Wednesday, September 28, 2016


Today’s #ThePaperFiles is brought to you by this silly little notebook. It's part of September's giveaway in this series, plus mucho more! If you're a list maker, this book would work perfectly for you and it doesn't just have to be for your to-do lists. What I like about this notebook is that each page is perforated so if I had to tear a sheet out, the page wouldn't look crappy from yanking it through the spiral ring! Back to the lists, I read a post over on The Bitchy Business Briefs where Sharon shared her list of five things that are not on her list. We should all have a list or two of things we are not going to do. Her list has No TV on it and No Ironing. I can totally back up the no ironing, but I'm not sure I can let go of TV 😂  I did let go of cable a few years back, though! Haha!

For September's giveaway, I teamed up with Anel from Lestage & Co! Anel is a Latina mama to three, wifey, Designer & children Photographer. Ah, and she's a paperhead! Anel and I have known each other for a little under a year as we met through the Houston Latina Bloggers gracias HLB! From becoming friends on the interwebs to seeing what she shared or showed love to, I learned that she was a paperhead, too! So, of course, I had to send her a message and ask if she was down to join me in this months #ThePaperFiles! Find out more about Anel by following her design Facebook, Lestage & Co. and her photography Instagram!

On to what you're really here for, haha! Below are some goodies that Anel & I liked for this month's giveaway! Picture heavy, as usual!

Number Uno: A cute To-Do Kraft notebook - 6" x 4-1/2" - Perforated pages - Lined pages

Number Dos: 2 sheets of stickers by SN@P - One page with words & one page with stickers resembling washi tape

Number Tres: Four 4" paperclips - Two gold & two blue

Number Cuatro: One rubber stamp - "You're so thoughtful!"

Number Cinco: Two birthday cards - Donuts 😂  "Have a yummy birthday" on the front & "and a year filled with sprinkles." on the inside. The other is beer with "Cheers to you" on the front & "Happy Beer-Day!" on the inside.

Number Seis: Perfect zipper bag for pens, pencils and gum - 11" x 5" - "Don't quit your daydream"

Number Siete: Three watercolor wash notebooks - 8" x 5-1/2" - Lined pages - Pink, Blue, & Purple

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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Weekend Snapshots | 39

Today's Weekend Snapshots is brought to you by The Shack Burger Resorts unfinished restroom deco. I imagine if they continue up the wall, it'll be a sweet finished project! Aside from this wall, something else that stood out to me in this bathroom was how clean it smelled. It's not something you run into everyday in public restrooms, yanno 😩

FRIDAY | I rarely include Friday but I'm including it because Finnashit and I took a cute picture on the couch and as a proud dog mama, I must share it 😍 I worked half a day because I was still feeling crappy from the teeth extractions I had Wednesday. If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook (shameless plug 😉), you'd know that I had a killer clean on my grill and removed my last two wisdom teeth on the left side of my grill. Doc gave me like 16 shots inside my mouth, y'all 😟 But I survived it even though I still can't chew properly and I'm getting these killer headaches, I'm glad I got this done. I wonder if I'm dumber, though, since I have no wisdom teeth 😂

SATURDAY | I met up with the lovely Jihane and her kid, Sean, at Canyon Creek Cafe for Frito pie. If you're not familiar with Jihane, she was born in England and raised a little there and Venezuela. So she's a British Latina and yes she has the accent. In English, not Spanish like some folks think, haha! Anyways, she's been living in Houston for 6 or so years and there are plenty of nomtastic foods that she hasn't had a chance to try. One of them beingFritoo pie and since Anthony Bourdain mentioned it in a show she was watching, she decided to give it a try. So we ate and chatted and of course I had breakfast tacos. It looks awfully good but it wasn't the best I've ever had. On a happier note, the fruit was on point! 

Afterwards, none of us were ready to go home so I introduced them to Space Montrose, one of my favorite artisan stores in the H! (Read more about my visits here, herehere, and here.) The best part of this store is obviously the goodies for sale but what I enjoy the most is how friendly the staff is. From the moment you walk in to the moment you leave you are greeted or you'll hear a have a great day! Y'all know I'm a stickler for good customer service so this place makes me smile! We bought some goodies and then off we went to our casas. On the way home, I saw a wall with some art and snapped a shot because art!!

When I got home I checked the mail to be surprised with more snailmail! I swear the TacoGear and SewBonita folks are the bestest! Not only am I supporting small businesses by showing them love & buying from them, but I've gained the owners as friends and for that I am grateful! Thank you Elena and Gerald for being awesome folks!! So my package came with the sweet taco bag I bought from TacoGear made by SewBonita and a ton of stickers because it makes my paperlovinghead happy! Oh, and a taco lover pin! Ah, I love these people!! 

SUNDAY | Woke up early to take a ride north to Conroe for some bike races. Got some donuts to fill my facehole because nothing can be done with a cranky Shankasaurus! Spent pretty much all day taking pictures and recording some cool stunts on what is used as a BMX track but for this day it was just regular ol' racing! Bought a tostada from the food truck and was highly disappointed with it. It's like this weekend didn't provide me with great tasting food but maybe a lot of it may have been due to my mouth not feeling 100%.

Rain was threatening us all day but it didn't show up until the ride home. Storm clouds always amaze me so of course I take pictures of it. This one is pretty trippy and even more so when you're driving towards it. Dinner was at The Shack Burger Resort and I was not disappointed. Granted I didn't eat the entire burger but what I did eat was amazing. I had the Fireman burger and was so hungry (since my tostada sucked) that I didn't even take a picture! The burger had fried freaking pickles, y'all! Haysoos!! Ended up taking half home for Monday's dinner, haha! Gotta think ahead y'all!


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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

The Paper Files | Pipsticks

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Today’s #ThePaperFiles is brought to you by the wonderful folks at Pipsticks (affiliate)! Don't know what Pipsticks is? Here's some info taken from their website.. Pipsticks is a company found on the idea that little things can make a big difference. We know that little things that are cool and serve a purpose - even if that purpose is unadulterated fun - can rock your world and save your day. We are IN LOVE with stickers and understand their power to make you smile. We don't stand for ugly or lame and work hard to bring you simple and fun. We promise that your Pipsticks experience will be touched by happy and helpful people. 

I've known about Pipsticks for a few weeks now but didn't make the plunge until last week. The reason why I finally did it was because they were celebrating two years spreading the sticker love and I knew I had to be a part of it. And I'm so glad I signed up because I got my goodies this past Monday. I was having a crappy Monday due to some bad news and opening my mailbox and seeing these goods totally put a smile on my face. And for that, I am super grateful!

Maureen is the head honcho of Pipsticks and has a story that most of us sticker lovers can relate to. This is what a part of the about page says about herAs the head honcho of Pipsticks, I know my stickers. Growing up, I walked with my parents to our neighborhood gift store once a week where they let me choose one square of stickers. This square was cut from the many rolls hanging on the wall, packaged in a glassine bag and carefully carried home to join my collection in The Sticker Book. I lived for it.

I know technically these aren't considered paper but they're in the paper world. What would paper be without stickers, right? I remember as a kid I had a few albums full of stickers and it was a huge deal to me. Today, as a 32-year-old, I still have sticker books that I won't use because I don't want to 'waste' them. Strange how the hoarder brain works, right? 

It's my understanding that because it was their two-year celebration, they threw in more goodies for everyone. That means that I'm not really sure what the usual packs look like but I think the quality of these unique stickers is definitely on point. From the envelope the goodies come in, to the cute letter (seen above), details are a priority for these folks & you won't regret signing up.

Below are some pictures of my pack and the info so you can join in, too!

Monday, September 19, 2016

Weekend Snapshots | 38

Today's Weekend Snapshots is brought to you by a flying BMXer at this year's HTX Bike Fest in Downtown Houston. We expected it to be hot but the sun was not playing Saturday and made sure we knew it. By the time I was done and in my car, I was drenched in sweat. It was worth it, though!

SATURDAY | I received my Sewbonita goodies on Friday! A Chismosa shirt in red and a Chingona iPhone case because small biz is my shizzle and the owner, Elena, is a fantastical human! So since I had these goodies, I knew I had to wear them on my Saturday outing!

I hit up the HTX Bike Fest at Market Square Park in Downtown Houston. I should have bought a Sewbonita or TacoCreative hat because the sun was ALLLLLL in our faces. I was super duper hot and drenched in sweat, I can only imagine how the vendors were feeling. 😩 It looked like a great turn out, though. From the vendors to the folks attending and boy were their smiles everywhere. Oh, and lots of pups were out there with their humans!

After the bike fest, I rushed to Tout Suite in Memorial City Mall for a sweet milk tea and some sweets. Now that I've made my own sweet milk tea, I like mine way better, but I'll still stop for the sweets, haha! I walked over to Target on a search for TMNT goodies for Connie's son's 7th birthday. I didn't plan on spending much but I sure did walk out with a $70 receipt. Target did it to me, again. 🙁

Off to the birthday shindig I went. I'm mad that the HLB co-founders and I didn't get a selfie. Jihane, her son Sean and I went in on some grub since we got their early. We don't play when it comes to being hungry, yanno? Haha!

SUNDAY |  House chores! I like to get them done Friday night since I'm not a big going out person or Sunday. This week turned out to be Sunday since I went out Friday. I cleaned the casa, did some laundry, watched some more Ray Donovan and then it was play time. Play time to me is sitting in front of my Mac. 😀 I pulled out my Silhouette (affiliate) from hibernation and started to work on something. Yvonne, an HLB member, recently started doing some t-shirt designs and totally motivated me to try it. I've had my machine for a few years and haven't made too many projects but I'm determined to change that! Stay tuned for some t-shirts (affiliate) I'm making. I swear you'll crack up, haha!

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Friday, September 16, 2016

One Month Without Her

Our last day together ❤
Today marks one month since I had to say see you later to my best friend who crossed the rainbow bridge after being by my side for ten years. This feeling I've had inside since she's been gone is like no other. I've had furkids pass away in the past, in fact about two years ago I had my oldest furkid pass away. And although it did hurt and every time I looked at her daughter for the following months I was incredibly sad, the pain was nothing like the one I've been feeling for Jay.

Monday, September 12, 2016

Weekend Snapshots | 37

Today's #WeekendSnapshots 37 is brought to you by my visit to the movies on Sunday! Before I get into my weekend, I'd like to take the opportunity to do a little dance in celebration of my procrastinating ass finally coming back into the blogosphere! I went on a ten-day vacation with Mama Carrizo and my sister and had a freaking blast. I hope to have those pictures edited and uploaded soon. No promise on dates, though! 

SATURDAY |  Mama Carrizo, my sister and I discussed going to Galveston Island in hopes of getting more sun to keep our tan but nothing was set in stone. Until Mama Carrizo said, "Yeah, we're going to the beach Saturday to spend the day but before that, you and your sister are going to the dentist." I'm sure you can imagine the look on our faces but whatever Mama says, goes. I figured if we had some serious work done, we wouldn't be going anywhere but that was definitely not the case.

My sister got some shit done and then I got some X-Ray's done. I'd like to announce that I'm pretty damn proud of myself and my grill. Doc said I have no cavities! I do need to go in for a deep cleaning, have two wisdom teefs pulled and possibly braces. Again! I knew when I had two of my wisdom teeth pulled on the same side that my teeth would move but nooooo, that dentist thought it would all work out fine. I've gotta make sure my trademark grill is pretty, y'all, so I'll be getting work done very soon.

After our almost four-hour visit to the dentist, our drive to Galveston started. I think since we spent ten days in Panama City Beach that we are totally beach snobs now ! 😂 I mean, G-Town has nada on PCB, but the sun is still there for that tan we wanted to continue working on. We didn't get in the water because um, you can't see shit, there's been all sorts of reports on TV lately & it's scary AF! We tanned, chatted, grubbed on some tasty empanadas they both made, and then when the sun started setting we showered and drove to downtown Galveston. 

I'm working on using more film cameras than digital so that was more or so the reason behind hitting up downtown. We walked around and did a little shopping along with taking silly pictures of us! When we were done, we drove back to the seawall where we stopped at a pizza joint to grub. The beauty below is a Green Peace Pizza with tomatoes, artichoke hearts, and spinach! It was delicious!

SUNDAY | It was a super chill day! I woke up around noon and remembered that Labyrinth (affiliate) would be playing in theaters for two days at two different times for its 30th anniversary! I looked it up on my phone (while I was still in bed) and bought my ticket through Fandango. I'm an 80's baby and even though I was only two when this came out, it was one of my favs from the first time I watched it. Not to mention, it was one of those movies that I watched many, many times as a kid. I own it on DVD (affiliate), but getting a chance to watch it on the big screen was even better! 

If you're a fan, the next day it'll be available is Wednesday the 14th. I reserved a seat and I sat between a child that wouldn't stop moving and a guy who smelled like he had swam in his cologne 😂 Yeah, I went alone but I wasn't going to let either of these crazies turn me off from watching one of my childhood movies!

Side Note: How freaking cute are these Funko POP! vinyl toys of the characters in Labyrinth? Ludo is definitely my favorite, but look at Sara and worm. Then there's big headed ass Hoggle, Jared and a Hot Topic Exclusive Jared in white! (all links are affiliates),


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