Monday, October 31, 2016

Weekend Snapshots | 44

Today's #WeekendSnapshots is brought to you by Finnashit and his visit to the vet's office. He became BFF's with all the humans he interacted with and was very attentive to the commands his mama gave him. The way he acts sometimes makes me think we're blood. He can be stubborn like me and so freaking friendly with strangers, like me. Haha!

SATURDAY | Visited the vet with the turd nugget. There a lot of pictures of our ride there because I can't get enough of his cuteness. When the vet walked in she looked at him and said, "OMG, what kind of pup are you with those long legs and crazy hair." I laughed cause everyone kind of says the same thing when they see him. I told her how folks keep telling me to get his hair cut and how I just can't bring myself to do it. I mean, what if his hair doesn't grow the same? What will I do without my Swiffer pup?

Incase you're wondering, nothing was wrong with the kid. We went for some vaccines and to get more info on a grill cleaning. When you eat turds (and anything else you can find) daily, your mouth will get yucky and since he's an affectionate kid.. the grill must be cleaned in order to kiss on me.

I met up with Mama Carrizo and my sister for some shopping and grub! We hit up our usual places and found some really sweet deals. One of the things we saw at Kirklands that I think I'll have to go back for was a cow canvas. I don't know what my fascination is but it could be the crazy ears and the big ol' snout they have but it's something I want in my casa! We ate at an Italian place in Sugar Land and although the grub was legit, the service could have been a bit better. Which was surprising cause Mama Carrizo and I had been there before and loved the service. 

SUNDAY |  Chill day. Finished some laundry, bathed the kids, moved some shit around in my room, and studied. Yup, I enrolled in an online course that I hope to pass with flying colors. More on that a little later when I'm a bit more comfy with the class. It's sooooo much reading and even though I love to read, it's definitely not all that interesting. Ha!

I ran out of the tea I typically use for my sweet milk tea but I found a decaffeinated kind in the pantry so I tried that. Loved it mucho more since caffeine kills my head. That may be another reason why I don't do coffee. 😬 Don't judge me! Anyways, I drank it in my new glass TX mug I got at HomeGoods.. or was it Marshall's? Ah, who cares. They both take alllll my money. 😭


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