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Carpe Tacos Tote Bag Review | Society 6

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A few weeks back I bought my very first Society6 tote. I actually bought one for myself and one for Mama Carrizo. Thanks to the 18" x 18" tote I bought her, I didn't have to wrap the rest of her Mama's Day gifts 😄  I did wrap them up in tissue paper, though 😏  Click here to see the tote I bought her. She's the bag lady of our family and she's been on this reading kick so I went with this Bookworms bag, get it? 😄

What is Carpe Taco, you ask? Pick Taco. Enjoy Taco. Seize Taco. Use Taco. I'm a Taco Everyday type of person so this design spoke to me! The fact that it's blue did add brownie points when deciding if I should buy it. Thankfully, Society6 stays having deals so the price wasn't much of an issue. Sign up for their newsletter and get their deals via email!

Follow along for pictures and my two cents on this tote bag from Society6 below!

Let's talk about the tote I bought. It's a 13" x 13" tote because I'm small and I already have a purse. This tote is by Kate Ouwenga and it appears to be her only print. I'm okay with that. I can get an art print, a tank top, a new iPhone case, a mug, or more. Search for a different print on the Society6 site by going here.

The site says that their quality crafted Tote Bags are sewn in America using durable, yet lightweight poly poplin fabric. They go on to mention all seams and stress points are double stitched for durability. The totes are washable, feature original artwork on both sides and have a sturdy 1" wide cotton webbing strap for comfortably carrying over your shoulder.

I think they did a great job on the feel of the tote bag as it feels semi like canvas material but it's much softer. The design seems to be deep into the fabric so I'm not worried about washing it. Yeah, I haven't had it long enough to wash it. I typically don't have food stains on my belongings except for my shirt 😋 Another thing I have to mention is the smell of the bag. I recently purchased redacted brand name and was highly annoyed by the way the material smelled. I was afraid if I put anything in it or if I put it near other things that it would stink everything up. I returned that product but glad I didn't have to do the same with this tote bag.

Sizes are 13" x 13" , 16" x 16", 18" x 18". Pick your design and then watch the video to see which size works for you. As I mentioned above, I'm a shorty so I went with the smallest so as to not tip over with all the goodies I'll be able to stick in it. I think I'd be okay with the 16" x 16" but I might be pushing it. I don't want to fit in the damn thing, yanno? 😆 

Oh, one last thing that I'm sure you're going to especially like. There is no bottom seam but it is gusseted for more goodies. Okay, so I didn't know what that meant and so I looked it up. It's basically the only bag that should ever be made!!! It means a piece of material was sewn into the garment to strengthen or enlarge a part of it, such as the collar of a shirt or a freaking bag! This makes the tote bags wider which allows for more goodies!

This tote was purchased as a second bag for traveling around my other goodies. These goodies are my bullet journal (when it's not in my purse), pen/goodies bag, Kindle Fire or whatever book I may be reading, HP Sprocket (occasionally), my battery charger, and then sometimes my snacks. Yeah, food snacks because I must eat every two hours or so. 😋

Two things that could be added to make this tote bag an even better bag than it is. Add a small pocket on the inside and add a zipper or magnetic snap or even a velcro snap for the closure. I don't think I'll ever use this as a purse but you never know. Closures are nice since I don't want everyone and their mama in my business like that 😆

My next tote bag is between this Killin' it in Tropical Blue by Cat Coquillette and This Magic Moment by Jared Yamahata. I think I'll go ahead and get the middle size, 16" x 16", and hope for the best! What about you? Which one will you get or will end up with a different product altogether? Society6 has really come up since they first came out. They have all sorts of goodies now so do give them a visit!

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