Friday, May 12, 2017

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Here are a few links that caught my attention this week!


Remember that Kendall Jenner Pepsi commercial that bombed so freaking hard?
Heineken did a fantastical job with this commercial and it's definitely worth a watch.

Slow cooker shredded tacos that my husband made for me last night!
They were ah-mazing!

A giant lion was carved from one single tree by 20 people in China.
I like art, I really do. But I'm sad for the tree.

15 makeup goodies you'll want to switch your pricey goodies for.

I haven't read the book yet or seen the TV show but Houston's Brazos Bookstore is holding a screening for The Handmaid's Tale today at 7 PM.

I found a new high-res stock photo site that lets you use their photos for whatever you want.

She hasn't had luck finding her family and she'd appreciate it if you shared her story.
Edit: The news said she now has a foster!

A really great piece on Houston from Los Angeles Times and how it has become the most diverse place in America.

One of the books I added to my to-read list over on Goodreads



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  1. Did you go to Handmaid's Thing? I'm consuming the TV show, reading articles, listening to podcasts, and when the season is over I'm going to read the book. Same for American Gods (well, comic book adaptation maybe not the book book).


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