Monday, January 9, 2017

Weekend Snapshots | 1

Happy 2017, y'all! I hope the holidays treated you and your familia well! My holidays were full of great food, my favorite people, and of course, a lot of sleep! Can you believe it's been a little over a month since I popped my head in here? Crazy but I'm back and ready for the new year shenanigans! 

Today's #WeekendSnapshots is brought to you by a gift Sandy Claws hooked me up with! Whataburger freaking socks! I'm sure you can imagine the smile on my face when I unwrapped them. I'm in love with Whataburger and I don't care who knows it, obviously! 

So we're changing it up this year with this series and by we're I mean, Jess and I. We've decided to do a year long link up. This means all the links for this series will be all together for the year. It'll be fun to look back at the end of the year and see all of the amazing weekends we all had!

Something else I'm changing is how I tell you about my weekend. I'll keep it short, sweet, & near the image unless some crazy, fantastical event happens that I have to spill the beans about!

Stay tuned this week for a series from 2016 that I just had to bring back! 😉

Adventures at some of my favorite stores haven't been as frequent as before. I mean, last month was Christmas so my visits were mostly in search of gifts for others. 😉 This weekend's visit was all for me and I totally deserved it, haha!

I could have purchased all of these sweet pencil bags (because you can never have too many, right?) but I behaved and bought one. Which one do you think I took home? 😍

The Reedtastic Pups get too excitamated after playing outside sometimes. This leads to broken water bowls more often than you'd think. Almost purchased the slurp one because it makes me giggle. Instead, I went with a colorful one not pictured in this shot. 😬

Okay, I know this looks cool and all but I can't bring myself to love any book that has been treated this way. I've seen some online workshops that make you scrap on old vintage books. Like, glue and draw on these precious old books. Why, people, why?

Stopped by the local Petsmart to pick up dog food, hug the kiddos up for adoption, and donate some cash! Wish I could scoop all of the kiddos up and have them join my pack! 💗

Christmas deco came down and now the house feels empty 😕  For the last three years, the husband and I have purchased two Hallmark Keepsake ornaments to add to our tree. Since I know how forgetful I can be sometimes, I took a picture of them to save in my Dropbox (affiliate), LOL!

This is how we woke up on Sunday afternoon! No shame whatsoever in our game! 😍



  1. omg i cringe when people cut up old books too. when we got married my aunt got us a book with our initials, but the etsy shop FOLDS the pages to make it look like the letters instead of destroying it.

    1. Glad I'm not the only one that feels this way, haha! Folding the pages is okay.. but actually cutting into those beautiful words? NEVER!!


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