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The Paper Files | Pipsticks

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Today’s #ThePaperFiles is brought to you by the wonderful folks at Pipsticks (affiliate)! Don't know what Pipsticks is? Here's some info taken from their website.. Pipsticks is a company found on the idea that little things can make a big difference. We know that little things that are cool and serve a purpose - even if that purpose is unadulterated fun - can rock your world and save your day. We are IN LOVE with stickers and understand their power to make you smile. We don't stand for ugly or lame and work hard to bring you simple and fun. We promise that your Pipsticks experience will be touched by happy and helpful people. 

I've known about Pipsticks for a few weeks now but didn't make the plunge until last week. The reason why I finally did it was because they were celebrating two years spreading the sticker love and I knew I had to be a part of it. And I'm so glad I signed up because I got my goodies this past Monday. I was having a crappy Monday due to some bad news and opening my mailbox and seeing these goods totally put a smile on my face. And for that, I am super grateful!

Maureen is the head honcho of Pipsticks and has a story that most of us sticker lovers can relate to. This is what a part of the about page says about herAs the head honcho of Pipsticks, I know my stickers. Growing up, I walked with my parents to our neighborhood gift store once a week where they let me choose one square of stickers. This square was cut from the many rolls hanging on the wall, packaged in a glassine bag and carefully carried home to join my collection in The Sticker Book. I lived for it.

I know technically these aren't considered paper but they're in the paper world. What would paper be without stickers, right? I remember as a kid I had a few albums full of stickers and it was a huge deal to me. Today, as a 32-year-old, I still have sticker books that I won't use because I don't want to 'waste' them. Strange how the hoarder brain works, right? 

It's my understanding that because it was their two-year celebration, they threw in more goodies for everyone. That means that I'm not really sure what the usual packs look like but I think the quality of these unique stickers is definitely on point. From the envelope the goodies come in, to the cute letter (seen above), details are a priority for these folks & you won't regret signing up.

Below are some pictures of my pack and the info so you can join in, too!

How funny that I posted something very similar on my Instagram a few days
prior to receiving my  sticker pack, haha! See it here.

Sorry for the glare 😩

These five are my favorite! 😍

Bummed there isn't a Boxer in the dog pack but I love that it was included with such realistic kiddos! You gotta love Elvis stickers, although, I'm not too sure how to use them yet.

I can't say no to sweets or fluffy animals. I have a feeling these will be hoarded for sure, haha!

So there are four subscriptions you can sign up for. Two for adults and two for kids because kids get to have a little fun, too, right? Haha! For Adults: Pro Club Classic at $14.95 includes 15+sheets, a postcard, and a quote card - Pro Club Petite at $9.95 includes 7+ sheets & one mini quote card. For kids: Club Classic at $14.95 and it includes 15+sheets, a postcard & 4 sheets of craft pape - Club Petite at $9.95 includes 7+sheets & 2 sheets of craft paper. This includes FREE US shipping with an additional $3 for international shipping. Not a bad deal, right?

Best part is that you're not locked down for months at a time. You can sign up on a month to month basis and cancel whenever you'd like or even switch the sub you have. You can also visit their Shop page and purchase different packs at a different price but hurry because they are limited.

Oh, and one more thing! If you sign up for the newsletter not only do you get updates on what's going on at Pipsticks, but you get FREE printables!

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