Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Weekend Snapshots | 40

Taken by my sister, Gaby

Today's #WeekendSnapshots is brought to you by the sweet skies and the beach condo we stayed at in Galveston Island, Texas. In recent years I haven't visited much but it's mostly been because the water creeps me out. This weekend was no different as my scary ass did not get in the water. Thankfully there was a pool and two jacuzzi's at the beach condo so I enjoyed some time there.

FRIDAY | The ladies and I (Mama Carrizo & my sister) have been working hard on not letting our PCB tan go away. So, of course, we set up a trip to our closest beach, Galveston Island. We left work, packed the truck, and off to another Boluda vacation we went. I was excited because my sister and I might sleep on bunk beds and I don't really think I've ever slept in bunk beds as a kid. Turned out the room we got had two rooms and then the bunk beds. I chose to sleep with Mama Carrizo as I usually do so the bunk beds were untouched. We stayed at the Seascape Rentals far west towards the state park and loved how peaceful it was. Not to mention the service was on point!

The moment we arrived it felt like our problems/stress disappeared. We were all smiles and I loved it. I guess that's the reason why vacations are so important. They allow us to relax and think about the now rather than the shit we have to get done for work or whatever else might be demanding in our lives. We arrived late so we picked up some pizza and called it a night.

SATURDAY | I started my morning with a beautiful view of the beach. Granted, Galveston's beach isn't the prettiest I've seen but just hearing the waves and seeing the sky makes it beautiful to me. We stayed on the top floor so our view was pretty sweet! We tanned it up as usual but it was somewhat of a cloudy day so we were a bit bummed. We left the beach early to head towards downtown where sometimes they have live bands. Plus, the stores down there are cute! We visited Gracie's & Bungalow Dry Goods in downtown on our last visit and loved all the goodies so we stopped there again. We did some more walking and saw that there wasn't a live band but they were playing Labyrinth on a big blow up screen. We watched a bit of it from afar and then headed towards food because hungry! We stopped at Fisherman's Wharf Seafood Grill and even though our table was dark AF, we had a great time. I ate the best-fried tilapia and rice I've ever had in my life with a super cold Saint Arnold's Lawnmower while my mama had the same thing but grilled and my sister had some crab concoction, haha!

SUNDAY | We woke up early to make sure we got some sun in. The day started off a bit cloudy but it slowly cleared up and the tanning began. It was also very windy this weekend but I think it had something to do with the cold front we had come in. It made the sun bearable so no complaints from us. I started to feel a little crappy after we checked out so I fell asleep in the sun, haha!

We went on a walk on the seawall and checked out some souvenir shops where I saw the turquoise sign below which I thought was cute. Mama Carrizo also posed for us on a bench and we took selfies, as usual. We then visited Beachtown which is far east and were shocked at how clean the beach was in that area. But we were bummed that even if we wanted, we couldn't post up there due to their being no bathrooms. What's the point of a public beach if there's nowhere to do #1 & #2 if you are inclined to do so? ☹

On our way home, we stopped at Zoe's Kitchen for dinner and our weekend ended. As usual, I'm happy to have these two ladies in my life. Not only for these Boluda vacations but for the support they provide me with and the million laughs! ❤


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 Taken by my sister, Gaby

Taken by my sister, Gaby

Taken by my sister, Gaby


  1. You know I love all 3 of you!! And, you ladies have some serious tans!!LOVE THEM! Love this post.

  2. Your mom sounds like so much fun! I know Galveston's beaches aren't the prettiest in the world, but I'm never going to complain about being a 45 minute drive away from the ocean!


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