Monday, June 27, 2016

Weekend Snapshots | 26

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Today's Weekend Snapshots are dedicated to el grande, Lionel Messi. Thank you to all of the AFA team, including all the coaches, water boys, etc. I want to thank the players for the fantastical job they did in this year's Copa America. We didn't win it, but for the second straight time in a row, we had the Chilean folks nervous. We also helped drop a lot of countries in order to get to the final. We can't expect one player to carry a team.. no matter what the sport is.. and yet everyone is steady blaming the GREATEST futbol player in the world. I understand, though. Easier to blame one than to blame all. True fans know the truth and will continue to support the team and players. Hearing that Messi is hanging his Argentina jersey broke my heart this morning. It's not like the guy hasn't wanted this forever. Hell, it's not like WE haven't wanted this for HIM. I'm sorry to see you leave, Messi, but I do not blame you. I won't believe it until there's a legit announcement.

SATURDAY | Mama Carrizo celebrated her 69th birthday at her casa. It was a BBQ patio birthday and although my sister and I were worried about the heat..  it actually didn't turn out so bad. Mama Carrizo recently finished a lot of work to her backyard. She has done an amazing job (her and my sister) and it's so nice to see her backyard dream finally becoming a reality. 

Mama had a few of her friends over and along with E, we invited our friend John. They both ended up on the grill which was cool because that gave Mama a chance to mingle. Plus, they both did a fantastical job! By the end of the night, Mama had a full tummy and looked genuinely happy! Happy Birthday again Mama Carrizo!

SUNDAY | E joined a bike race at HAM Cycles with a few of his buddies. I met them up there and while the guys were on a race, John and I hit up Jus Mac. I ordered the Pitmaster and John ordered the Buffalo Chicken. It is my understanding that the Pitmaster is the second favorite choice by many... and I've gotta say I wasn't all that impressed. Seeing as how this was my first meal of the day, you'd think I would have devoured it. Yeah, totally didn't happen. It wasn't bad, though. It just really wasn't anything crazy good. I'll be back for sure to try some more of their goods because I freaking love mac!!

E didn't finish the race. He had too many odds against him like getting a flat tire and some other shit. But at least he'll be better prepared for next year. First and second place won some badass bike frames so E is really ready for next year, haha!

After sweating like crazy, I went home to get ready for the Copa America final. I don't have cable and the Spanish channel wouldn't cooperate so I signed up for a Sling TV 7-day-trial to watch the game. This meant I had it open on my Mac and my iPhone for those moments when I had to go check on the laundry or step outside with the dogs. I wasn't planning on missing such an important game.

I worked on some laundry and totally planned on working on some posts (#ThePaperFiles are late again, should be up tonight. Fingers crossed!) but the game kept me from doing a lot. We may have lost but we're all still very proud of our team. If Messi is truly retiring, I am incredibly glad to have been able to watch his second to last game in our beautiful Argentinian jersey. Thanks for the memories!

After the game, I needed good news so we watched the finale of Game of Thrones Season 6.. if you haven't watched it, don't look at the last picture after the cut!!

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Taken by @chegabys

Taken by @chegabys



  1. I'm not a soccer fan, but when I got the AP Mobile alert that Argentina lost, I almost txted you to make sure you were getting through things okay. Other than that it sounds like you had a great weekend! Happy Birthday to your Momma, and since I don't watch GoT (yet) that meme means virtually nothing to me, lol!

  2. What an awesome feast to celebrate your Momma, she so deserves it!!!! Sorry about the loss... :(


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