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Weekend Snapshots | 16

Today's Weekend Snapshots is super duper late. Probably the latest I've ever been with this series 😁 It's all good, though. Today's post is brought to you by two mini horses and two alpacas that I had the pleasure of hanging out with. Okay, I really only hung out with one, the skinny brown alpaca in the back that goes by the name of Yogi. This was my first alpaca encounter. That sounds weird haha It was pretty cool to hear about his personality and how he whimpers (or something similiar) when his alpaca diva buddy, Booboo, isn't near him (the white/tan alpaca in the pic above). Yogi is about 4 years old and he was adopted from an alpaca farm along with the diva alpaca. Alpaca's don't do much but the usual, eat sleep poop, but they spit too. Moving on..

BP MS150 is a two day event. Starts in Houston on Saturday with a night break at La Grange. From La Grande it finishes off Sunday in Austin. Last year day one was cancelled due to weather conditions. This year day two was cancelled due to weather conditions. The same conditions that have beat the living crap out of Houston and kept a few of us trapped at the Hyatt Lost Pines resort until yesterday morning.
The BP MS 150 is a two-day fundraising bike ride organized by the National MS Society. The ride is the largest event of its kind in North America with 13,000 cyclists, 3,500 volunteers and countless spectators along the route and at the finish line in Austin. The 2015 BP MS 150 had a record breaking year raising $20.3 million dollars, bringing hope to many who are living with multiple sclerosis.
SATURDAY | The day started super early as E and I needed to be at the start line by 6ish or so for an early start with his team. E is the Captain of Team Mostyn Law and I got position of photographer. Definitely not professional because I'm way not qualified for all that. Plus I don't have the right gadgets for all of that. But since I'm addicted to taking pictures of the most random shit AND need sweet pictures for my weekend snapshots, my husband and I thought it would be a great idea. A few of the folks from last year's team signed up for this year so I knew quite a few of them. E recruited one of our long time homies, John, so they occassionally bumped into each other during day one. 

Day one of the MS150 consisted of a lot of different things. Lots of driving and searching for team members. Not enough eating. Lots of picture taking. I mean, we were all over the place until we got to the finish line. I took a crapload of pictures but really haven't had the time to sit and edit. Will most likely put all those photos on my flickr account so stay tuned for that.

SUNDAY (sort of MONDAY & TUESDAY, too) | These three days are a bit of a blur as we were supposed to head home Monday morning. Nobody likes being off of work for a few days and then rushing back into it. That's why we took the extra day, Monday, off. We just didn't expect crazy Houston weather to screw us over. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, please do a Google search. Houston got pounded Monday morning and there's no clue when we'll fully recover.

Thanks to the Hyatt Lost Pines Resort and the Mostyn Law firm, the four of us (me, E, John & his brother Julian) were able to enjoy our time while stranded there. We ate some lovely food, mingled with the friendly staff, played some games, the guys swam in the lazy river.. the list really goes on. Oh, Sunday we drove in the rain to our closest In-N-Out which luckily was half an hour away.

After being there so many days though.. we became super home sick. You could see it all over our face. We came back Tuesday morning to a disaster of a city. We weren't able to get home so we skipped it to head straight to E's work. Getting home after that wasn't an easy task. When I say we weren't able to get home, I mean like.. the streets were either flooded or congested with crazy traffic. No back streets would get you home and there were no short cuts. Everyone was using the same available street and you were stuck in it. 

Sorry for the novel 😁  it's just been a rough couple of days.
We're crossing our fingers for better weather in the H!


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Photo by John

Photo by John

Photo by John

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  1. Things on my bucket list: ride the MS150 and run the Texas Independence Relay (among so many other things). It sucks that the second day was rained out, but at least you were at a sweet resort instead of a fleabag motel.


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