Monday, September 12, 2016

Weekend Snapshots | 37

Today's #WeekendSnapshots 37 is brought to you by my visit to the movies on Sunday! Before I get into my weekend, I'd like to take the opportunity to do a little dance in celebration of my procrastinating ass finally coming back into the blogosphere! I went on a ten-day vacation with Mama Carrizo and my sister and had a freaking blast. I hope to have those pictures edited and uploaded soon. No promise on dates, though! 

SATURDAY |  Mama Carrizo, my sister and I discussed going to Galveston Island in hopes of getting more sun to keep our tan but nothing was set in stone. Until Mama Carrizo said, "Yeah, we're going to the beach Saturday to spend the day but before that, you and your sister are going to the dentist." I'm sure you can imagine the look on our faces but whatever Mama says, goes. I figured if we had some serious work done, we wouldn't be going anywhere but that was definitely not the case.

My sister got some shit done and then I got some X-Ray's done. I'd like to announce that I'm pretty damn proud of myself and my grill. Doc said I have no cavities! I do need to go in for a deep cleaning, have two wisdom teefs pulled and possibly braces. Again! I knew when I had two of my wisdom teeth pulled on the same side that my teeth would move but nooooo, that dentist thought it would all work out fine. I've gotta make sure my trademark grill is pretty, y'all, so I'll be getting work done very soon.

After our almost four-hour visit to the dentist, our drive to Galveston started. I think since we spent ten days in Panama City Beach that we are totally beach snobs now ! 😂 I mean, G-Town has nada on PCB, but the sun is still there for that tan we wanted to continue working on. We didn't get in the water because um, you can't see shit, there's been all sorts of reports on TV lately & it's scary AF! We tanned, chatted, grubbed on some tasty empanadas they both made, and then when the sun started setting we showered and drove to downtown Galveston. 

I'm working on using more film cameras than digital so that was more or so the reason behind hitting up downtown. We walked around and did a little shopping along with taking silly pictures of us! When we were done, we drove back to the seawall where we stopped at a pizza joint to grub. The beauty below is a Green Peace Pizza with tomatoes, artichoke hearts, and spinach! It was delicious!

SUNDAY | It was a super chill day! I woke up around noon and remembered that Labyrinth (affiliate) would be playing in theaters for two days at two different times for its 30th anniversary! I looked it up on my phone (while I was still in bed) and bought my ticket through Fandango. I'm an 80's baby and even though I was only two when this came out, it was one of my favs from the first time I watched it. Not to mention, it was one of those movies that I watched many, many times as a kid. I own it on DVD (affiliate), but getting a chance to watch it on the big screen was even better! 

If you're a fan, the next day it'll be available is Wednesday the 14th. I reserved a seat and I sat between a child that wouldn't stop moving and a guy who smelled like he had swam in his cologne 😂 Yeah, I went alone but I wasn't going to let either of these crazies turn me off from watching one of my childhood movies!

Side Note: How freaking cute are these Funko POP! vinyl toys of the characters in Labyrinth? Ludo is definitely my favorite, but look at Sara and worm. Then there's big headed ass Hoggle, Jared and a Hot Topic Exclusive Jared in white! (all links are affiliates),


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Taken by my sister!

Taken by my sister!

Taken by my sister!



  1. This looks like you had a great weekend :) I love spending time with my sisters (I have 3).

    I love your blog and just started following along with you on bloglovin. I would love a follow back!

    xo Nicole

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Nicole! Totally following you back! Hope you're having a great Hump Day!

  2. OMG, I can't believe your Mom was like, "Surprise!! Dentist time, ladies!" But at least that was followed up with the beach - I for one love Galveston. I know it's not very pretty, but I'm never going to complain about being a 45 minute drive from the water. We thought about buying a house on the island, but the commute would've been too much to handle for Dennis.

    1. I'm glad she followed it with a family adventure, otherwise I don't think we would have been to pleased with her, haha!

      I used to love Galveston growing up! My parents loved taking our camper to the Island state park and posting up many weekends in the Summer. I guess I just become to concerned with the water and the people that I haven't really been there in a while.

    2. Oh, don't get me wrong, I'm terrified of flesh eating bacteria!!! Statistically it's rare, but it's always in the back of my mind, lol.


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