Monday, May 15, 2017

Weekend Snapshots | 14

Today's Weekend Snapshots is brought to you by the incredible appetizer I picked at Perry's Steakhouse & Grille for Mama's Day yesterday. This dish is Perry's Signature fried asparagus and they top it with jumbo lump crabmeat. As if fried anything wasn't good enough they just had to add crabmeat. I'm not upset, though, it was amazing in every way.

Perry's Mama's day dinner was a pricey one but a well-deserved dinner. Mama Carrizo is the most amazing human I know and she is worth much more but this is the place she picked so we were all for it. It was our first visit and we were very impressed. It wasn't just the food that was incredible. The service was on point. It's good for your soul to go all out on a delicious meal every once in a while. Trust.

Overall, I had a weekend full of really tasty food and
ya can't be mad at that, can ya? 😁

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I have a work-daughter. I'm freaking old, y'all. Kidding! 😄
She's a sweet kid and I enjoy our bond very much! She wasn't sure if
she'd see me for Mama's Day so she brought me roses to work on Friday. 
Sweet, right? I'm grateful for her!

Saturday was baby shower day for our very good friends. The food was pretty
freaking legit for a baby shower. They had these tasty little sammiches and
I'm not ashamed to admit I ate a lot more than I probably should have, haha!

Baby Zemirah will be arriving through a home birth at the beginning of June.
I took pictures of the food and completely spaced out and didn't
 take a selfie with the new baby mama. 🤦🏻‍♀️

Thank you Candies. Not just any candies.
Custom M&M's with baby Z's name and her parent's names, too!

I saw SPLIT Friday night with the husband.
If you've seen it then the name on the top left should make sense to you.

You should know that I am not a M. Night Shyamalan fan.
But I thought James McAvoy was BRILLIANT! 
Shyamalan movies always end with me being pissed AF.
And nothing changed with this movie. 
The "twist" is non-existent if you didn't see an
older movie (IMO) of his which I haven't.
Watch this movie, though. The acting is on point.

And now for pictures of my dinner at Perry's

This is Filet Perry.
Topped with jumbo lump crabmeat and herb garlic butter,
served with steamed asparagus

Tasty, right?

This is Bananas Foster.
Sliced bananas flambéed with brown
sugar, rum, cinnamon, and nutmeg. Served over vanilla ice cream

And this is Mont Blanc a la Frisc
Vanilla ice cream served on a homemade sponge cake
with freshly cut strawberries, topped with a flambéed Belgian
white chocolate sauce and Bailey's Irish Cream.

And these are our beautiful faces with full bellies!
-L to R-
My sister Gaby, Me, my work-daughter Erika, and Mama Carrizo!


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