Monday, June 6, 2016

Weekend Snapshots | 23

Today's Weekend Snapshots is brought to you by three smiles and three thumbs up from our Tour de Taco 34 bike ride Friday night! Yes, we went on another social ride. These social rides are the highlight of my weekend so you should definitely expect them on my Weekend Snapshots!

FRIDAY |  Part of the rain squad met up for the Crucial Matter: Tour de Taco 34 in Market Square Park and we hit up three spots. We do these social rides because my ass isn't ready for anything faster. I mean, I could probably pull it off but I need to get a better bike. Single speed ain't all that for faster rides that go up and down bridges. 

Rain has been a problem since April in Houston so we didn't know if this social ride would be cancelled. Thankfully, it wasn't. But that didn't mean that we wouldn't be getting any rain. We got some rain at our first stop that was not only super cold, but it stung when it hit your skin. It didn't last very long and we were able to continue the ride. The three us ended our ride at Frank's Pizza, across the street from where we parked. It was a very fulfilling pizza, especially since it had been forever since I'd had some. 

SATURDAY |  E and I are in various Facebook groups, quite a few biking groups. During the week, E found a post in one of the bike groups where a guy was giving away a camper. There was no catch, nor was it a scam. This was a guy who no longer had the time or energy to give to this camper that him and his wife had at one point enjoyed. He was just ready for it to find a new home where it would be appreciated. E was the first to call dibs so guess what we did on Saturday? Yup, we picked up the new family member! Did I mention it was FREE?! Yas, 100% free!!

After the camper pick up, we drove to Humble to the Fajita Fest that 3twentysix and the Houston Latina Bloggers endorsed. We met up the rest of our Rain Squad and chowed down on some noms fajitas by Bullritos. I had my very first dulce de leche cupcake and it was ah-mazing. Thank you so much to BanBan's Cuisine Food Truck for the delicious experience! I also tried some elote in a cup which was good but definitely not the best I've ever had. It rained a bit but we didn't let that stop us. We all got under the massive umbrella I have and enjoyed some close convos, haha! More about this event on my recap this week!

On our way home, the sky was lit up with so many different colors and crazy looking clouds so pictures were a must. I didn't notice the plane until after I took the 48563648 pictures of the sky. Isn't it cool frijoles?

SUNDAY |  We spent the whole day at home even though we woke up early. The plan was to clean the new camper and make sure it was pretty. Not to mention, check out the flaws. I mean, it wasn't in perfect condition. It has some leaks that we hope to address soon. But it also needed to be fogged out bad thanks to the all the crazy bugs that called it home. Having this camper means my car sleeps in the driveway since we're not ready to pay for a storage yet. Especially since we don't want it sitting under the sun and this crazy Houston weather.

I'm really excitamated to see what adventures we go on with this new camper and exactly how much we're actually going to use it. If I was pumped for the weekends before, I'm thrilled for them now. Haha! I had a pop up camper with no AC growing up and I remember we'd take it down to Galveston Island State Park and post up for the weekend. Good times with my familia hanging out by the beach and grilling. Yeah, I miss those days and hope to make new memories similar to them with my husband and possibly a dog or two. No freaking way we're taking the entire pack. It would be so freaking stressful that we wouldn't get to enjoy the vaca.


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  1. That's awesome, Ariana! I can't wait to see all the adventures you go with your new camper!

  2. Your new camper was free?!? That's awesome!!! We hope to take Jack camping this summer (or maybe Fall, because hot). My SIL is an avid camper, so hopefully we'll convince her to let us tag along at least once. Jack knows all about roasting marshmallows, so he has the important part of camping down already.


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