Monday, May 9, 2016

Weekend Snapshots | 19

Today's Weekend Snapshots is brought to you by three big heads and Houston's skyline. Yes, we went bike riding again and it wasn't enough for me! Thankfully it didn't rain. See, we've started calling ourselves the Rain Squad because every time the four of us ride, it rains. See Weekend Snapshots 16, where it all started 😂 We assume the reason we got lucky is because we were missing the fourth member of our squad. I guess we'll know for sure if it's us who make it rain when the four of us meet to ride again. 😀

SATURDAY |  FYHA Spring Bash was 6-9 so that meant if we wanted to ride we needed to get our shit together early enough to enjoy both. E was out helping a team of bike riders with a trail that is still pretty messed up from all the rain we've had. He got home a little later than we expected but we still made it work. We met John at FYHA headquarters and thank goodness he has a few spare bikes because E didn't have enough time to take his to the shop, again! We got there before the shindig started which is pretty meaningful for me because gasp! I was actually on time to an event. 😂 I rushed in to get my DJ Screw Pins (yes, two were purchased) and two shirts and off to ride we all went! 

Before all of this, though... the pack and I were pretty lazy. We woke up late and ate breakfast while watching Grace & Frankie (see my post from last year). I swapped my basic shoe laces for Marvel shoe laces (affiliate), finally. I think we got these in a Lootcrate a while back and they've just been sitting in a drawer. 

Back to our bike ride adventure. After the FYHA purchases, we got on our bikes and off we went to explore. Our first stop was Lucky's Pub Heights where we drank some Dos X and ate some noms food. I mean, check out that nacho tower, it was freaking glorious! The view of the Houston skyline was great and so was the weather. I couldn't pass up taking some shots. I used a new app on that skyline picture below. A Color Story, maybe you've heard of it? Not too many free filters but it's a nice app. I really do prefer VSCO Cam, not to mention I've been so invested in it that I have tons of filters. Our bike ride wasn't very long, but I still had fun. It was my second time riding on the street with the fellas and at one point that was pretty scary to me. So yes, pretty proud of what I'm accomplishing these days!

SUNDAY | Mama's Day meant we would be grubbing and celebrating Mama Carrizo. Unfortunately, she's had to work the last few mama's day but we make sure to always stop by and celebrate with her. This day was no different. I picked up some La Madeleine and my sister brought some gifts and tiramisu! I purchased my card from Space Montrose last month while picking up my Houston pins. We laughed, we ate and we enjoyed each others company. We also took multiple selfies with Mama Carrizo because that's kind of what you do with your family. Hope everyone had a great mama's day and celebrated the folks we consider good mama's!


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