Monday, October 31, 2016

Weekend Snapshots | 44

Today's #WeekendSnapshots is brought to you by Finnashit and his visit to the vet's office. He became BFF's with all the humans he interacted with and was very attentive to the commands his mama gave him. The way he acts sometimes makes me think we're blood. He can be stubborn like me and so freaking friendly with strangers, like me. Haha!

SATURDAY | Visited the vet with the turd nugget. There a lot of pictures of our ride there because I can't get enough of his cuteness. When the vet walked in she looked at him and said, "OMG, what kind of pup are you with those long legs and crazy hair." I laughed cause everyone kind of says the same thing when they see him. I told her how folks keep telling me to get his hair cut and how I just can't bring myself to do it. I mean, what if his hair doesn't grow the same? What will I do without my Swiffer pup?

Incase you're wondering, nothing was wrong with the kid. We went for some vaccines and to get more info on a grill cleaning. When you eat turds (and anything else you can find) daily, your mouth will get yucky and since he's an affectionate kid.. the grill must be cleaned in order to kiss on me.

I met up with Mama Carrizo and my sister for some shopping and grub! We hit up our usual places and found some really sweet deals. One of the things we saw at Kirklands that I think I'll have to go back for was a cow canvas. I don't know what my fascination is but it could be the crazy ears and the big ol' snout they have but it's something I want in my casa! We ate at an Italian place in Sugar Land and although the grub was legit, the service could have been a bit better. Which was surprising cause Mama Carrizo and I had been there before and loved the service. 

SUNDAY |  Chill day. Finished some laundry, bathed the kids, moved some shit around in my room, and studied. Yup, I enrolled in an online course that I hope to pass with flying colors. More on that a little later when I'm a bit more comfy with the class. It's sooooo much reading and even though I love to read, it's definitely not all that interesting. Ha!

I ran out of the tea I typically use for my sweet milk tea but I found a decaffeinated kind in the pantry so I tried that. Loved it mucho more since caffeine kills my head. That may be another reason why I don't do coffee. 😬 Don't judge me! Anyways, I drank it in my new glass TX mug I got at HomeGoods.. or was it Marshall's? Ah, who cares. They both take alllll my money. 😭


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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Wordless Wednesday | Leana Little

click images to enlarge 😀
I have four dogs, of course my carpet is full of hair, haha!

Monday, October 24, 2016

Weekend Snapshots | 43

Today's #WeekendSnapshots is brought to you by some books I was recently gifted by one of my biggest cheerleaders. I'm sure I don't have to go into detail on how important it is to have a good support system in the bad AND good times, right? Books are Soar by June Cotner, Good things are happening journal by Lauren Hom, and Read this till you believe it by M. H. Clark (links are affiliated).

SATURDAY | I slept in big time. I don't mean like till 10 or noon. I mean like until 1:30. Last week had been rough on me and I couldn't get to bed before midnight. That means I needed a major recharge of my batteries. After waking up and being a bit lazy with the kiddos (see Finnashit & his sister being super lazy below), I got up and started doing things around the casa.

I stopped by Target for some goodies and found Bullseye, the Target kiddo, was feeling the Halloween spirit as he stood over the dollar area! Which btw, I didn't get any pictures but there are a ton of Halloween stuff for all ages! Yup, I totally bought some!

I also stopped by Space Montrose, you know it's my favorite, for some Houston graphic tees they posted about recently on Facebook and to see Genevieve Santos who was doing live drawings. I totally would have got one of me but there were some cute little families waiting so I bought a cute AF pin and a sticker from Genevieve instead! Stopped by the greeting cards section cause it always cracks me up. There are some really sarcastic people out there, haha!

SUNDAY | I met up with the HLB admin team at the delicious Maryam's Cafe in the Heights. I'm not 100% sure they let pups inside, but I know they have water bowls outside and I found a doggie section in the menu!

Our meet up was to discuss adding a new member to our admin team. But before that even happened, breakfast was order and served! The grub was legit! but it's a bit pricey and the place can get a bit packed! We talked a bit more about our mission with HLB and where we want to focus our energy in this coming year. We had a fantastical first year and I think this second year is going to be mucho fun filled with a ton of new experience! Check out that last shot. The three of us wore graphic shirts without even discussing it, haha!


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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

The Paper Files | October Giveaway w/ Bre

Today’s #ThePaperFiles is brought to you by friendship. Paper love friendships! I admit that when Bre and I met up at the Paper Source for this giveaway, we couldn't come up with a theme for the month (Halloween theme could have worked if this giveaway was earlier in the month 😬 ) so we decided on just going with the flow and not having a theme. But after taking the picture of the card above and checking out the rest of the goodies, I'm considering making this month's theme.. Friendship & Paper! 😁

Bre and I met on the interwebs through her blog and our acceptance of being nerds. Paper is definitely one of those nerdy things and Bre loves paper as much as I do so our friendship grew from there! This is Bre's second paper giveaway with me and also it's her birthday month. Yes, go harass her on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. The plan was similar to the one from earlier this year. We walk around once for the giveaway and once for us 😉  After our first roundabout, we decided to walk over to Barnes & Nobles to check out their Moleskine (affiliate) notebooks and the rest of the paper goods. We made our purchase and went back to Paper Source where we made our final purchase 😜  Last but definitely not least, we stopped at Sweets for tasty treats and a sweet milk tea!

Back to theme.. so the card is obviously in reference to your closest friend. I think the goods we purchased for this giveaway meet them perfectly as it's somewhat of a complete paper starter set with a little positivity! Check out the goods below!

Number Uno: Fortune dispenser by Knock Knock (affiliate) - 100 tickets

Number Dos: Adjustable book pocket with zipper - Black - 8-1/2" x 6" - Perfect for writing goods & paperclips

Number Tres: Ban.do sticky note set (affiliate) - 8 different notes

Number Cuatro: Up, Up, and Away journal - 160 lined pages - Elastic band - Back pocket

Number Cinco: You my sidekick for life greeting card by Jolly Awesome - Blank inside

Number Seis: Ban.do compliment pencils (affiliate) - 10

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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Weekend Snapshots | 42

Today's #WeekendSnapshots is brought to you by this delicious slider I had at the Cadillac Fashion show on Saturday. I've never been to a fashion show so there were a lot of ooh's and ahh's from me. Thanks to Jihane for the sweet invite to this event and for getting to drive a freaking Cadillac in style!

FRIDAY | Yup, I went to the "Crazy Reality" Tim Burton tribute art exhibit, again! And, I'm not ashamed to admit it.  I was there for two reasons. Get a specific print and find out how much a different piece cost. The print I had to have because I couldn't stop thinking about is this one by Sarah Parallel (double tap photo to see Sarah's IG) which is a metallic print! I must find it a badass frame immediately! The piece I wanted to price check was the colorful, paint splattered Oogie Boogie (affiliate) from A Nightmare before Christmas (affiliate). Sadly, it was sold so the price made no difference to me. But just so you know, it was $100 😬

Check out the seven prints I came home with that really, really need frames. Like, legit frames not that cheap shit because these creative prints are worth being in a unique frame. See more of the work from this exhibit on my Flickr album here.

SATURDAY | I met up with Bre at the Paper Source for #ThePaperFiles giveaway purchase. We walked the place and then we walked over to Barnes & Nobles. It was hot and it was far, but we made it 😂  After walking around there, we made some purchases and back to the Paper Source we went. We made another purchase and then hit up Sweets because duh! and we called it a day. That giveaway post should be up this week if my procrastination doesn't get the best of me.

I met Jihane and a few ladies in Midtown where we checked in and were given a choice of a Cadillac to drive. The ladies weren't interested so of course, I volunteered because I love to drive. Especially a Cadillac Escalade! It had my attention from the moment I jumped in the driver seat. The marketing rep that rode shotgun told us a bit about the new 2017 Cadillac Escalade and we (or maybe just me) drooled. I was geeking out hard at all the things she told me were in the car I was driving. Like for instance, there's a cooler in the freaking armrest! The rearview mirror flips into a damn HD screen showing you five full lanes behind you. Five, y'all! That's super impressive to me. Oh, and a portion of the dashboard reflects on the front window so you don't have to look down. Not that you wouldn't want to look down because the fully digital dash is so beautiful to look at that I may have wiped a tear from my eye. Haha, enough about the caddies. I swear I'm not affiliated with them but the cars are honestly beautiful in every way. Ok, maybe not the price but that's a whole other conversation.

The fashion show, food, people, and music were great! We used a video booth with props that made a video of us in slow-mo as we threw confetti in the air. Lots of laughs on that one, haha! We sat on the third row from the side of the runway and caught a local HLB member sitting on the other side with her husband. Waved and then met up during the intermission. For my first fashion show adventure, I've gotta say I had a fantastical time with great folks! Thanks again Jihane for the invite and Cadillac for the fun evening!

SUNDAY | A much needed rest day happened. I've been doing something almost every weekend for a month and chores needed to happen. And not just basic chores, it was heavy duty cleaning time. After cleaning I worked on getting rid of shit I no longer use or care for. I filled up a massive trash bag with crap I should have trashed sooner and packed five other bags of shit for goodwill. Caught up on some more TV shows and called it a night with some delicious enchiladas verdes!


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Thursday, October 13, 2016

Weekend Snapshots | 41


Today's #WeekendSnapshots is brought to you by a replica of the bejeweled relic Saint Felix that we found in the back of the Magic Garden at the Texas Renaissance Festival. That's right, I finally visited the Texas Renfest. I've lived in Texas since I was about five years old and never visited the Renfest. Thankfully, I have legit freaking homies and Jessica hooked me up with some passes for the first weekend. Of course, I took homies like Jihane, her son and brother, and my sister. All who have already visited at least once. 

SATURDAY | I started the weekend with Jihane and her kiddo at the East End Gallery for the "Crazy Reality" Tim Burton tribute art exhibit. We are both big fans of Tim Burton and his awesome movies so this was a big deal for us. My favorite was, of course, Nightmare before Christmas and Batman! But I loved how creative all the artists were with their designs. We spoke to the curator and she told us it took her a few years to pull this show off mainly because she had to locate the artists. I figured it was all Houston artists, but she surprised the hell out of me when she said it was worldwide artists who reached out and asked to join this show. As usual, I bought three prints because I'm all about helping the little guy/gal, plus, I couldn't walk away empty handed with so much creativity around me!

This exhibit started October 7th and ends October 22nd. If you haven't already been, please, go check it out soon because it really is a great exhibit with so many good pieces! The days left are October 14th 6pm - 9pm, October 15th 1pm - 6pm (*Kids day), October 18th 12pm - 7pm, October 21st 6pm - 9pm, October 22nd 7pm - 11pm (*closing). Visit their site and their Instagram for more!

Afterwards, we ate at Bohemo's next door and headed towards the Heights for some antique shopping. Not that we were going to buy, cause we're poor Latina's 😂 but it doesn't hurt to look. We stopped at AG Antiques on 19th & I loved it! We saw lots of cool shit that I wanted to take home but couldn't so I did the next best thing. Took pictures of it, haha! Visit my Flickr album for more pictures! And then we needed a snack to continue functioning so we went next door to Maryam's Cafe. I can't remember exactly what my drink was called but it was AMAZING. It had pineapple in it and some banana and some other noms!

SUNDAY | Texas Renfest happened and I loved it. It was a big deal that we stayed till the end so that we could see the fire dances and the fireworks. I can't tell you how happy I am that we stayed because the show was so freaking cool! We ate a German burger, chips, and funnel cake because you can't go to a fest and not have funnel cakes. Am I right? LOL!

I've got some sweet video of Dennis (Jessica's husband) doing some demo's for us but I don't have it edited yet. You can totally hear my excitement and nerdiness in the videos and it cracks me up! Will work on that later and post it! Check out the rest of the videos on the Flickr album here!


I tried to keep the chatter to a minimum because there a crapload of pictures below but y'all know how much I love to talk, haha!


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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Weekend Snapshots | 40

Taken by my sister, Gaby

Today's #WeekendSnapshots is brought to you by the sweet skies and the beach condo we stayed at in Galveston Island, Texas. In recent years I haven't visited much but it's mostly been because the water creeps me out. This weekend was no different as my scary ass did not get in the water. Thankfully there was a pool and two jacuzzi's at the beach condo so I enjoyed some time there.

FRIDAY | The ladies and I (Mama Carrizo & my sister) have been working hard on not letting our PCB tan go away. So, of course, we set up a trip to our closest beach, Galveston Island. We left work, packed the truck, and off to another Boluda vacation we went. I was excited because my sister and I might sleep on bunk beds and I don't really think I've ever slept in bunk beds as a kid. Turned out the room we got had two rooms and then the bunk beds. I chose to sleep with Mama Carrizo as I usually do so the bunk beds were untouched. We stayed at the Seascape Rentals far west towards the state park and loved how peaceful it was. Not to mention the service was on point!

The moment we arrived it felt like our problems/stress disappeared. We were all smiles and I loved it. I guess that's the reason why vacations are so important. They allow us to relax and think about the now rather than the shit we have to get done for work or whatever else might be demanding in our lives. We arrived late so we picked up some pizza and called it a night.

SATURDAY | I started my morning with a beautiful view of the beach. Granted, Galveston's beach isn't the prettiest I've seen but just hearing the waves and seeing the sky makes it beautiful to me. We stayed on the top floor so our view was pretty sweet! We tanned it up as usual but it was somewhat of a cloudy day so we were a bit bummed. We left the beach early to head towards downtown where sometimes they have live bands. Plus, the stores down there are cute! We visited Gracie's & Bungalow Dry Goods in downtown on our last visit and loved all the goodies so we stopped there again. We did some more walking and saw that there wasn't a live band but they were playing Labyrinth on a big blow up screen. We watched a bit of it from afar and then headed towards food because hungry! We stopped at Fisherman's Wharf Seafood Grill and even though our table was dark AF, we had a great time. I ate the best-fried tilapia and rice I've ever had in my life with a super cold Saint Arnold's Lawnmower while my mama had the same thing but grilled and my sister had some crab concoction, haha!

SUNDAY | We woke up early to make sure we got some sun in. The day started off a bit cloudy but it slowly cleared up and the tanning began. It was also very windy this weekend but I think it had something to do with the cold front we had come in. It made the sun bearable so no complaints from us. I started to feel a little crappy after we checked out so I fell asleep in the sun, haha!

We went on a walk on the seawall and checked out some souvenir shops where I saw the turquoise sign below which I thought was cute. Mama Carrizo also posed for us on a bench and we took selfies, as usual. We then visited Beachtown which is far east and were shocked at how clean the beach was in that area. But we were bummed that even if we wanted, we couldn't post up there due to their being no bathrooms. What's the point of a public beach if there's nowhere to do #1 & #2 if you are inclined to do so? ☹

On our way home, we stopped at Zoe's Kitchen for dinner and our weekend ended. As usual, I'm happy to have these two ladies in my life. Not only for these Boluda vacations but for the support they provide me with and the million laughs! ❤


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