Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Weekend Snapshots | 42

Today's #WeekendSnapshots is brought to you by this delicious slider I had at the Cadillac Fashion show on Saturday. I've never been to a fashion show so there were a lot of ooh's and ahh's from me. Thanks to Jihane for the sweet invite to this event and for getting to drive a freaking Cadillac in style!

FRIDAY | Yup, I went to the "Crazy Reality" Tim Burton tribute art exhibit, again! And, I'm not ashamed to admit it.  I was there for two reasons. Get a specific print and find out how much a different piece cost. The print I had to have because I couldn't stop thinking about is this one by Sarah Parallel (double tap photo to see Sarah's IG) which is a metallic print! I must find it a badass frame immediately! The piece I wanted to price check was the colorful, paint splattered Oogie Boogie (affiliate) from A Nightmare before Christmas (affiliate). Sadly, it was sold so the price made no difference to me. But just so you know, it was $100 😬

Check out the seven prints I came home with that really, really need frames. Like, legit frames not that cheap shit because these creative prints are worth being in a unique frame. See more of the work from this exhibit on my Flickr album here.

SATURDAY | I met up with Bre at the Paper Source for #ThePaperFiles giveaway purchase. We walked the place and then we walked over to Barnes & Nobles. It was hot and it was far, but we made it 😂  After walking around there, we made some purchases and back to the Paper Source we went. We made another purchase and then hit up Sweets because duh! and we called it a day. That giveaway post should be up this week if my procrastination doesn't get the best of me.

I met Jihane and a few ladies in Midtown where we checked in and were given a choice of a Cadillac to drive. The ladies weren't interested so of course, I volunteered because I love to drive. Especially a Cadillac Escalade! It had my attention from the moment I jumped in the driver seat. The marketing rep that rode shotgun told us a bit about the new 2017 Cadillac Escalade and we (or maybe just me) drooled. I was geeking out hard at all the things she told me were in the car I was driving. Like for instance, there's a cooler in the freaking armrest! The rearview mirror flips into a damn HD screen showing you five full lanes behind you. Five, y'all! That's super impressive to me. Oh, and a portion of the dashboard reflects on the front window so you don't have to look down. Not that you wouldn't want to look down because the fully digital dash is so beautiful to look at that I may have wiped a tear from my eye. Haha, enough about the caddies. I swear I'm not affiliated with them but the cars are honestly beautiful in every way. Ok, maybe not the price but that's a whole other conversation.

The fashion show, food, people, and music were great! We used a video booth with props that made a video of us in slow-mo as we threw confetti in the air. Lots of laughs on that one, haha! We sat on the third row from the side of the runway and caught a local HLB member sitting on the other side with her husband. Waved and then met up during the intermission. For my first fashion show adventure, I've gotta say I had a fantastical time with great folks! Thanks again Jihane for the invite and Cadillac for the fun evening!

SUNDAY | A much needed rest day happened. I've been doing something almost every weekend for a month and chores needed to happen. And not just basic chores, it was heavy duty cleaning time. After cleaning I worked on getting rid of shit I no longer use or care for. I filled up a massive trash bag with crap I should have trashed sooner and packed five other bags of shit for goodwill. Caught up on some more TV shows and called it a night with some delicious enchiladas verdes!


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  1. The Tim Burton Art Exhibit Looks so cool
    I'm actually going to a Tim Burton Theme Restaurant next month can't wait

    1. Tim Burton themed restaurant? Whatttt? I wanna go! Take me with you, haha!

  2. That Cadillac event sounds awesome! Have you ever been to the Houston Auto Show? I got lucky enough to cover it for my blog and got to drive A TON of different cars. I swear I would test drive cars just for fun if the sales people weren't so pushy and require contact info for follow up, lol.


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