Monday, August 1, 2016

Weekend Snapshots | 31

Today's #WeekendSnapshots 31 is brought to you by Bolthouse Farms 1915 organic cold-pressed drinks. No, this is not an ad or a sponsored post. I actually heard about these from OnixJ. Check out her review here and look for some at your local grocery store. I wasn't looking for them because I didn't think the grocery store I was at would have them. But then while looking for some organic veggies, I saw the bottles. I bought two to check them out and so far I'm enjoying them. Except the grapefruit in this one is a bit too much for me...

SATURDAY |  I've been going to sleep too late during the week and not sleeping all the way through the night so this weekend was a good for me to recharge my batteries. I started reading a book that a friend recommended called American Gods (affiliate) by Neil Gaiman. It'll be out as a TV series soon so I wanted to read about it first. See the trailer below.

I met my sister at Jerry Built burgers for her first visit. If you're in Houston, I totally recommend them. The service is really great and so is the food. My obsession is their fries and their Blueberry Lemonade. No picture of the grub because we were too hungry. 😂 Saturday was my big girl, Jayla's, 10th birthday. She celebrated the same way she has the last couple of years... sleeping with no eff's given 😂 Something new in Casa de Reed since Jay has gotten older is a dog gate between our Kitchen and the rest of the house. The reason for this is because she can't hold her bladder the same way as her younger butt used to. So to keep the wood floors in good shape and make it easier on me for cleaning, we bought a gate. She doesn't seem to give a crap about it. She's got her bed in the Kitchen, water bowl and the floor stays nice and cool. The kids that are having a hard time adjusting are the boys. They love to be in the mix at all times and can no longer do that. They'll get over it!

SUNDAY | Aside from doing some reading, I'm also catching up on some good shows. I finally caught up to season two of Mr. Robot and trying to finish season two of Ray Donovan so I can catch up already. Both are really good shows that I definitely recommend. Mr. Robot's first season took me by surprise. A lot of things were not as they seemed, unlike Ray Donovan where everything is expected. I left the casa once to get the kiddos some food and to get me some food. I edited some pictures for this week's post (stay tuned for two giveaways this week) and continued to recharge my batteries!

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  1. I'm going to read more of your post, but had to jump down to the comments because OMG, American Gods is one of my FAVORITE books - so, so, so good!!!

  2. your weekend sounds so relaxing! and those puppy faces :)


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