest of the pack just in case. The rest of the pack is up to date on their vaccines but just to be safe, we followed the vet's directions.

Moo's first vet visit!
Friday the 9th, husband rushed Sawyer Moo back to the vet with a terrible cough. Some bloodwork was done and they found out that he had a respiratory infection which meant more drugs for our Moo. As of today, his cough has gotten better and he's much more alert! He's still not a part of the pack as we want all his sickies to go away first.

He has completely won our hearts, more or so my husband's. They've become the best of buds and husband is ready to make Moo a trail dog. I'm just excited for him to get healthier and fatter, haha! I cannot wait for him to get better so he can join us on our camping adventures. A little FYI, the rest of our pack doesn't come camping with us because Remi is a bit people aggressive and Leana Little & Chula are old ladies who want nothing to do with hiking. They prefer the cool temps of their home and comfy beds. Luckily, they have their Grandma, Mama Carrizo, and their aunt to doggy sit when we're not here.

Do you know the story of Tom Sawyer and his best friend, Huckleberry Finn? These names come from Mark Twain's 1876 novel, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, a story about a young boy growing up along the Mississippi River. It's quite famous and I'm sure you've heard of these names before. Finn's name came from this story since he was a lost boy. We figured that Finn and the new kid would be BFF's so we picked Sawyer for the new kid. The Moo part is kind of a given, no? I mean, he has moo markings which are pretty funny because I freaking adore cows! 

Husband chose the wording of Sawyer's tags and I think it's pretty accurate for the type of people we are, haha! I leave you with one more picture of our Moo because he is quite the handsome kiddo and I'm madly in love (obsessed is more like it) with him! He'll be a daily character on my social networks so stay tuned for more.

Oh, I didn't finish telling you about the dog I went in for initially. She had two holds which meant she had two people interested in her. Since she was taken and I didn't know the rules, I opted to look for a new kid. The following Monday when I went to pick up Sawyer, I found out that the little girl, named Burberry by the volunteers, no longer had a hold and she was in desperate need of saving. Finding this out broke my freaking heart! I had no idea her holds would not stick and was torn from not being able to save her. Thankfully, that same day someone saved her and she's now free with her very own family to love on!

One more thing- This was my first experience with adopting from a shelter. I've been lucky to always be at the right place and the right time to where I've rescued a pup from the streets. I want you to know that going to the shelter is not for the weak. I adore dogs and consider myself a big dog advocate but I also cried my ass off for an hour when I got home the first day. With that said, I urge you to visit your local shelters (rescues, too) when you're ready to add a member to your family. You don't just save one animal in the process, but two since you give that spot to a new kid when you adopt. And you can also go in and volunteer. Shelters always need volunteers and fosters!

Adopting a dog, not buying one, is most definitely in my top ten proudest moments. I walked away from the shelter knowing that I had saved a kid. Maybe even helped save the kid I went there for. And also gave two new spots to kids that desperately needed it. If you can't imagine the huge smile on my face right now, you haven't been paying attention!


*Shout out to the folks at Harris County Animal Shelter for holding it down for all the critters in their care. For giving amazing customer service and for showing that although they have a rough job, they still care a great deal about their pets.

**Shout out to Sugar Land Pet Hospital for always having our back! We really couldn't be the fantastical dog pack we are today if it weren't for all of you. The love and care that you give our kids means the world to us and we are incredibly grateful!

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  1. Aahhh I love his little face <3 and yes, my heart would break when I was searching for a puppy and saw all of the dogs at the shelter who just wanted to play. I wish I could adopt them all!!


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