Monday, August 15, 2016

Weekend Snapshots | 32

Today's #WeekendSnapshots 32 is brought to you by Remidog laying on the guest bed also known as GranMama Carrizo's bed. She won't be happy about it but Remidog obviously gives no eff's so whatever. Speaking of no eff's and being a badass.. don't forget to enter to win a t-shirt & cute cloth bag from Sewbonita right here! The giveaway ends soon but you can still use houstonbonita for 10% OFF your first purchase! Annnnnnd, #ThePaperFiles August giveaway with Jihane is almost over, too, go see!

SATURDAY |  La Vaquita, crema Mexicana (Pasteurized Mexican style cream) has been very present in my life these days. I like to put it on my tacos and flautas... two delicious plates I have pretty often. 😂  Someone told me they put it on white rice and I was shocked that my love for white rice had not led me to this discovery sooner. Sunday night's flautas at home confirmed it! It is indeed delicious & you should try it! 😋

I went to the mall this weekend for something other than LUSH (I still stopped there, though, LOL). It's rare for me because I'm a huge online shopper and small boutique type store shopper... but eh, Tout Suite opened up a bit ago and I was interested in checking it out. The first one is quite a drive for me so this was quite convenient. I honestly wasn't sure what to try so I went with the Club and fries. Not the best shot but I was hungry so it needed to be fast. Something else I tried was their sweet milk tea and it was very tasty! So tasty I went and bought the ingredients for it Sunday 😛  Oh, I also bought two macarons as dessert! No clue what they're called but one of those was supposed to be fruity pebbles. There were lots of folks in line so I passed on changing it because I knew they would be heaven no matter what. And you know what? It totally was. 😍  I ran some other errands and headed home since it's been rainy and just crappy in the H these days. 

SUNDAY |  I have a few art prints in a closet at Casa de Reed that I haven't framed. I'm not good with picking picture frames. Usually, I go with the basics, black border. I don't look into different colored frames because I typically don't know where the print will end up. I bought a 4-pk of these black frames and put some prints in them. The Texas prints have been in the closet for a few months whereas the Jermaine Rogers piece was purchased on Friday at Space Montrose. I've been following him on Facebook for a while so it was a nice surprise to see his art in a store I adore. I'm not 100% sure the frame choice I made for these is good but it'll do for now. At least this way I can put them up & I can see them every day!

So, like I said above, I looked up a recipe (thanks, Cuppoa Cocoa!) for the sweet milk tea and hooked myself UP after a visit to the grocery store. Annnnnnnd, I made some badass chicken flautas with vaquita (cheese), avocados, white rice and charros (beans). Charros, ya'll! See picture below!!! It was one of the most amazing homemade meals I've ever made which haven't really been too many. 😒  I was am so proud of myself . The discovery of how easy they are to make with the ready-to-grub chickens at the grocery store changed my life. What? You didn't think I baked the chicken and shit, right? 😂

IKEA magazine arrived and I've already started bookmarking shit and adding it to my wishlist. I really want a new living room set... these damn #reedtasticpups never let us have nice things. Speaking of those mutts, I used the LUSH Cosmetic Warrier for the first time Sunday. Finnashit was very concerned and wanted to lick my face so badly. Ingredients consist of fresh garlic and fresh free range eggs but I swear it smells like Tea Tree oil, which is also an ingredient. Don't let the garlic freak you out, though. I read the title of an article once that said it was good for breakouts 😂

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