Tuesday, July 19, 2016

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Disclosure: This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Taco Gear & Momma of Dos.
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If I told you that Momma of Dos and I met while enjoying some tacos, would you believe me? I could go on and on about her trying to get me to try these different colored salsas and then a debate over what tortilla is the best but I'd be lying. We totally didn't meet whilst enjoying tacos, although, we have had a ton of them since we've met 😂

Meet Gerald Flores, photo by DustinAshcrat.com
I see you checking out our taco gear so let's talk tacos, shirts, and Gerald, the founder of TacoCreative. He reached out to us because he saw all the tacos we eat and how we can't stop talking about them. Gerald loves tacos as much as we do so we figured this was a fantastical opportunity for us to be BFF's! Gerald runs a one man show over at TacoGear. He's been a graphic designer for the last 10 years and of course a taco lover since birth. He can and actually does eat tacos almost every day for breakfast (my favorite), lunch, and dinner. I'm so jealous! One day, while looking for a taco shirt, the idea to start his own apparel hit him like a ton of bricks! The idea came mostly from not finding a well-designed taco shirt. He says most of them were overdone jokes with bad designs so as a designer and lifelong taco lover, he launched his own taco apparel company. 

He told me (and it stuck with me) that in today's market, it's so easy to launch a shirt design or online e-commerce business. And I totally believe him! I mean, I've wanted to design my own shirts since I was in the fourth grade and we screen printed some shirts in Girl's Scouts 😂 But I just haven't had the guts to do it. Gerald said I could pick his brain anytime so one of these days, Shankasaurus might surprise y'all with some sweet shirts! Enough about me, let's get back to Gerald. He used to be an amateur magician which makes him smile and makes me giggle! He performed for many years at private events and held semi-annual productions at his local theaters. Oh, yeah, did I mention he's from the Lone Star State? Yup, he's from Corpus Christi and part of the Texas Taco Council. Yes, this is totally a thing! Texas Taco Council has a book coming out in September. Preorder here now and get $5 off!

Something else Gerald said that stuck with me was his favorite motto, "Write down every single idea you ever have. If it's not a genius idea now, it might be later." How perfect is that for me to hear, you know, a paper lover who likes to jot random things down? 

Fun fact about Gerald: He has a huge passion for collecting custom-designed playing cards. He currently has over 300 different desk designs that come from all over the world. This passion sparked an idea for him that he's hoping will happen late this year/early next year so definitely follow Taco Creative's networks to see it first!

The last thing we talked about that completely sealed the BFF-ness was when I asked him what his favorite taco was and he said... drumroll, please... Tacos al-freaking Pastor, my ALL time favorite! He said as perfect as these tacos are, they mean nothing if the tortilla is not good. The tortilla makes the entire taco and I couldn't agree with him more. He tops off his taco with some delicious salsa and the trifecta is amazing!

It's not just shirts that Gerald has in his TacoGear apparel. He has cell phone cases, hats, bags, tanks and even onesies!

Gerald is such an awesome taco BFF that he's hooking you up with a discount on your first purchase over at TacoGear.com Use code: houstontaco at checkout to get a 10% off your purchase. Expires 09/21/2016 (end of Summer). AND, he's offered to give away a TacoGear t-shirt to one of my lucky readers! YAS!!! Visit the widget below to enter to win and don't forget all of the extra entries ;) Giveaway is for US Residents only and will run from Taco Tuesday, July 19th 2016 to Taco Tuesday July 26th, 2016. ;)

Buy your taco apparel at TacoGear.com and follow Gerald on his many taco adventures.

we laughed, we ate, we conquered - Houston Latina Bloggers in love with Tacos!!
Shout out to the bestest blogger assistant, Camila, one of Connie's Dos! ❤


  1. Fajitas with all the toppings...yum

  2. double corn tortillas, beef fajitas extra doradas, cebollita con cilantro, y un chin de limon (mouth is watering as I type)

  3. I want marinated fajita beef. Lettuce, tomatoes, limon, guacamole

  4. Fajita & Avocado!<3

  5. Fave tacos, hands down: tacos de pastor - de trompo! With avocado & queso cotija.

  6. veggie tacos are my face! mostly breakfast, but anything with avocado/guac is amazinggggg


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