Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Weekend Snapshots | 27

Today's #WeekendSnapshots is brought to you by Leana Little & our red barn. Nothing special about this picture. I followed her around the backyard for some good shots and this was the outcome, haha! I typically follow Finnashit around but he thinks he's fancy and didn't want to be out in the heat. Smh.

SATURDAY |  I woke up early and hit up two of my favorite thrift stores. It would have been three but for some reason one of them was closed -shrugs- I bought a cute 12-piece plate set for $10 and laughed at tons of other things I found. Sometimes you find more junk than you do good shit but it's still an adventure. 

After the thrifting adventure, I went off to find graffiti around the city. I ended up in areas that were new to me in Houston and others that were far too familiar. I took tons of pictures but I was too lazy to edit them this weekend. Yeah, I know.. three day weekend and no editing? It was a very laid back weekend for me. Seems like these three-day weekends end up with me not doing a damn thing. Not even biking. I'm not comfortable riding my bike by myself nor am I even able to get it out of the hooks on the garage ceiling. So yeah, there's that. 😂 

Another first for me this weekend was finally trying Tout Suite. I've heard so much about it and have seen it all over my Instagram feed that I added it to my Wunderlist. (Wunderlist is an app that also works on your browser, that lets you make lists for different things going on in your life. I have a list of places I want to visit in Houston. It's helped me discover places like Space Montrose and Tout Suite.) So I stopped by TS and ordered Huevos Rancheros+Mimosa+Macarons! Yes, I get down like that! I really enjoyed the environment and the service. Everyone was pretty nice and helpful and y'all know how important food customer service is for me! Speaking of, I had a bad experience at another restaurant Sunday that made E & I walk the hell out of there. More on that in a bit..

SUNDAY | Tis was a lazy Sunday for me. I did some house chores and caught up on some Wayward Pines and that was about it. E & I went to try out a restaurant that I've been meaning to hit up because tacos but it most definitely did not get our money because it lacked service. Had the place been super packed, I would have understood but it was not packed and I made eye contact with the waiters multiple times. We ended up walking out and heading over to Chuy's, which has my favorite strawberry margaritas!! I don't know what it is about them there but they are amazing! That last dish after the cut is NOT mine. It's what my fatty husband decided to order which ended up as leftover because we don't say no to enchiladas in our casa!

Nothing was done on Monday. The entire weekend was packed with crazy loud noises from fireworks and the kiddos were just not having it. Remi takes out his frustration on the KONG, Finnashit follows me around, Leana trembles like crazy, Jay sleeps it away, and Chula doesn't give a shit as long as she gets to be on top of me at all times. The life of a Dog Mama, haha!

Congratulations to Roxy from Grrfeisty for winning #ThePaperFiles June Giveaway with me, Momma of Dos, & Coppelia. Stay tuned for this month's giveaway with Jihane!

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  1. Did you go to Tout downtown? you know they opened one in Memorial City (doubt that it's any closer to you). Anyway I had a Cuban sammich there Friday and OMG. Also, they're sister stores with Sweet so you know the desserts are ON POINT!

    1. Yeah, I went downtown cause I was graffiti exploring and because I didn't know the Memorial one had opened LOL! It is way closer to me than the downtown one, thankfully! I had a feeling they were related cause the Fruity Pebble tasted very familiar LOL


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