Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Weekend Snapshots | 46

Today's #WeekendSnapshots is brought to you by this lovely cow cup I found at HomeGoods. Isn't it cute? 😍 I've been drinking my sweet milk tea in some Transformers cup but recently changed it up. So when I saw this cup, I knew I couldn't pass it up! The nipples hold the cup up, y'all! 😂 I don't know where or why it happened but I've become super infauated with cows lately. Weird, I know!

SATURDAY | I met up with Jihane and her son at Traders Village. Traders Village is like a flea market where you pay $4 to park and get in. This is also where I adopted my babygirl, Jay. The food is always legit there and so are the little shops. This weekend was special because the 27th annual Native American Powwow was happening. We arrived a bit early with the idea of finding good parking and a good spot to watch but I think everyone else had the same idea, haha! 

The pictures don't show how intense the event was. I mean, it gave me chills! The prayer at the beginning, the dancing, the singing, and watching the kiddos all dressed up was amazing! We walked around and checked out all of the Native American goods and had some great convo's with a lot of them. We ate a machete which is like a big ass taco and it was yums! It was a great experience and I can't wait for next years Powwow!

SUNDAY | I met up with a friend for breakfast at IHOP. It's been a while since I've been there for my strawberry crepes so I'm sure you can imagine my excitement. Went home and watched some House of Lies (I'm playing catch up) and then it was bath time for my kiddos. I got a new showerhead and Finnashit totally approves of it! I love how his hair looks after he's bathed and a bit dry. His hair is so freaking soft and cuddly, haha!

Afterwards, I began a scrapbook stash clean out. I have SO much shit and it can be overwhelming when trying to create so I've gotta get rid of it. I'm planning on selling a few boxes of mixed scarpbook stuff so stay tuned for that. Hopefully I can get it done some time this week.


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