Friday, September 16, 2016

One Month Without Her

Our last day together ❤
Today marks one month since I had to say see you later to my best friend who crossed the rainbow bridge after being by my side for ten years. This feeling I've had inside since she's been gone is like no other. I've had furkids pass away in the past, in fact about two years ago I had my oldest furkid pass away. And although it did hurt and every time I looked at her daughter for the following months I was incredibly sad, the pain was nothing like the one I've been feeling for Jay.

The adoption of Jay wasn't supposed to happen. I went out one Saturday back in 2006 to purchase a couch. I went to a few places and then sort of gave up and ended up at a place called Trader's Village which is very similar to a flea market. I wasn't all that familiar with this place so when I saw the area with the dogs, I rushed over to get those lovely puppy breath kisses.

Baby Girl was too small to jump on the bed. See that missing toe? ❤
Jay was in a crate next to her brother. They were identical with reversed coloring. Jay was a reversed black brindle Boxer which meant she was black with brown stripes and her brother was brown with black stripes. They both had white socks, docked tails, and were super sweet. The lady who bred her mama told us that a lot of folks had overlooked Jay because she was a black Boxer (I swear she's mixed, though) and also because she had a missing front toe. Apparently, Jay's mama had taken the toe at birth or something like that. 

Knowing that no one wanted Jay made me want her even more. I handed over my cash, filled out some paperwork, and took my girl home. Instead of spending on a couch, I used my money on the adoption fees plus a crate, toys, dog food, and a sweet pillow for her. Jay was my first pup as an adult living away from home. The bond I had with her was like no other I've had with an animal. Of course, as a pup, she chewed on shit but she was housebroken immediately and that made me super happy. As those who have adopted puppies know, the task of housebreaking can be very difficult and it tests your patience like crazy, haha!

Jay loved her toys & never had an issue sharing ❤
Jay was the perfect companion for me. She learned commands fast and even understood Spanish. Mt favorite was Beso (kiss) which thrilled me like crazy! We had mostly ups but there were some rough times that I wish I hadn't put her through. Like splitting up with the guy I was with when I adopted her and how he was convinced she was his. I remember picking her 70 lbs ass up and running to my car with her during a fight with him, haha! Adrenaline and momma instincts don't play, y'all!

Jay was a huge fan of nap time! ❤
It's strange going from five dogs to four. I know it might seem weird for me to say that because a dog pack is a dog pack but it's weird not calling her name to come eat. Or to see her bowl in the Kitchen. Or the farts. Ohmygod, that girl loved to crop dust the house 😂 I also realized that I don't think I could ever have one or two dogs. I love the idea of a pack and how no matter what room I move to, my pack is there with me. Helps me feel like I'm not alone when E goes on his bike adventures.

No clue how old this is but this is us! ❤
Putting my girl down is definitely in the top five hardest things I've ever had to do. Her last night with me was spent eating Whataburger while we reminisced of the adventures we've had in the past! I cried a lot that night and hoped that she understood how much I loved her. The next day was rough for us. Mama Carrizo & my sister met us at the clinic. I want to thank the amazing folks at The Sugar Land Pet Hospital who not only helped Jay cross the bridge but were there for me and my family. I love this place because you can see and feel how much they genuinely care for your pack. This is important to me since I consider my pack my children.

Before she crossed the rainbow bridge I went over her life in my head. I had done this a few times prior but it just seemed to be so much more important once we were in there. I don't know if she knew what was going to happen but I did see a change in her eyes. As if she was ready and understood it was time. I certainly wasn't ready but I couldn't allow my emotions to be selfish with her life.

The tattoo my sister and I got a week after she passed. ❤
I've been in love with dogs since I was young kid and I've been advocating for them for at least the last 5 or so years. I imagine I will always have a special place in my heart for Jay and her memory will make me tear up (as it has during this post), but I believe I did great by here. I think Jay was one of the luckiest dogs on the planet. She did what she wanted and showed me so much love. No kid could ever replace her or the time we spent together. I hope to see her again one day. I can picture seeing her dopey face and the wiggle butt and my heart melts, haha!

Thank you for your love and companionship, Jayla! I'll love you forever!
See you later, nena!

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