Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Weekend Snapshots | 4

Today's #WeekendSnapshots is brought to you by this cute and funny plate my sister found at the store the other day. It was a set of 4 dishes in different colors with the same saying but there was no price and they were all chipped somewhere so we passed. Hilarious, though, right? 😂

Jihane and I hit up a Superbowl edition Pop Up Shop hosted by the Pop Up Shop Chicks because you know we love to shop local. The only frustrating part was that it was located in downtown and the word chaos doesn't even cover the shit we went through. BUT, it was worth it once we finally got our cars valeted. 

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Weekend dose of some tasty sweet milk tea and a cup
that I believe Mama Carrizo hooked me up with.

Nomtastic goodie by the lovely Angel, owner and magic maker of Crumble & Co.

Another cute treat by Touch of Perfection.

Jihane and I posed for a picture by a H-Town mural made by Gonzo247! 🤘

We talked to some of the vendors and I asked many questions about their businesses. One of them, Vera from Looligan, had me super excitamated about her business. She started this business of bath bombs two months ago! Her enthusiasm and personality totally sold me so, of course, I bought two bath bombs. One for the husband called Agape! and I can't member what mine was called. He's already used his and damn it left his skin super soft. Can't wait to use mine!

Here's another goodie found at the store that I didn't buy because
someone crapped on the back cover and pages were missing.
Don't mess with the pages, people! 

Finishing up with a picture of my cutie, Finnashit.
I seriously cannot get enough of this Little Man!


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