Monday, February 13, 2017

Weekend Snapshots | 5

Today's #WeekendSnapshots is brought to you by my adventure at a monster truck event, the Monster Jam at NRG Stadium. This was my first monster truck rally and I loved it so much that I considered going to Vegas for the final!! Okay, by considered I mean I checked out the prices and the thought of going disappeared real quick. πŸ˜‚

I found it hilarious that there weren't too many adults without children. Thankfully the group we were with had three kids in it so we were good! Oh, one thing that made me smile from ear to ear was seeing fathers with their daughter(s)! I swear it was the sweetest shit, ever. While waiting in a drink line, a father put a monster truck hat (it was shaped like a freaking monster truck & I should have bought me one!!) on his daughter and giggled like a schoolgirl as he told her not to move so he could take a picture for mom! Haha! Want to see a father & daughter having a great time at the rally? Check out this picture of Brownlee & his mini-me daughter, Addy! Cute, right? Yeah, imagine a ton of those all around you! Brownlee is Brewrites husband and Addy is their daughter. Speaking of which, hoping to bring her back this year for #ThePaperFiles. OH, and stay tuned for this month's #ThePaperFiles with Connie and her mini-me, Camila!

Something I want to put out there in case you haven't had someone tell you already is... NEVER ZOOM IN ON YOUR CAMERA PHONE! Yeah, I did it. And the pictures below will prove that it's a no-no! I wasn't very prepared for this event which is why my camera didn't make it in.

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We did a lot of walking around the stadium before we found the rest of the group, LOL,
but I got to see the trucks! I was pretty damn giddy when I saw them. 

Husband was frustrated but I think it was because I was being annoying AF with my excitamation!
Also, check out the Astrodome in the back. 😍

El Toro Loco won his first award. Nope, don't know what it was for but we cheered like crazy for him! I mean, he had killer horns and smoke came out of his freaking nose, y'all!

Intermission (& a smoke) led us to an aerial view of the trucks!
All 12 of them! Idk them all but I know there were two females!!

I think this is Wild Flower. She was a G out there and I cheered my ass off for her!

I can't remember which truck flipped, popped, and "farted" but it was definitely done for the night.

I love horchata. I love cinnamon. Blue Moon is aight. But I'm not
interested in trying this. It kind of scares me. Have you had it?
This was not at the rally, this was HEB. Figured I should clear that up. πŸ˜‚


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