Monday, July 18, 2016

Weekend Snapshots | 29

Today's #WeekendSnapshots is brought to you by the 8th Wonder Brewery container tagged with Brewston on it. This weekend I visited three Houston breweries, but I didn't have beer at all three. 😩 You know what I could have done without, though? The crazy freaking heat. I've sweated more this weekend than I have in my entire lifetime. I'm totally exaggerating, but you get what I mean. 

FRIDAY NIGHT | It's been about a month since I've been on a bike. The last ride I went on was #EastSideBikeRide Graffiti Ride in June where E and I broke off with some friends and ended up needing to be saved by John. Read about that adventure here. That's also the weekend I did my first and only spin class which makes me feel like I totally gave up/forgot about cycling. Thankfully, East End Bike Ride came through again and I got to redeem myself. No, really. We did 28ish miles starting at 7PM and we didn't get home till about 1:30PM. I was freaking exhausted. 

The start is always at D&W on the East Side. First stop was Buffalo Bayou Brewing Company, which I'd never been to or heard of. The line was massive for beer so I didn't get to try it. The second and last stop was City Acre Brewing Co. So before I continue let me tell you a bit about us and this ride. This is our third or fourth ride with ESBR. The last ride we did (mentioned above) we had to break off because we were starving but the plan was to follow all the way through with this ride. E got a flat somewhere between the first and second stop and of course when he yelled at me, I didn't hear it, so I kept on going. It wasn't until we got to a light that I checked my cell and saw that he'd gotten a flat and would catch up later. So I basically rode by myself for a good chunk of miles of this ride. Yeah, I'm pretty damn proud of myself. Get this, though. E got to the last stop before any of us did and ordered food and drinks. Maybe we should always do this so that there's a guaranteed spot to sit with food and drinks haha! Check out those tacos (second pic) from City Acre Brewing. Freaking ah-mazing!

SATURDAY | There are no pictures of Saturday because it was laundry day and errand day LOL! E went on a ride with friends that took almost all day and I woke up late because I barely survived Friday's ride haha! I bought this new gadget that arrived Saturday and I'm really excitamated to share with y'all. Thing is, I haven't been able to make it work properly, yet! Will tell ya more about it once I get it to cooperate with me.

SUNDAY |  We woke up early to get some miles in before #DJScrewDay at 8th Wonder Brewery. We met John there at 8:30AM and rode to get breakfast. The place we wanted was closed even though Google told us it opened at 8 so we ended up going somewhere else. Luckily, we stumbled across a place called Double Trouble Caffeine & Cocktails with the Doughmaker Doughnuts truck sitting outside. We hit them both up and even got a dollar off all of our orders from the Doughmaker for being on bikes! #winning After breakfast, we rushed back to 8th Wonder to get in line. We waited 45 minutes for out glass and beer and it was totally worth it. We drank, met new people, laughed and overall had a fantastical time. I also got the chance to meet Donkeeboy and take a picture with him. The picture came out blurry but E took a few of us chit chatting so that's the one I posted haha! First 300 people were given a screw to put in the interactive art piece and I was thrilled to be a part of it.

It was a beautiful day but the heat was ridiculous! I drank three beers and didn't feel them. I'm guessing it was all the sweat that helped me on that 😂 We hung out at 8th Wonder for a bit and then rode to Axelrad/Luigi's Pizzeria for our favorite pizza and then it started raining. Rain in the Summer of Houston means it's practically a sauna. Kind of how it is today since it just rained. I'm sure you can imagine we were completely drenched in sweat by the time we got back in our truck to head home.

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Taken by P. James

Taken by J. Roque


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  1. Your post took me away from my crazy day...and I can appreciate this. Reminds me of just hanging out and having a super-duper day with beer, bike riding, and eating, Oh and a DJ! what a perfect day! Looking forward to hearing about your "excitamated" soon!


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