Friday, May 19, 2017

Bujo 101 | Brazos Bookstore

Shopping local is my thing. But I admit that even though I'm a fan of books and everything paper, I've never been in a Houston bookstore. I'm not talking about the big chain bookstores. Of course, I've been in those. I'm talking about a one-of-a-kind Houston bookstore. A bookstore where the employees greet you and it's real. A place that isn't too big or too small. Where the atmosphere doesn't smell of anything other than the sweet smell of all the book pages in the building! 😍

This place is Brazos Bookstore and it's located near Kirby Drive on Bissonnet Street in my sweet, sweet city of Houston! A little bit of this bookstore from their site-

"In 1974, Karl Kilian opened Brazos Bookstore to encourage the growth and development of the emerging Houston literary scene with a clear focus on personalized service, community engagement, and passionate curation...." 

"...Brazos Bookstore continues to be locally owned by a group of twenty-seven Houstonians who came together and purchased the bookstore when Kilian announced his retirement in 2006. Read about our current staff here."

So while visiting this bookstore was on my Must Visit list, I am rarely around this area of town as I live very much west of it. What brought me to finally visit this bookstore was a Bullet Journaling 101 workshop. I saw it on Facebook and immediately clicked going and shared it with my homies.

I got there an hour before it started not necessarily by choice but because it was the smartest thing to do. If I went home not only would I not make it on time but I would probably get too comfy and decide to pass on the workshop. Getting there early gave me time to look around and also pick a good seat. My table was full of fantastical folks with many jokes. We all become friends on Instagram because having paper loving homies is the best, no?

We learned quite a few things and not only did we discuss BUJO but Kristara from Kristara Calligraphy taught us a little about hand lettering. I swear this lady is a Goddess with the skills she has and she's as sweet as can be.

The second workshop will be held at Brazos Bookstore
on July 20th and you definitely don't want to miss it! 

Thank you, Brazos Bookstore, our Bujo teacher Ülrika Moats,
and Kristara for this fun workshop!

I need one of these Bullet Space pens. They come in all sorts of colors.
Found one in matte black (affiliate) and blueberry (affiliate). Must have both!!!

The black May belongs to Kristara. She's a freaking pro!

I'm not exactly sure how many people there were but it looked like a good 50!

The lovely Kristara and I!

Our Bujo teacher, Ülrika Moats!

My table friends and our proud work!

See the rest of the pictures on Flickr.


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  1. I really wanted to go to that but couldn't. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Come out July 20th, Sandra! It's a great workshop!


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