Thursday, October 13, 2016

Weekend Snapshots | 41


Today's #WeekendSnapshots is brought to you by a replica of the bejeweled relic Saint Felix that we found in the back of the Magic Garden at the Texas Renaissance Festival. That's right, I finally visited the Texas Renfest. I've lived in Texas since I was about five years old and never visited the Renfest. Thankfully, I have legit freaking homies and Jessica hooked me up with some passes for the first weekend. Of course, I took homies like Jihane, her son and brother, and my sister. All who have already visited at least once. 

SATURDAY | I started the weekend with Jihane and her kiddo at the East End Gallery for the "Crazy Reality" Tim Burton tribute art exhibit. We are both big fans of Tim Burton and his awesome movies so this was a big deal for us. My favorite was, of course, Nightmare before Christmas and Batman! But I loved how creative all the artists were with their designs. We spoke to the curator and she told us it took her a few years to pull this show off mainly because she had to locate the artists. I figured it was all Houston artists, but she surprised the hell out of me when she said it was worldwide artists who reached out and asked to join this show. As usual, I bought three prints because I'm all about helping the little guy/gal, plus, I couldn't walk away empty handed with so much creativity around me!

This exhibit started October 7th and ends October 22nd. If you haven't already been, please, go check it out soon because it really is a great exhibit with so many good pieces! The days left are October 14th 6pm - 9pm, October 15th 1pm - 6pm (*Kids day), October 18th 12pm - 7pm, October 21st 6pm - 9pm, October 22nd 7pm - 11pm (*closing). Visit their site and their Instagram for more!

Afterwards, we ate at Bohemo's next door and headed towards the Heights for some antique shopping. Not that we were going to buy, cause we're poor Latina's 😂 but it doesn't hurt to look. We stopped at AG Antiques on 19th & I loved it! We saw lots of cool shit that I wanted to take home but couldn't so I did the next best thing. Took pictures of it, haha! Visit my Flickr album for more pictures! And then we needed a snack to continue functioning so we went next door to Maryam's Cafe. I can't remember exactly what my drink was called but it was AMAZING. It had pineapple in it and some banana and some other noms!

SUNDAY | Texas Renfest happened and I loved it. It was a big deal that we stayed till the end so that we could see the fire dances and the fireworks. I can't tell you how happy I am that we stayed because the show was so freaking cool! We ate a German burger, chips, and funnel cake because you can't go to a fest and not have funnel cakes. Am I right? LOL!

I've got some sweet video of Dennis (Jessica's husband) doing some demo's for us but I don't have it edited yet. You can totally hear my excitement and nerdiness in the videos and it cracks me up! Will work on that later and post it! Check out the rest of the videos on the Flickr album here!


I tried to keep the chatter to a minimum because there a crapload of pictures below but y'all know how much I love to talk, haha!


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  1. How have I not commented on this post, lol?!? Those TRF burgers are a wonder to behold, right! I'm so glad ya'll were able to make it out to faire and enjoy the festivities - we'll definitely have to do it again!


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