Monday, January 23, 2017

Weekend Snapshots | 2

Today's #WeekendSnapshots is brought to you by the Finnashit and my favorite tote right now from Out Of Print Clothing. If it doesn't look familiar, it's from A Clockwork Orange (book and movie - both affiliates). And since we're on the subject, why doesn't this image look familiar to you? Why haven't you read it or at least seen the movie? 😬 Get it together, people! 

Before I forget, Out of Print Clothing is celebrating their 7th anniversary with a 30% OFF sale (use HAPPY30 at checkout. Ends Wed 01/25). For those who aren't familiar with them, every purchase made helps fund a literacy program along with some book donations to communities in need. It also supports the artists, authors, and publishers who made these great stories. 

Moving along...

The sweet milk tea obsession is still going strong.
I have quite a collection of mugs that make me giggle including this one!

Chula is the perfect definition of a lap dog.
She gets upset when she's not your center of attention so this view is one I see almost daily.
Chula turned 13 this month ❤

Met up at Barnes & Noble's with a friend for some work stuff (read: ugh)
 and saw these fun Knock Knock goodies. I didn't see the price but
I'm guessing they were all original price which isn't all that cheap.
Know where I go for mine? Yup, Marshalls & Homegoods.

After our work shit, I invited her to La Madeleine because this pesto pasta was on my mind. I swear we drove around looking for other places but maybe secretly I was turning them all down because I wanted this pasta. 🤷

Stopped at Koala Kolache's for the second time this month.
I'm still pretty impressed with the service and the nomtastic food.
If you're ever in the area (529 & Barker Cypress) I definitely recommend you check them out.

PS I realize that it is not the second week of the year but it is the
second post for this series this year.

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