Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Weekend Snapshots | 13

Today's WeekendSnapshots is brought to you by tasty shrimp fried rice at Miyabi Sushi Japanese RestaurantMiyabi's has been on this series MANY times and it's because its REALLY is good! I wouldn't rave about something (especially if it involves food) like this if it wasn't legit. It's a cute and quiet place with very polite servers. One piece of advice- Get the Angry Roll. I swear you'll thank me later!

So it's been a while since I stopped by and wrote something here. I realize I said I'd be back some time ago but life has been entertaining. Notice I didn't say busy because honestly, aren't we all busy? I was on vacation with my familia the third week of April which was fantastical and much needed. See, Mama Carrizo, my two older sisters, and I haven't been on a vacation, just the four of us, in a little over a decade. Life freaking happened and we couldn't get our work and traveling schedule right. Until this year!! I'll spare you all the details but I will tell ya this. We went to Panama City Beach, Florida for about ten days and I enjoyed the fuck out of the sun (with lots of skincare goodies) and the fantastical beach!! 

Vacations are needed, people, so get you some!!

The week I came back from vaca was Rough with a capital R! Catching up on a four-day work week was one of the things I thought I had prepared myself for. I wasn't ready. Oh, and then there was the fact that I worked for at least an hour every day during the vaca. 🙊  That following weekend was the husband's birthday and off we went on a camping trip to Dinosaur Valley State Park. That was another great adventure for us as we took the Finnster! More of that later. (I know I say that a lot. 'More of that later' shit. But I swear when I write it, I really mean it. It's just that.. uh, I have no excuse. Just know that I do mean it. LOL!)

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Crucial Matter: Tour de Taco on Friday night.

Benihana Birthdays are mucho fun! Happiest birthdays to my
friend, Erika (she's the one with the bun next to me)!

We hit up the Rails And Tails Mudbug Festival At The Depot in Tomball with some friends. We didn't take Finnster because eating crawfish is a process and having to deal with the little man was not something I was willing to risk. What? I likes mudbugs, haha!

Roy's Fresh Lemonade had this delish pineapple with their lemonade in it. We weren't about to pass up the little umbrella, y'all. And now that I'm thinking about it, I don't remember getting any drinks with umbrella's in them on my Florida vaca 🤔

And here we are. The crazy bunch! 

I convinced my husband to go with me to IKEA. Okay, I bribed him with Sushi if he went with me. He took out the passenger seat because it's easier to get his bike in. This meant I had my very own personal driver to one of my favorite stores 😊

Check out my dark ass legs! LOL! I tried brightening up the
picture but this tan wouldn't budge, haha!

IKEA has a 20% OFF Bedroom Event sale happening until May 23rd.
Yeah, it's not a HUGE discount BUT as I know IKEA, I'll take what I can get.

Anyways, I've had my eyes on this MALM 6-drawer dresser for 5+ years.
I knew it was time when I saw the price drop. Again, it wasn't a HUGE
price drop but enough for my bedroom dreams 😏

So here it is! Our new dresser in our bedroom surrounded by dog crates 😆

The promised sushi for the husband, haha!

Here's the Angry Roll I told you about above. It's freaking amazing!
This is what the menu says-  Top: crunchy and masago. In: soft shell crab, kani, shrimp
and jalapeno. Sauce: eel sauce, mayo and sweet soy sauce, soy paper. No rice.
Trust me, you'll love it!



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