Thursday, March 9, 2017

Weekend Snapshots | 8

Today's #WeekendSnapshots is brought to you by bananas! Okay, not really but they were part of the theme for the birthday party I went to Saturday. Not your typical party as it was for a one-year-old but it was a blast! Baby Matthew turned one and the birthday theme was monkeys. His mama, Farah (bottom), got all the deco help from Pinterest and dammit am I a proud friend, haha!

Shout out to Jessica (left), Susana (right), and Farah (bottom) for being my friend for what seems like forever. I have been lucky enough to call these ladies my friends for many, many years even though we don't see or speak to each other every day. If that's not friendship, I have this thing all types of wrong! Thanks so much to Farah and Javier for inviting us to the birthday shindig and winning not one but two prizes, haha!

On another note, this post is late because it's been another busy week and I've come down with a sinus infection or cold or.. honestly, I'm not sure what it is and my doc wasn't very clear. Point is, I haven't been sick in like two years and so I feel like serious shit. I'm writing all of this from my bed btw.

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I stopped by Space Montrose for a gift for the birthday boy and found these funny rings.

The greeting cards at Space Montrose are hilarious and so freaking unique
 If you're in need of a sweet card, definitely stop by.

Husband and I hit up Miyabi Sushi Japanese Restaurant again because why not, right?

We had to guess how many Cheerios were in the glass jar at the birthday party.
I said there was at least 1000 but everyone clowned me so I put 980.
Guess who won? 🙋🏻  this girl!

Neither of us Snapchats, but Susana does and she took this shot of the husband & I 😆
Also, husband won the first gift of the party when he guessed that baby
Matthew said dada at 6 months, haha!

Here's Matthew with his parents, Farah and Javier.
Latino's like putting your face in the birthday cake but since he's still a baby,
we were good with a little bit of icing on his face.
Matthew, on the other hand, was not okay with it 😄

I wasn't going to stop by Space Montrose and not hook myself up with anything.
Republic of Texas sticker by @tankedapparel
Super Mario Bros 3 Texas enamel pin by @canned.oxygen.design
Whataburger greeting card by @anvilcards

Two shirts I bought for Matthew at Space Montrose
Fine Southern Gentlemen by @fsgprints
Texas tee by @shoptwt

Hope you've had a great week!

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  1. omg such a cute game idea!!!! you have all the fun. and that sushi. yummy!!!


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