Friday, June 17, 2016

Review | Finding Dory

Disclosure: I was given a media pass from Momma of Dos to watch an advance
3D screening of Finding Dory. I will not be compensated for my review nor did she ask
that I make one. I just really enjoyed it & want to share!

I was 19 when Finding Nemo (Blu-ray & DVD, affiliate) came out back in 2003. I was a freaking baby compared to my 32 years now.. 32, right? Or is it 31? No, I'm sure it's 32, haha! In other words, I've been waiting (like so many others) for 13 years for this fantastical sequel. I can't even begin to tell you about my excitement when Momma of Dos sent me a message asking if I wanted a media pass for this movie. Like, Are you freaking kidding me? After dancing quietly in my seat at work, I replied with a OMG, YAS! and I composed myself to continue adulting. Adulting really is hard stuff, yanno?

Before I tell you the plot and what not, I want to share with you some information about the short film before the movie, called Piper. It's a short film by director Alan Barillaro and he spent three years crafting the six-minute short, using cutting-edge technology. It's a heartwarming and shockingly realistic short film that I really wish had lasted a little longer.

The dialogue-free film follows a baby bird as it learns to brave the shore and feed itself, making a friend or two along the way. It all started with an animation test based on the cute sandpipers Barillaro would see on his morning Bay Area runs. With encouragement from Pixar chief John Lasseter and Finding Dorydirector Andrew Stanton, Barillaro set about turning the visuals into a story. Barillaro has been working in Pixar's animation department since the days of A Bug’s Life—but as part of the Pixar shorts program, he was encouraged to take “daunting” technical risks on this new short.

Check out a teaser below.

Finding Dory is set one year after the events of Finding Nemo. Ellen DeGeneres is back as the super funny and spunky sidekick fish who is still suffering from short-term memory loss. The movie is all based on Dory locating her family, which she lost some time before we first met her in 2003. With many flashbacks from her past and some from Finding Nemo, you'll definitely get the crazy feels. Baby Dory is the cutest fish ever and those flashbacks might make you wonder who is cutting some onions in the theater, haha! See more here

I enjoyed seeing some of the same characters from Nemo's movie and I totally fell for all the new ones! There's a nearsighted whale shark, Destiny (Kaitlin Olson) and her nervous beluga whale neighbor, Bailey (Ty Burrell) who cracked me up. Hank (Ed O'Neill) is an ornery octopus that totally helps Dory out in the sweetest way even if he doesn't seem like it at first. Oh, and two super lazy seals voiced by Dominic West and Idris Elba!

And, Crush is back! You remember him, right? He's the cool frijoles turtle!

All in all, it's a great movie and I'm so glad I was given a chance to watch it early. I might be going again this coming week with my coworkers because this movie is really all we've been talking about for the last two weeks, haha! I'm also in the works of buying some Dory goodies and by works I mean they are in my Amazon cart and all I need to do is check out. If it weren't for these adulting bills, though 👎 

Santiago, Sean, me and Camila - Photo by Momma of Dos
Here are some links to some of the goodies you can buy and just so you know, if you use my link I do receive a small compensation from Amazon.. so definitely hook me up so I can keep bringing you fun posts like this one!

Finding Dory is out in theaters now!
Remember that you don't need a kid to watch this.. I mean, there's a kid in all of us when it comes to Pixar movies, no?

P.S. Don't forget to stay for the after-credit scene!!

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