Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Weekend Snapshots | 45

Today's #WeekendSnapshots is brought to you by the box of Halloween goodies I have. Yeah, that's right. I said the box because it's my only one and it's not even full. 😩  I'm working on it, though, I swear! I hope this doesn't mean I love Halloween any less because it's definitely one of my favorite holidays! Anyways, Halloween goodies are all down until next year and it's a bit sad but next year will be a new year!

FRIDAY | Met up with some friends. We had a plan to watch some flamenco dance but then that was canceled so we ended up hitting a small bar in our favorite area of Houston, Montrose. The Rice Box food truck fed us that evening with some delicious dumplings. These friends of mine are the type that you can go without seeing or talking and when you meet up again.. you don't skip a beat. It's really good to have those friends! For the record, I ate those dumplings fast and burned myself so that's why there's no picture. Also, I picked up Whataburger before I went home. Yes, I totally used my app! 

SATURDAY | Met up with Jihane in the Heights for the First Saturday Arts Market. I've been to a few markets and always enjoy the atmosphere. It's basically an outdoor market with small biz people and their crafts. Jewelry, photos, clothes, crystals, artwork, bags. You name it and it can be found at a market. 

Before we walked the market, though, we stopped at Arepa Station food truck for an ah-mazing Reine Pepiada! I had never had one but it really was a memorable experience. It's essentially a chicken salad arepa sammich with avocado slices on top. I love chicken salad and I love arepas! Perfect combo, haha!

SUNDAY | BeVisible & Houston Latina Bloggers worked on a positive body image event held at the Thinking Girls Boutique. It was such an experience, as most of our events are. I met some ladies IRL that I've known for a while online. I also got the chance to hear two ladies, Dr. Eliza from TRSWC of Houston and Ana from Power to Prevail, speak about how to manage issues with our bodies. I think it's an important subject especially now that we're had some people in the spotlight discuss our value and what not. 

Aside from the speakers, we also did a vision board workshop, ate some snacks, and did some giveaways! Speaking of giveaways 😜  I won a sweet handmade Ecuadorian tote with a story by Kollek. The info on the website says, inspired by an icon in the city of Quito-Ecuador, with its flowers and colors.  It's beautiful which helped me understand why I received some bad looks when they called my name! Haha, kidding!

I finished the weekend by doing some grocery shopping, which included buying a Houstonia magazine. I had a sub for two years and I missed the stories. It also rained like crazy on my side of town. Walking to the car with grocery bags (because I'm a dummy and I put the cart up) in a crazy rain storm was not fun. But thinking of the snacks I would eat when I got home totally cheered me up... as they always do!

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