Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Weekend Snapshots | 7

Today's #WeekendSnapshots is brought to you by our anniversary adventure in Huntsville State Park. That's right, the husband, Finnashit, and I packed up and drove about two hours to camp it up on our 5 year wedding anniversary. It's crazy how fast time flies but it really feels like we've been married for far longer than that, haha! We met up with another couple there and when they left Saturday at noon, another couple met us there!

Finn and I had never been to this park so we were excitamated for the new adventure! I especially liked that the drive was way shorter than the Flat Creek adventure but Flat Creek still has my heart! What the husband and I didn't plan on was the weather dropping the way it did. We froze our asses off Friday night and it put me in a really shitty mood. My apologies to my husband and the Finnashit, but I needed warmth and although my sleeping bag was super thermal, I was still fucking cold!

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Some friends borrowed our camper so we borrowed Mama Carrizo's tent for the adventure!

Look at the Finnashit peeking in! 😍
One of the best things we bought that I totally recommend when taking
your pup on a camping trip is a chrome dog stake and a lead (affiliate). Finn is a very active kid and comes and goes and having him on a lead gives me a break.

Husband cooked some eggs and sausage for breakfast tacos!

Finn loves strawberries!
He knocked over his food bowl & proceeded to give me the sad puppy dog eyes.

The kid camo's with the floor, haha!

At one point all three kids stopped to small a spot.
It was crazy cause they wouldn't budge, haha!

That's Jesse with his hand up and he's got Maggie on the leash.
His wife, Ana has Hershel on the leash.
Can you guess where they got the names? Haha!

Peaceful, no?

Nap time after a walk!

He's always eager to help, haha! 

We hit up Bernie's Backyard on our way back and the kid
was convinced he was going to get some of my tacos.
He can have strawberries all day long but I don't share tacos!!


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  1. Travel is always fun!! Glad you had a great time and Congrats on the 5 years!! <3


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