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Disclosure: This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Original Wear Travels Aboard and the Houston Latina Bloggers. All opinions are my own.

Today I'm sharing some goodies that I received from Myriam, the owner and founder of Original Wear Clothing. As you know, I'm not a fashion blogger but I can't pass up unique goodies made by amazing artists from around the world. I made the mistake of showing Mama Carrizo and I think she's going to somehow convince me to give them to her 😂

Before I share the pictures/review, I want to tell you more about Myriam. She is a lover of fashion and traveling so it should be no surprise that she lives in Spain and has traveled to many different countries in search of unique goods. She got her first travel experience when she was at Northwood University and was hand picked to study abroad with four more students. This is how she ended up in South East Asia which allowed her the opportunity to easily walk through many new experiences.

The idea for Original Wear came to her while she was in a coffee shop back in 2009 in her hometown of McAllen, Texas. She had just returned from a year of teaching English in South Korea (how cool is that?) and loved the bustling markets of Seoul. She knew she had to somehow get these unique goods back home to her family and friends. For two years while in Korea, she put her fashion merchandise and marketing degree to use by importing and exporting many of the goods for her people in the states. But all of this started off with screen printed items and apparel. Can you believe that?

After her final year in South Korea, she moved to New York where she had the opportunity to work for several large retail clothing companies. This gave her a chance to learn how to efficiently run a profitable business. In New York, she met the man of her dreams and fellow traveling gypsy, Michael, and they later decided to change their scenery and move to Cadiz, Spain. Living in Spain has allowed Myriam to shop all over Europe, Asia and Africa to bring her clients original and affordable products from talented artists. She is able to support local artisans around the world by collecting gorgeous leather and cloth hand bags, scarves, jewelry, and home goods for us to look stylish and feel fantastical without breaking the bank.

Myriam purchases items that are so unique sometimes that she can't purchase many. She recommends that if you see something on her site that you like to buy it right away because it might not last long. The good thing about limited items is that it gives her a chance to constantly rotate her products which is great news for us!

Ask me what I love the most about Myriam!!! I love that she's a Latina entrepreneur that didn't let the distance between her country and the one she was living in to stop her from sharing the amazing goods she comes across. Y'all know I'm all about small business and shopping local.. this is BOTH in one! Just so you know, I'm sharing a lot of pictures because the detail on these goodies are my favorite!

Let's start off with this GORGEOUS purple Moroccan leather wristlet that I'm so in love with!! It's handmade dyed leather in a vintage curator style. It has one exterior zipper and one interior zipper pocket for cash/change and a few cards. There are 13 colors that are all very unique in their designs. I haven't had a chance to use it but I was able to put some cash, my driver's license and debit card, 4 business cards, pack of gum, two pens and a roller ball perfume all comfortably without it looking bulky. This is definitely something Mama Carrizo would steal from me, haha!

Pictures do this color NO justice!

Check out these details!!!

Next up is this beautiful Slice of Heaven Cuff that is on sale for $9! You have a choice of four colors of this Spanish leather imported straight from Spain that's perfect for any outfit. What I like the most about this cuff is that it has easy snap clicks (four of them) so you don't have to fuss with it or ask someone to help you put it in. Not to mention it works for wrists like mine that are super skinny. Oh, and it's sooooo freaking soft. The softest leather I've ever touched! Mama Carrizo will not be stealing this from me!!

Follow Myriam's adventures on her blog and hit up her on Instagram and Facebook for updates on new goodies! Oh, and don't forget to stop by her online shop for those unique items!


The last goodie that Myriam hooked me up with is by Mitch D'Arte. An artist who because of her upbringing was able to find a fondness and connection to all things humble which provoke emotions. She believes that there is a romanticism about old worn items that greatly deepen her connection to people of past generations and strengthen her belief in meaningful human connections. She reclaims leather belts and turns them into cuffs which is a marriage of both her past and her creative spirit. If that doesn't scream creativity then I don't know what does.

Now I I wanted this cuff to work for me because again.. I love to support local artists but my wrists are super skinny and the cuff was too big 😭 This I know will be a perfect gift for Mama Carrizo since this month is her birthday. Yeah, she didn't get a chance to see it so it'll be a nice surprise!

Follow Mitch on her various networks: FacebookInstagram, Twitter and her website.

I'd like to send a HUGE shout out to Myriam for not only having fantastical taste in goods but for providing me with such lovely items! Also muchos thanks to the Houston Latina Bloggers for the amazing connections I'm making thanks to them!

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