Friday, May 6, 2016

Mother's Day | 2016

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Today I'm sharing some Mother's day goodies for the late buyers. I'm 100% guilty of this as I am not finished with my gift for Mama Carrizo. I do have a card, though! I mean, of course, I do. It's paper! I considered doing an all small business gift guide, but I realize not everyone is in Houston but I did add one small shop from the H to my list. Before I continue I just want to let you know that shopping at these big companies is good, but it's even more fulfilling when it's purchased at a small local store so definitely consider looking into that. Also, I know Houston has small market shops or little flea markets full of small business vendors. Maybe your city has something similar this weekend and you can find your Mama something sweet on Saturday.

ONE | Hello Trinket. I've always liked the idea of a trinket for jewelry or in my case, my chapstick and flash drives that I carry in my pocket almost daily. Mama Carrizo would love something like this as a reminder that she's beautiful and a quick place to put her daily delicate earrings.

TWO | Rifle Paper Co. Floral Pouch. I'm a big fan of Rifle Paper.. paper goodies but never really looked into their pouches. As a female, I know Mama Carrizo will enjoy this pouch or any other for the million and one things she carries in her purse.

THREE | Lush Bath Goodies. If you are not familiar with Lush products, please make sure you pick something up for yourself. I have super sensitive skin, as does Mama Carrizo, and the goodies here are so natural and light that I have no problems. The link I used above sends you to their Mother's Day section where they have six gifts sets (ranging from $21.95-$59.95) that will satisfy any mama. I am actually hitting them up after work today to get one for Mama Carrizo. Shhh!

FOUR | Ban.do Agendas. Paper is a great gift for Mama's like mine. I think I was born with this crazy paper obsession because of Mama Carrizo. She has tons of journals and pens so I know she'd really enjoy the colorful agendas from Ban.do. These won't arrive in time if you order today, but it's the thought that counts and I'm sure your Mama will be happy nonetheless. Ban.do agendas now come in three different sizes- Small $20 (5.125x8.125), Medium $28 (6.5x8) and Large $32 (8x10) in a 17 month agenda. Yup, I totally ordered one for myself and two for two of my Mama homies. Mama Carrizo already has one!

FIVE |  Greeting Card. Do not forget to pick up a lovely card for your mama. Sometimes a card and some flowers will do. Or a card and some food. These three are from Space Montrose, a store in Houston that I recently visited a few weeks ago. It's a small and local place full of so many different handcrafted goodies. Considering hitting them up this evening as well! 


Have a fantastical weekend celebrating whoever
the Mama figure in your life is!
We all have at least one.. some of us quite a few!

See you Monday with a recap of my weekend with Weekend Snapshots!

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