Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Weekend Snapshots | 30

Today's late post is brought to you by this amazing Colombian hot dog that I had the pleasure of experiencing at the Beer, Beats, & Bikes event by Make A Shift on Saturday! It was like 400 degrees outside and we were on our bikes trying to survive -facepalm-

FRIDAY | Another bike ride in the books. This time, it was Crucial Matter's 3rd-anniversary ride. Both E & I represented small businesses in Texas by pimpin' a Taco Gear (me) & The Brewed Dude (E) shirt. I swear we didn't plan the green shirt thing!! We both packed our bike gear at different times & it just so happened we both picked green shirts. Consider checking out both links for sweet apparel. Taco Gear has a 10% OFF code for your first purchase, use 'houstontaco'.

I met Pikachu at the CM after party and then watched him get tossed in the air while a very talented female blew fire at him. And that's when Pika lost his tail 😆  but these things can happen at a party when you're a Pikachu and everyone is playing Pokemon Go so who's really at fault here? 😂

SATURDAY | E left early to ride the trails with the guys so I slept in a bit. It was nice but not nearly long enough.  The plan was to meet at a friends house to park and ride our bikes to Raven Tower where the BB&B event was being held. After hooking the bike rack up to Fancy's butt and getting all my gear ready, I realized I was missing some dogs. Long story short, I spent almost an hour trying to get two of the kids back to my backyard because terriers are little shits. 

I finally met up with E and we rode out towards the event. We were not two blocks from his friend's casa when his friend's chain broke. After trying to fix it, the three of us headed back to the casa to get another bike. Yes, that's a normal thing when you're a bike aficionado. You just have multiple bikes! Mind you during all of this, we had to deal with the crazy heat that had taken over Houston. It was sickly hot outside, y'all! 

Our arrival at BB&B was a super late one. The event was from 11-3 and our late asses arrived at like 2:40. Broke my shop-small-business heart. We did get some shirts and stickers from Stateline Designs, bought the delicious Colombian hot dog that I'd never had (check out this recipe), chatted with some folks (& handsome Max the Pom with blue hair) and checked out some sweet art by Jon Garner (artboy designs). We rode another thirty minutes to Axelrad for pizza and refreshing drinks. Oh, and the sweet hammocks. Yes, the sweet hammocks that we napped on.

SUNDAY | Typical morning with the boys on the bed. It's funny how it works out, though. Finnashit is always by my chest and Remidog is always by my feet. Neither of them fight over the location of the bed until I wake up and they feel the need to swarm me with slobber. 

We're still making up for some Mama Carrizo birthday shenanigans so I went over there to hang out. We did some shopping and some grubbin' (as usual) but we also talked to my aunts through Facebook messenger's video chat. It was crazy because when I arrived at mom's, I could hear my sister and mom talking super loud into what looked like the middle of the breakfast table. When I saw that they were on a video call, I ran to get in it, too. 😛  It's always funny when I talk to them or they see pictures of me on Facebook (which is a rare occurrence) because they all remember me as a little 6-month-old baby & always remind me of it 😁  Mama Carrizo hasn't seen her 6 sisters in over thirty years and they're all technology challenged. So this was the first time seeing and talking to each other. Big deal, right?

Our shopping adventure was entertaining as usual but we realized we forgot our #boludaselfie when I had already gotten home. Bummer. What I did take a picture of was this hilarious fries backpack. There was a pizza one, too. No taco backpack, though ☹️ 

Oh, and I bought my first Kat Von D beauty product. I'm not sure if you should be more alarmed that I bought something from Kat Von D or that I bought a beauty product. 😂  The two ladies I work with talk about makeup a lot and occasionally I'm interested and I ask questions. As you know, I'm not a makeup person so the questions are pretty minimal. But I did remember talking to them about Kat Von D's liquid lipstick (affiliate) and them telling me the two colors that would look good on me. We ended our adventure with dinner at this one place that has given us (me) not so good service twice now. I typically keep my cool, but the food doesn't always end up being stuffed in my face hole and that's a major bummer.

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  1. Love these!!!! I love your bike ride posts, you inspire me to bike ride...maybe not but you rock at it!! ahaha.


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