Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Weekend Snapshots | 28

Today's #WeekendSnapshots is brought to you by a beautiful Friday sunset on the lake. I know that lately it's been more Weekend Snapshots posts than anything else but I'm planning on making it up this month with some fun new posts. I'm working with a couple brands that I absolutely adore. Plus, this month's #ThePaperFiles giveaway with Onix J Healthy Living will be awesome so please stick around!

SATURDAY THURSDAY | My short vacation and weekend started Thursday so we shall start there. Some crazy shizzle happened at work (of course it did) so I didn't leave as early as I planned to. By the time I got home, E & our friends were packed up and ready to hit the road for our mini vacation away from the crazy that is adulthood. Thanks to my tardiness, we didn't arrive at our destination in Kingsland until 1AM. Not that big of a deal because we typically like driving there at night. Less folks to deal with on the road, yanno? We did stop at Buc-ee's for potty breaks and snacks, though. I mean, it's a must according to E.

FRIDAY | We woke up late. Duh! We hit up the grocery store, ate some sammiches, and put our bathing suits on. Margaritas were made, pool was clean, and the weather was perfect! We were really excitamated because another couple would be joining us soon. With such busy lives, it can be a bit difficult to keep up with those you consider friends. Hell, most of the time they are considered familia. With good things happening to us all in our lives, it was the perfect time to enjoy some time together. 

SATURDAY | According to my husband, I was awaken by the smell of frijoles coming from the AC vent that hit me directly in the face. Okay, so I totally remember sniffing the air while I had my eyes closed. What can I say, I freaking love food. Plus, Vince was making it and dude can put it down in the kitchen. I'm sad I didn't get a picture of my tacos because they were unreal but I did get a picture of the food before it was on my plate. My breakfast tacos are typically not very big, not this time, though. I made it a point to fill them bad boys up and didn't leave anything behind haha!

While hanging out on the dock and eventually getting into the lake, we saw lots of boats go by with 4-legged kiddos. That definitely put a big smile on my face. There was one that had like six labs on it. The happy look on their faces was priceless! After having lots of fun in the lake & the pool, Vince hooked us up with big ass steaks and baked potatoes! Yum doesn't even cut it, y'all!

SUNDAY | The day our mini vaca came to an end. 🙁 After cleaning up and making sure we had everything packed, we left for Houston. But not before we stopped at Whataburger 😍

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