Tuesday, June 28, 2016

The Paper Files | June Giveaway W/ Connie & Coppelia

Today’s #ThePaperFiles linked me up with Connie from Momma of Dos & Coppelia Marie. Both ladies are June babies and paper heads! The ladies and I met up at Starbucks for a chit chat and a fun video. Coppelia has this video series on her blog where she chats with a few of her friends who are in their 40’s or heading there. That’s where Connie comes into play. Connie will be 35 on June 29th and Coppelia wanted to share where they both stood as she has already turned 40 this month.

After the video, we walked over to Hallmark (one of my favs) and picked out some goodies reflecting getting older and two things that would make any grown up smile. Guess who picked those things out? ME! A laugh is good no matter what age you are, right? Haha! So here we go..

Number Uno: 1976 & 1981 Remember When.. A nostalgic look back in time by seek publishing.

Number Dos: Now You’re 40 - Milestones & Memories for your generation by Brandon M. Crose by Hallmark

Number Tres: Oh, crap. Was that today? calendar notepad by Shoebox.

Number Cuatro: Dr. Seuss quotes & messages for friends, family & coworkers with stickers by Hallmark

Number Cinco: Seize your Dreams (affiliate): Inspirations to follow your heart by Dodinsky. Embrace your dreams! by Hallmark

This month's card is a birthday card (seen above) for that special someone in your life by Shoebox 😂

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Monday, June 27, 2016

Weekend Snapshots | 26

Not my image
Today's Weekend Snapshots are dedicated to el grande, Lionel Messi. Thank you to all of the AFA team, including all the coaches, water boys, etc. I want to thank the players for the fantastical job they did in this year's Copa America. We didn't win it, but for the second straight time in a row, we had the Chilean folks nervous. We also helped drop a lot of countries in order to get to the final. We can't expect one player to carry a team.. no matter what the sport is.. and yet everyone is steady blaming the GREATEST futbol player in the world. I understand, though. Easier to blame one than to blame all. True fans know the truth and will continue to support the team and players. Hearing that Messi is hanging his Argentina jersey broke my heart this morning. It's not like the guy hasn't wanted this forever. Hell, it's not like WE haven't wanted this for HIM. I'm sorry to see you leave, Messi, but I do not blame you. I won't believe it until there's a legit announcement.

SATURDAY | Mama Carrizo celebrated her 69th birthday at her casa. It was a BBQ patio birthday and although my sister and I were worried about the heat..  it actually didn't turn out so bad. Mama Carrizo recently finished a lot of work to her backyard. She has done an amazing job (her and my sister) and it's so nice to see her backyard dream finally becoming a reality. 

Mama had a few of her friends over and along with E, we invited our friend John. They both ended up on the grill which was cool because that gave Mama a chance to mingle. Plus, they both did a fantastical job! By the end of the night, Mama had a full tummy and looked genuinely happy! Happy Birthday again Mama Carrizo!

SUNDAY | E joined a bike race at HAM Cycles with a few of his buddies. I met them up there and while the guys were on a race, John and I hit up Jus Mac. I ordered the Pitmaster and John ordered the Buffalo Chicken. It is my understanding that the Pitmaster is the second favorite choice by many... and I've gotta say I wasn't all that impressed. Seeing as how this was my first meal of the day, you'd think I would have devoured it. Yeah, totally didn't happen. It wasn't bad, though. It just really wasn't anything crazy good. I'll be back for sure to try some more of their goods because I freaking love mac!!

E didn't finish the race. He had too many odds against him like getting a flat tire and some other shit. But at least he'll be better prepared for next year. First and second place won some badass bike frames so E is really ready for next year, haha!

After sweating like crazy, I went home to get ready for the Copa America final. I don't have cable and the Spanish channel wouldn't cooperate so I signed up for a Sling TV 7-day-trial to watch the game. This meant I had it open on my Mac and my iPhone for those moments when I had to go check on the laundry or step outside with the dogs. I wasn't planning on missing such an important game.

I worked on some laundry and totally planned on working on some posts (#ThePaperFiles are late again, should be up tonight. Fingers crossed!) but the game kept me from doing a lot. We may have lost but we're all still very proud of our team. If Messi is truly retiring, I am incredibly glad to have been able to watch his second to last game in our beautiful Argentinian jersey. Thanks for the memories!

After the game, I needed good news so we watched the finale of Game of Thrones Season 6.. if you haven't watched it, don't look at the last picture after the cut!!

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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Weekend Snapshots | 25

Today's Weekend Snapshots is brought to you by Leana Little and her nasty KISS-like tongue 😂 Father's day was this weekend and the kiddos enjoyed it by laying around on their fur-daddy E.

SATURDAY | I met up with Momma of Dos and Coppelia Marie at a Starbucks first thing in the morning. This month is both of their birthdays and it's a huge number for both. Momma of Dos turns 35 and Coppelia already turned 40. Because of this, Coppelia met up with a few of her friends to discuss the changes as we grow older in various I'm turning 40 videos for her blog. I was lucky enough to record the session they did together and even giggled a few times.. which explains the shaky shot sometimes haha! 

They discussed how growing older has changed and what they realize now that they're older from when they were younger. They talked about how refreshed they feel growing older and the obstacles they've had to go through but how fantastical they feel now in their own skin. After that, we went to the Hallmark store to find paper goods for this months #ThePaperFiles giveaway! Yes!!! I hope to have that up sometime this week so stay tuned!

In the evening, E & I got all dolled up for a friend's wedding. Now y'all know Shankasaurus doesn't get fancy like that on a daily basis. By fancy I mean dresses and makeup.. but it appears that every year there is at least one wedding we're invited to (thanks, y'all) and Shankasaurus gets dressed up. Last year we went to a July wedding outside and it was soooo pretty! Read about it and check out Shankasaurus in a dress here 😂 My closet lacks dress up clothes. Think dresses, heels and skirts so shopping was a must. Of course, I hit up a thrift store for it because why not, right? I found two dresses and really loved them on me.. but I totally went with one I had from last year's shopping experience. I should have asked the husband to take a picture of me to make it legit, but yeah that didn't happen.

So back to the wedding.. it was in League City and the rain storm was crazzzzzzy. You can see below some of the cool clouds that formed that totally freaked us out. The wedding was held at a fancy resort with great service. Now we didn't stay there but we did have a chance to see a room (because charging your phone is very important) and I must say the view was amazing. Especially when the sun was setting right in the middle of the thunderstorm. The decorations were awesome and so was the food at the wedding. Even the music was on point except that one part in the beginning when the DJ mispronounced two of the bridesmaids last names eek! E and I took our photo booth pictures before we ate as we had to wait twenty minutes for them (NBD). In case you weren't sure, photo booths are a must for weddings and just overall all major parties. It gives your guests a legit souvenir and who doesn't love those? Speaking of souvenir, the bride & groom gave salt water taffy and we freaking forgot to bring ours home 😭

SUNDAY |  It was a super chill day. We did some house chores and watched some OITNB because the new season is out. Shh, we're not done so don't spoil it for me! We pretty much lounged around the casa with random puppy cuddles here and there. And, that's about it! No bike riding this weekend because rain and commitments, but I'm crossing my fingers we make up for it this coming weekend!


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Friday, June 17, 2016

Review | Finding Dory

Disclosure: I was given a media pass from Momma of Dos to watch an advance
3D screening of Finding Dory. I will not be compensated for my review nor did she ask
that I make one. I just really enjoyed it & want to share!

I was 19 when Finding Nemo (Blu-ray & DVD, affiliate) came out back in 2003. I was a freaking baby compared to my 32 years now.. 32, right? Or is it 31? No, I'm sure it's 32, haha! In other words, I've been waiting (like so many others) for 13 years for this fantastical sequel. I can't even begin to tell you about my excitement when Momma of Dos sent me a message asking if I wanted a media pass for this movie. Like, Are you freaking kidding me? After dancing quietly in my seat at work, I replied with a OMG, YAS! and I composed myself to continue adulting. Adulting really is hard stuff, yanno?

Before I tell you the plot and what not, I want to share with you some information about the short film before the movie, called Piper. It's a short film by director Alan Barillaro and he spent three years crafting the six-minute short, using cutting-edge technology. It's a heartwarming and shockingly realistic short film that I really wish had lasted a little longer.

The dialogue-free film follows a baby bird as it learns to brave the shore and feed itself, making a friend or two along the way. It all started with an animation test based on the cute sandpipers Barillaro would see on his morning Bay Area runs. With encouragement from Pixar chief John Lasseter and Finding Dorydirector Andrew Stanton, Barillaro set about turning the visuals into a story. Barillaro has been working in Pixar's animation department since the days of A Bug’s Life—but as part of the Pixar shorts program, he was encouraged to take “daunting” technical risks on this new short.

Check out a teaser below.

Finding Dory is set one year after the events of Finding Nemo. Ellen DeGeneres is back as the super funny and spunky sidekick fish who is still suffering from short-term memory loss. The movie is all based on Dory locating her family, which she lost some time before we first met her in 2003. With many flashbacks from her past and some from Finding Nemo, you'll definitely get the crazy feels. Baby Dory is the cutest fish ever and those flashbacks might make you wonder who is cutting some onions in the theater, haha! See more here

I enjoyed seeing some of the same characters from Nemo's movie and I totally fell for all the new ones! There's a nearsighted whale shark, Destiny (Kaitlin Olson) and her nervous beluga whale neighbor, Bailey (Ty Burrell) who cracked me up. Hank (Ed O'Neill) is an ornery octopus that totally helps Dory out in the sweetest way even if he doesn't seem like it at first. Oh, and two super lazy seals voiced by Dominic West and Idris Elba!

And, Crush is back! You remember him, right? He's the cool frijoles turtle!

All in all, it's a great movie and I'm so glad I was given a chance to watch it early. I might be going again this coming week with my coworkers because this movie is really all we've been talking about for the last two weeks, haha! I'm also in the works of buying some Dory goodies and by works I mean they are in my Amazon cart and all I need to do is check out. If it weren't for these adulting bills, though 👎 

Santiago, Sean, me and Camila - Photo by Momma of Dos
Here are some links to some of the goodies you can buy and just so you know, if you use my link I do receive a small compensation from Amazon.. so definitely hook me up so I can keep bringing you fun posts like this one!

Finding Dory is out in theaters now!
Remember that you don't need a kid to watch this.. I mean, there's a kid in all of us when it comes to Pixar movies, no?

P.S. Don't forget to stay for the after-credit scene!!

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Weekend Snapshots | 24

Today's Weekend Snapshots is brought to you by the first stop on the Houston Graffiti Ride #3 by the East End Bike Ride crew! I've been wanting to go on one of these graffiti rides since I started riding because H-Town has some really talented folks! Plus, my first social ride ever (read about it here) was with this crew so it was a must!

SATURDAY | So I have a new bike coach 😂 Not really, but he's trying to help me get some legit quads so that I can bike faster and longer with the crew. My "trainer" John is part of The Rain Squad and a really good friend from what seems like a million years. John has trained me in the past but with video games. Something completely opposite of biking, haha! 

So John somehow convinced me to go to a spin class. Yeah, my very first one! And for the record, there wasn't much convincing to be done. I was pretty curious because I've heard some thangs, yanno. I saw a lot of folks with their padded bike shorts on but John said it wouldn't be necessary. If you don't ride, I highly recommend it for your sensitive nether region Haha! My biggest issue with spin class was getting off the saddle (seat). My quads were just not having it so I tried my best to stay on the same pace as the others. I don't know if I'd ever do a class, again, but it was a great experience! The rest of Saturday was pretty uneventful. E was gone with another bike crew of his working on some trails. My legs weren't sore but I did lay down most of the day after class. I think a lot of it had to do with waking up early to be there.. not just the class. It also gave me a chance to catch up on my shows 😀 Check out my spiffy exercise shorts below. It's probably one of like five articles of clothing that I own with pink on it, haha!

SUNDAY |  Houston Graffiti Bike Ride was mucho fun! We didn't do the five stops because we got hungry, but the two stops we did were pretty impressive. What I really like about this bike ride is that it starts and finishes in the same spot. Some of the other social bike rides don't do that and if you're not with a good group, it can be a pain to get back to your car at night.

I woke up with sore quads. Nothing else. I didn't realize how sore until we jumped on our bikes at 10:30am. Yup, this Sunday social bike ride started at 10:30 and rolled out at 11:30. After we broke off from the group, five of us rode down to Tacos A Go Go. If you've never been, I highly recommend it. I found out yesterday that they opened up a Fajitas A Go Go, too. I haven't been there but I see it in my future! Check out the food pics below and you'll totally want to give this place a shot. There are two locations in Houston, one in the Heights and the other in Midtown. Both places are legit and tasty. This is also where I tasted my first horchata in a can. Yeah, weird right but it was super tasty!

After the ride, we hit up Bedrock City on Washington for some comic goodies. I've driven by here (& even biked) so many times and have never stopped by. I'll never know why because this store was ah-mazing! The toys, the service, the comics, the apparel.. I literally wanted to throw my money at them and take it all. The rainy and crappy day didn't allow me to buy anything but I will be back!

Speaking of rain... John broke off to go home before the comic store so there were only four of us. Two of them broke off and E and I could have gotten a ride with them but we were so close to our truck that we decided to make a run for it. I wish I would have gotten a picture of the massive black cloud over downtown because it looked like it was a movie like 'The Day After Tomorrow' or some shit. It was creepy as hell, but it looked like it was moving south really fast so we thought we'd be okay. A few minutes after we left our opportunty to be taken back to our cars safely.. it began to rain. It wasn't a little drizzle.. it was full on freaking rain! Rain and wind going against your body while riding is definitely not something I'd recommend to anyone. We ended up stopping under the bridge at the UHD Police station because we just couldn't handle it anymore. We weren't the only ones, though. A few minutes after we stopped, two guys stopped too. The wind under there was crazy and after being soaked, we were freezing. I believe this is what led to my body feeling super sore on Monday. The rain was so bad that for the first time since I've been riding, we had to call John to come pick us up. THANKS JOHN!!! He totally saved us and I totally soaked his car. SORRY JOHN!!! My hands were super wrinkly from all of the rain and my shoes were so squishy, haha! Thankfully, we were able to get home with no major issues with the rain. Yup, Houston was flooded again in random areas.

Lastly, I want to send a HUGE shout out to Chrome Industries for this fantastical messenger bag that I freaking adore. Not only is it way more comfy than the small Puma bag I have, but it holds so much more! I didn't realize until I got home that I had a rain jacket in it. #majorfail And it carried all of my goods and none of them were wet after the massive storm we were in! So glad I committed and bought it. I'm one of those people who has to do major research on something before I buy it brand new... I don't like buyer's remorse (does anyone really, though? LOL). So that was my weekend... check out the pics with the graffiti and the food and all my selfies with the guys! Click the pics to make them larger.

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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Project Life 11 | 2016

Today I'm sharing Week 11 of my Project Life 2016. I'm continuing with my week starting on a Monday and ending on a Sunday. It's not how I like to run my planner/journaling but it's fun to include Saturday and Sunday on the same spread. Especially if fun shit happened.

Something new I did with this spread that I've never done before is the digital print in the middle. I did this for two reasons; I didn't want my chicken scratch to distract from the pictures and I was feeling too lazy to write. Okay, so none are good reasons but I'm glad I tried it because I like it a lot!

My printer is still acting up so printing on an actual card wasn't a choice for me. I used Over (my all time favorite text app) on my iPhone to write the journaling for this spread and then printed it on my Canon SELPHY CP910 (affiliate).

I cut 3x4 squares from a full 12x12 sheet and used both sides as the background of my pictures. No embellishments like stickers or buttons because I felt it would make it look too busy. I wrote on the white cards with an American Crafts Precision Pen (affiliate) and called it a day.

I'm moving sooooooo slow with this Project Life. It's not that it hasn't been a good year so far because it really has been.. I really can't pinpoint my issue.. whether it's the new size or the loss of PL mojo or I'm just completely over PL and need to figure out a new way to memory keep.. #firstworldproblems, right?

Have you had problems getting into Project Life when it used to be such a fun and easy thing before?

Monday, June 6, 2016

Weekend Snapshots | 23

Today's Weekend Snapshots is brought to you by three smiles and three thumbs up from our Tour de Taco 34 bike ride Friday night! Yes, we went on another social ride. These social rides are the highlight of my weekend so you should definitely expect them on my Weekend Snapshots!

FRIDAY |  Part of the rain squad met up for the Crucial Matter: Tour de Taco 34 in Market Square Park and we hit up three spots. We do these social rides because my ass isn't ready for anything faster. I mean, I could probably pull it off but I need to get a better bike. Single speed ain't all that for faster rides that go up and down bridges. 

Rain has been a problem since April in Houston so we didn't know if this social ride would be cancelled. Thankfully, it wasn't. But that didn't mean that we wouldn't be getting any rain. We got some rain at our first stop that was not only super cold, but it stung when it hit your skin. It didn't last very long and we were able to continue the ride. The three us ended our ride at Frank's Pizza, across the street from where we parked. It was a very fulfilling pizza, especially since it had been forever since I'd had some. 

SATURDAY |  E and I are in various Facebook groups, quite a few biking groups. During the week, E found a post in one of the bike groups where a guy was giving away a camper. There was no catch, nor was it a scam. This was a guy who no longer had the time or energy to give to this camper that him and his wife had at one point enjoyed. He was just ready for it to find a new home where it would be appreciated. E was the first to call dibs so guess what we did on Saturday? Yup, we picked up the new family member! Did I mention it was FREE?! Yas, 100% free!!

After the camper pick up, we drove to Humble to the Fajita Fest that 3twentysix and the Houston Latina Bloggers endorsed. We met up the rest of our Rain Squad and chowed down on some noms fajitas by Bullritos. I had my very first dulce de leche cupcake and it was ah-mazing. Thank you so much to BanBan's Cuisine Food Truck for the delicious experience! I also tried some elote in a cup which was good but definitely not the best I've ever had. It rained a bit but we didn't let that stop us. We all got under the massive umbrella I have and enjoyed some close convos, haha! More about this event on my recap this week!

On our way home, the sky was lit up with so many different colors and crazy looking clouds so pictures were a must. I didn't notice the plane until after I took the 48563648 pictures of the sky. Isn't it cool frijoles?

SUNDAY |  We spent the whole day at home even though we woke up early. The plan was to clean the new camper and make sure it was pretty. Not to mention, check out the flaws. I mean, it wasn't in perfect condition. It has some leaks that we hope to address soon. But it also needed to be fogged out bad thanks to the all the crazy bugs that called it home. Having this camper means my car sleeps in the driveway since we're not ready to pay for a storage yet. Especially since we don't want it sitting under the sun and this crazy Houston weather.

I'm really excitamated to see what adventures we go on with this new camper and exactly how much we're actually going to use it. If I was pumped for the weekends before, I'm thrilled for them now. Haha! I had a pop up camper with no AC growing up and I remember we'd take it down to Galveston Island State Park and post up for the weekend. Good times with my familia hanging out by the beach and grilling. Yeah, I miss those days and hope to make new memories similar to them with my husband and possibly a dog or two. No freaking way we're taking the entire pack. It would be so freaking stressful that we wouldn't get to enjoy the vaca.


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Friday, June 3, 2016

Sponsored | Original Wear Travels Aboard

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Original Wear Travels Aboard and the Houston Latina Bloggers. All opinions are my own.

Today I'm sharing some goodies that I received from Myriam, the owner and founder of Original Wear Clothing. As you know, I'm not a fashion blogger but I can't pass up unique goodies made by amazing artists from around the world. I made the mistake of showing Mama Carrizo and I think she's going to somehow convince me to give them to her 😂

Before I share the pictures/review, I want to tell you more about Myriam. She is a lover of fashion and traveling so it should be no surprise that she lives in Spain and has traveled to many different countries in search of unique goods. She got her first travel experience when she was at Northwood University and was hand picked to study abroad with four more students. This is how she ended up in South East Asia which allowed her the opportunity to easily walk through many new experiences.

The idea for Original Wear came to her while she was in a coffee shop back in 2009 in her hometown of McAllen, Texas. She had just returned from a year of teaching English in South Korea (how cool is that?) and loved the bustling markets of Seoul. She knew she had to somehow get these unique goods back home to her family and friends. For two years while in Korea, she put her fashion merchandise and marketing degree to use by importing and exporting many of the goods for her people in the states. But all of this started off with screen printed items and apparel. Can you believe that?