Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Weekend Snapshots | 25

Today's Weekend Snapshots is brought to you by Leana Little and her nasty KISS-like tongue 😂 Father's day was this weekend and the kiddos enjoyed it by laying around on their fur-daddy E.

SATURDAY | I met up with Momma of Dos and Coppelia Marie at a Starbucks first thing in the morning. This month is both of their birthdays and it's a huge number for both. Momma of Dos turns 35 and Coppelia already turned 40. Because of this, Coppelia met up with a few of her friends to discuss the changes as we grow older in various I'm turning 40 videos for her blog. I was lucky enough to record the session they did together and even giggled a few times.. which explains the shaky shot sometimes haha! 

They discussed how growing older has changed and what they realize now that they're older from when they were younger. They talked about how refreshed they feel growing older and the obstacles they've had to go through but how fantastical they feel now in their own skin. After that, we went to the Hallmark store to find paper goods for this months #ThePaperFiles giveaway! Yes!!! I hope to have that up sometime this week so stay tuned!

In the evening, E & I got all dolled up for a friend's wedding. Now y'all know Shankasaurus doesn't get fancy like that on a daily basis. By fancy I mean dresses and makeup.. but it appears that every year there is at least one wedding we're invited to (thanks, y'all) and Shankasaurus gets dressed up. Last year we went to a July wedding outside and it was soooo pretty! Read about it and check out Shankasaurus in a dress here 😂 My closet lacks dress up clothes. Think dresses, heels and skirts so shopping was a must. Of course, I hit up a thrift store for it because why not, right? I found two dresses and really loved them on me.. but I totally went with one I had from last year's shopping experience. I should have asked the husband to take a picture of me to make it legit, but yeah that didn't happen.

So back to the wedding.. it was in League City and the rain storm was crazzzzzzy. You can see below some of the cool clouds that formed that totally freaked us out. The wedding was held at a fancy resort with great service. Now we didn't stay there but we did have a chance to see a room (because charging your phone is very important) and I must say the view was amazing. Especially when the sun was setting right in the middle of the thunderstorm. The decorations were awesome and so was the food at the wedding. Even the music was on point except that one part in the beginning when the DJ mispronounced two of the bridesmaids last names eek! E and I took our photo booth pictures before we ate as we had to wait twenty minutes for them (NBD). In case you weren't sure, photo booths are a must for weddings and just overall all major parties. It gives your guests a legit souvenir and who doesn't love those? Speaking of souvenir, the bride & groom gave salt water taffy and we freaking forgot to bring ours home 😭

SUNDAY |  It was a super chill day. We did some house chores and watched some OITNB because the new season is out. Shh, we're not done so don't spoil it for me! We pretty much lounged around the casa with random puppy cuddles here and there. And, that's about it! No bike riding this weekend because rain and commitments, but I'm crossing my fingers we make up for it this coming weekend!


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  1. It's funny that we both have pictures of the crazy storm but from two different locations. We hardly got rained on when we drove back to H-town, but those clouds were menacing!!!

  2. Sounds like a great weekend! Starbucks is always a great idea early in the morning! :)

  3. Love these!! Love our adventures!


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